What Enemy Is This?: 6. Chapter Six

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6. Chapter Six

"I was with Thranduil near Ravenhill on the southwestern leg of the Lonely Mountain, fighting goblins; Singollo commanded the group that moved into the valley between the two legs. We lost many Elves there. Ambushers attacked us, coming over the western side of the mountain; we could not help those in the folds. We never found his body."

"All were sure he was dead?" Haldir asked.

"We destroyed almost all of the enemy. Some thought Singollo and his companions were carried off, but Thranduil and his advisors thought not. That perhaps wargs had maimed and eaten them beyond recognition. Too many we found in that state. We searched, of course, but never found him nor his companions."

Haldir shivered. "I had not known Haldirriel had a brother. She never spoke of him."

"His memory ever burns in her heart, but how were you to know? You met long after the battle, long after he was gone. And other events weighed heavy upon Mirkwood and Lórien."

"I must to the Lady and tell her of this. Haldirriel has never dreamt as she did tonight. There may be some sign for us, some message. Mayhap her brother lives."

Legolas shook his head. "If he lives, then a prisoner may be his fate, a prisoner of goblins. I shudder to think of his life in their hands. I will stay with Loselleth. You will be back before morning. Go."

Looking at Haldirriel lying still, Haldir hesitated. She seemed to be at peace. Finally, kissing her brow, he nodded towards Legolas, picked up his sword, bow and quiver and departed.

Legolas sat back. It had been a very long time since he had been alone with Loselleth. He smiled in remembrance. She had been his mentor and friend from before he could run. She had taught him everything he knew, almost taking the place of his lost Naneth.

He kissed her forehead gently, wishing she were awake, yet knowing, if she woke, she would not be pleased to see him. Sighing, he took her hand and lightly stroked it. She stirred; he should drop her hand, he told himself, but he could not.

She opened her eyes and looked long at him. Her smile lifted him beyond thought. Suddenly, her brow furrowed. "Where is Haldir?"

Legolas paused, wondering if he should remind her of her dream. "He is ever the Marchwarden. Though now semi-retired, he thought it of import to tell the Lady Galadriel of your dream."

She took in a breath, then began to shake. "It was so vivid. As if he was really alive. Oh, Legolas!" She wailed and threw herself into his arms.

Surprise mixed with delight as he held her close. He stroked her hair gently, whispering nonsense words. Slowly, he lowered himself towards her face. Lifting her chin with his right hand, he touched the tear tracks, wiping them away with his left. Holding her face between his cupped palms, he moved forward and kissed her forehead again. She continued to weep. He kissed her left cheek, then her right. She shuddered and he paused. Her eyes closed. He kissed each orb, then the tip of her nose. He could not help himself.

'She is in need of comfort,' he told himself. Gently, he kissed the tear-swollen lips. She shuddered again and he paused, seeing the remembrance of terror in her eyes.

He kissed her again and felt her relax. Her lips were as he remembered them - full, sensual, soft and supple. Through her terror, he took her mouth. 'By all the Valar!' He had forgotten how quickly the taste of her could arouse him. He pulled her closer to him, feeling the nipples of her breasts firm as he pressed his own chest against hers. The light gown she wore shimmered, revealing everything about her.

He thought of Haldir and shook his head. They had done this before, shared each other, the three of them. Haldir had not minded then; in fact, he had lustily joined in. He would not mind now.

He stopped. 'I cannot do this. Not with her wounded and he not here to give his permission.'

He held her tighter, willing himself to cool, to be the friend she needed. She sighed and slept.

When morning came, he still held her. He heard footsteps approaching the talan and knew it was Haldir, returned. For a moment, he wondered what his friend would think, then dismissed the thought.

Haldir stepped through the covering cloth and stopped, his eyes wide.

"She is well," Legolas said simply. "She stirred in the middle of the night. But I held her and she slept once again."

Haldir sat on the floor in front of them. "The Lady wishes us to return to Caras Galadhon when Haldirriel is able. She wants to question her, delve into her memory of the dream, if Haldirriel will allow it." He sat quietly, wrapped in thought and memory. At last he spoke. "What was her brother like?"

"Before we speak further," Legolas said, "I think it would be wise if you took her in your own arms. She will not be pleased to awaken in mine. I held her to ease the terror in her heart."

Haldir looked with love at his friend. Then, his mouth twisted in rage. "You once eased my terror by making love to me! She has been drugged. Did you find her easy prey?" He stood, hands clenched, anger seething from him.

"Haldir!" Legolas held up a hand. "Look at her. Does she look as if I have ravaged her? Do you not remember we are friends, Loselleth, you and me? I wanted to take her, to feel her love as once I had known it, but I could not. I would not."

Haldir ran his clenched fist over his lips. "Her name is Haldirriel now. I would remind you of that."

"Forgive me," Legolas bowed his head and moved away from the sleeping Elleth.

Haldir took her in his arms and held her.

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