What Enemy Is This?: 40. Chapter Forty

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40. Chapter Forty

She kissed his hands, his neck, his shoulders and giggled once again. The pure joy of having him by her side, after nearly losing him, was too much to suppress. It bubbled from her as the water in the spring before them. She felt him shiver and leaned back against the ledge. "Concentrate on what you feel within me. It will dissipate your fears and any lingering doubt as to your worth. Finer than mithril, greater than Gil-galad himself, more beautiful than a Vala. Do you not see it, in your mind's eye? Look deeply, Haldir, and see you as I see you. When the fear comes and ugly thoughts flow through you, touch my mind and know the truth," she whispered.

She leaned against his chest and revelled in the feel of him. Her heart began to beat at twice its normal rate; she could scarce breathe for the want of him, and let him feel those feelings as they flowed through her, pouring them from her and into him with all the power she possessed. She felt him shiver, but instinctively knew it was not fear, but wet and frantic lust. She drew in a deep breath and kissed him, gently using her tongue until he opened to her; then, she let the breath flow from her into him and felt him shudder again. Her body tingled as she delved into his mouth, touching his teeth, his gums, the roof of his mouth, and rejoicing when his tongue touched hers and began a slow dance of discovery and want. Oh, how she shivered, how her breasts swelled and hardened, how her cunt's juices flowed. She wanted to scream for him to take her, but held herself back, waiting until she was sure he was ready.

He grew warm to her touch; she delighted in the feel of his cock as it lay, rock hard and hot, against her thigh. She had almost given up hope that they would ever again be one, but here, finally - she gasped at the thought of it - he would enter her and she would be complete. She pulled away from his lips and ran her tongue down his neck. Try as she might, she could not do this slowly. Her hands touched his inner thighs and he rocked forward - not away! "Ai, Haldir. I cannot contain myself. Will you come in me now? Please. I need you so desperately." By now she was weeping.

He pulled away from her for a moment and her heart fluttered in fear, but he only looked at her - with such love that her heart near broke. "Take me, now, Haldir. Feel my love, feel the joy I feel at your touch; your rod against me is too much. I must have you, Haldir, please."

He touched her thigh and she screamed, "Yes!" His hand lay firmly on her cunt; she arched up against it, trying to shove herself into the very tendons and bones of his fingers. He smiled and she fairly swooned. It had been so long since she had seen such a smile grace his face. Her body tingled so that she thought she would lose her mind.

He bent his head and moved down her body, never taking his hand from her cunt. She began to shiver uncontrollably; she felt his breath on her and wept aloud, "Take me. Take me."

His lips kissed her lips; his tongue licked her hood, then sucked upon her clitoris while his fingers entered her vagina. She almost swooned. No matter what she did, she could not lie still; her body thrashed in ecstasy. At last, he had mercy on her and slowly, ever so slowly, entered her. Her body shook, but he held her tightly, not letting her fall from the ledge nor pull away from him. By now, his mind was lust-sodden and nothing could stop him. Her love had carried him to this point, but now, his body took over and thrust deeply and forcefully into her wetness. She cried out again and again, sometimes his name, sometimes curses, sometimes love phrases, but always joy filled the words. He revelled in the feel of her; he had forgotten, or been lost, but now, he had found his way back and took all of her.

At last, she screamed so that the horses in the distance whinnied in surprise, and she came, fully, forcefully, time and again. He did not let up; after the first orgasm, he drew back a bit and let her body thrash and roll with the waves of passion, but after only a few moments, he pushed into her again and she was ready and screamed in completion again.

He felt her hands on his buttocks and a finger pushing in as her own body calmed. The sensation was too much for him; he thrust deeply, once twice, and came, hard and long, screaming her name. His body shook, his muscles tightened as his orgasm took him. He felt her fingers leave him as he slumped forward, totally sated.

He sighed; she echoed it and they both laughed. Not a word was spoken as they lay in each other's arms. At last, they both fell asleep, leaning against the ledge, as the waters of the springs caressed their weary bodies.

Legolas found them that way; his heart tore at the sight of them. He so wanted to be a part of this, but it was not to be. Not yet. He sat on the edge of the springs and gently swung his feet in the clear, aqua waters. Closing his eyes, he imagined his turn. A smile graced his face as he began to hum.

Not but a moment later, he felt Haldir's eyes upon him. Legolas looked up in surprise, his cheeks flushing at the way Haldir looked at him. Pure lust filled those gorgeous eyes. He bit his lip, hoping for an invitation. He did not have to wait long. Haldir crooked a finger at him, and he, as puppy to its master, immediately obeyed. 'I am lost,' he thought distractedly. 'Lost and for good.' He moved to Haldir's side.

The Marchwarden gently handed Haldirriel to him. "Place her on that soft spot of grass. Use my cloak to wrap her in and yours under her. The scent of us will keep her in peace until we have had our time together."

Legolas felt his cock stir and his nipples stiffen. His sack twitched. Nodding and wiping his tongue over his lips, he took Haldirriel from Haldir's arms and moved her to the grassy slope, laying her gently down upon his cloak and wrapping her in Haldir's. He kissed her lips lightly and stroked her hair back. He grinned at the look of total pleasure upon her face. Then, he turned and walked back to Haldir. With ease, he slipped into the pool and swam to Haldir's side. He took the proffered hand and pulled himself onto the ledge, all the while shivering in anticipation.

"What, may I ask, has caused this change in you?"

"Haldirriel let me see me. Do you understand?"

"I do. May I do the same?"

Haldir nodded and felt Legolas open to him. He reeled at the feelings of love that emanated from the Wood Elf and filled every part of his fëa. Never had he known such love, not even at the moment of their initial bonding. "How is this possible?" he asked in wonder.

"To lose something of untold worth and then find it again... I thought I had lost you forever - first in the tunnels of Dol Guldur and then in the gorse. I thought I would fade myself, Haldir. You are precious to me." Legolas leaned a little closer and their bodies finally touched. The most exquisite sensations filled both Ellyn; their frantic embrace landed Haldir on top of Legolas; they laughed as they felt their lust reflected in hot cocks.

"Buio nin na lammech, Haldir, aníron gen sogel eredh nín." Legolas leaned back against the ledge and opened his legs wide.

Haldir laughed. "Subtle as always, Elf. I will do as you ask and then, gen iuithathon be roch nín."


A/N - 1) Buio nin na lammech - Serve me with your tongue; 2) Aníron gen sogel eredh nín - I want you to drink my seed; 3) Gen iuithathon be roch nín - I will use you as my horse; 4)  Again - the 'fun' phrases are from here: http://www.esteliel.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=76

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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