What Enemy Is This?: 41. Chapter Forty-One

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41. Chapter Forty-One

Legolas clenched his teeth and grasped the back of Haldir's head as the Marchwarden took him in his mouth with nary a sound. The Wood Elf jumped when a finger entered his opening, and then, before he had a moment to take a breath, another joined it. Panting, trying to contain himself so that he would not come immediately, he tried to take short, gasping breaths.

Haldir remembered all the little things that inflamed Legolas' lust. He licked the Wood Elf's balls and then took them in his mouth, rolling his tongue over each one and letting them fall from him once Legolas' thrashing proved formidable. His fingers never ceased moving about until, at last, they touched Legolas' prostate and sent the Ellon into contortions of passion. His right hand, in the meantime, raked over Legolas' stomach and finally 'found' his left nipple. He stroked it till it stood firm and strong; gently, he pulled it and rolled it about in his fingers. After a few moments, Haldir grunted. "I cannot continue like this!"

Legolas shrieked as Haldir pulled his legs up over his shoulders and began to lick around his hole. After a few moments of mind-searing pleasure, Haldir thrust his tongue inside Legolas. He stifled a laugh as his lover screamed. He thrust his tongue in and out of the hot orifice and then put two fingers back in, finding the prostate and massaging the Elf into total oblivion. The feel of his tongue against his own fingers sent rivers of lust through him. He pulled away from Legolas' anus and took the Elf's shaft into his mouth. His left hand never left the Wood Elf's cavity, tickling the prostate and sending the poor Ellon into paroxysms of crazed passion; his right hand clenched Legolas' rod at the base and pushed against it while his tongue grazed over the leaking head. He sucked with all his might.

"You undo me," Legolas screamed and came, thrashing about and moaning piteously.

Haldir drank as much of Legolas' seed as he could, then cupped some water in his hand and began to lave the spent seed from his lover's belly. He finally, and gently, removed his fingers from Legolas' hole. The Wood Elf sighed. And then began to weep. "Thank you, Haldir. I will never forget this day."

The Lórien Elf smiled wickedly. "The day is not over. I have not had my passion assuaged. Would you leave me in this state?" He held his swollen cock in front of Legolas. "I told you - gen iuithathon be roch nín and then, gen diliathon na eredh nín. I will use you as my horse and I will fill you with my seed." Sometimes, the coarseness of Westron was wonderful. "Now, kindly turn over before I turn you over."

Legolas laughed and turned onto his stomach, lifting his legs and buttocks so that Haldir near wept in joy. "Nin iuitho!" Legolas cried, "Use me!"

Haldir sat back for one moment and looked upon his lover. Thoughts of what had been done to him swelled and almost overtook him. Legolas immediately turned and took him into his arms. "Feel me inside you, Haldir. Feel the love. Please, do not give in to the darkness." Every fibre of his hröa and fëa swelled with the love the Wood Elf had for the Lórien Elf and, at last, he knew Haldir felt it. A deep sigh escaped the Marchwarden and Legolas, laughing, tongued his ear. "Ah, I knew you could feel that. How about this?" And the talented tongue ran over Haldir's left ear until the Marchwarden could scarce breathe.

His cock was again as a rock. He kissed Legolas as passionately as he could, then swiftly turned the Wood Elf onto his stomach. Legolas immediately pulled his knees to his chest in satisfaction.

"Do not be so cocky, Legolas, else I ram more than this rod into you." Haldir was laughing, the pure joy of Legolas' love encompassing him. "Now, hold still and relax. I have you." With that, he shoved his cock into Legolas, holding him as closely as possible and drinking in the sensations that coursed through his whole being. "Oh!" he breathed softly, "I hope this feels as good for you?"

Legolas could barely contain himself. The pure joy of Haldir's laughter in his ears, the feel of the exquisite shaft thrusting into him, the touch of strong fingers stroking his own shaft was too much - for words - never mind sentences. He moaned, hoping that would be enough of a response to Haldir's question. 'If he does not stop touching me, I will come again and he will still be unspent.' Every sinew in his body throbbed and shook as the thrusting of Queen Galadriel's bravest warrior took him into such depths of passion, he thought he might possibly die.

Haldir's thrusts became frantic as love and lust overtook all sane thought. No trace of the fear and loathing he had felt just hours ago could overcome the lust and want that filled him at this moment. Legolas was so tight and so hot! Every stroke forward sent lightning through him. He knew he was hitting Legolas' sweet spot, for the Elf's breathing was almost non-existent. He would have laughed if his own mind were not exploding. He tried to slow, to make it last for the both of them, but the feelings of pure joy and lust that flowed from Legolas' fëa shook his body and took away all semblance of control. At last, he screamed Legolas' name, filled the Wood Elf with his seed, as promised, and fell forward.

Legolas' own cock sent forth a spew of cum, his legs crumpled and he landed, breathless - but not from the fall - upon the ground. For a moment, he thought he had passed into another realm. The sensations that still flowed through him were incredible. All sense of contact with the earth, with the forest, with the water in the spring, was gone. His heart beat a thousand beats, at least, as he tried to take air into his lungs. At last, he screamed again, "Haldir," turned and pulled the Marchwarden into his arms, and kissed him senseless. "I love you. I cannot say it enough. I never will be able to say it enough. If the Valar themselves came and took us to Valinor, I could not be happier. Nor more fulfilled. What happened to you? How could you do this when you were so lost just hours past?"

"You did this to me. You and Haldirriel. I was lost, Legolas; I thought I was the lowest creature upon this earth, and yet, you loved me, through it all, despite it all, mayhap because of it all. Whatever, I do not care. I only know I am whole again and loved by the two most glorious creatures in all of Middle-earth." He began to weep quietly.

Legolas pulled him closer. "You are the most glorious creature in all Middle-earth."

"I agree with our beloved Wood Elf," Haldirriel's gentle voice made him open his eyes. She sat next to them, tears streaking down her face. "I have never seen anything more beautiful, more exquisite, than your bodies as you climaxed together. You shone, as with the light of Anor." She was quickly engulfed in the arms of her bond-mates. They spent the rest of the night like that, holding each other, stroking and laughing, relishing in the gift of body, tongue, hands, legs... Every part examined and touched, raised to new heights of lust, as the forest about them rang to joyous peals of laughter.


A/N - 1) Gen iuithathon be roch nín - I will use you as my horse; 2) Gen diliathon na eredh nín - I will fill you with my seed; 3) Again - the 'fun' phrases are from here: http://www.esteliel.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=76

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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