What Enemy Is This?: 4. Chapter Four

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4. Chapter Four

"Why are you here?" Every sinew in her body wanted to scream, but she kept her voice low. The Elf stood before her, arms held out, hands open. She had a sudden urge to hit him and hard. She clenched her fists instead.

"I came because I was summoned."

"By whom?" Her sneer cut him.

"I would not have been here, believe me, not now, if Lord Celeborn had not sent for me."

"Lord Celeborn! What would he want with a pathetic Elf child such as you?"

"Haldirriel!" His voice startled her and she turned. Haldir's face burned red in shame. He had awoken to an empty bed and knew, immediately, where she had gone. "Do not take your anger out on him. It is me whom you wish to strike, not him."

She stepped back, trying desperately to keep from slapping her husband. "Yes, it is you I wish to strike!" She turned swiftly and walked to their talan, wishing desperately that it had a door that she could slam.

Haldir watched her until she had entered their chamber, then he turned towards Legolas. "I should explain," he said, shrugging his shoulders. "I made an error in bed and she is angry."

Legolas stood still. "What error could you make?" he asked quietly. "You always satisfied me."

"Satisfaction was not the problem. We were both satisfied until I...  Why are you here, Legolas?"

"I was summoned, as I told Loselleth - Haldirriel. But I would have come eventually, even if not. I miss you." His hand once again moved towards Haldir's face as if they were still in the midst of the discussion from hours ago.

"Do not!"

"I cannot help it. Do you not understand my love for you?"

Haldir turned and left him. 'There is discord here,' Legolas thought. 'Mayhap it is a good time to have returned.'

When Haldir climbed into their bed, he found her back turned to him. He could not let this continue. "How do I say I am sorry when what I have done is so abysmal?"

She did not budge.

"Haldirriel, he is a friend. Has always been. He was your friend not so long ago. Seeing him tonight, before we coupled, put him in my mind. That is the only reason I..." He could hardly bring himself to say it.

She turned towards him. "A friend would not endeavor to remove you from my side."

He would not defend Legolas. It was true what she said. "We were lovers, Haldirriel, before he traveled to Imladris. I would remind you, it was at his Adar's command that he went. I was still patrolling the northern border when he left. We never said farewell. He... he hurt me and I..."

"Turned to me?" she hissed in pain. "So I was your refuge when he cast you aside?"

"Nay! You know I have always loved you. Once Legolas introduced us, I felt your goodness, your strength and courage. I knew we were to be one. I had hoped we might invite Legolas, every now and again, to our bed. To share the sweetness of each between us. He misses me, us."

"Oh!" She wanted to scream. "So you would share your bed, nay, our bed with someone who wishes me dead!"

"Haldirriel, you speak foolishly. He is still your friend. Do you not remember the times we had in Thranduil's kingdom? The hours of pleasure?"

"We were not bonded at the time, if I might remind you!"

"Does that make a difference? We have shared fully with him. Do you not trust my love for you? Do you believe I would leave you? I am sorry. I have failed miserably, if that is your fear."

She wept. "Do you not know how much I love you? When I put my hands on your arms, feel the furrows of your muscles, see your thighs clench in delight, run my tongue down your stomach, feel you in me, filling me, loving me... Sharing now is beyond me. I want you all to myself."

He kissed her deeply, trying to enter her mouth. She kept her lips stiff and tight. He softened the kiss, running his hands through her golden hair, winding the long soft tresses through his hands, caressing her ears. His body drew her closer. He felt her stiffen, but in delight. At last, she opened her mouth and he entered. He felt her shiver and moved his hands slowly down her sides.

She parted her legs. His hands touched her inner thighs, then moved towards her wet opening. Gently, he stroked her. He smiled as she trembled. He bent to suck her but she pulled him up.

"Take me," she whispered.

"I love you," he replied and took her. Slowly he filled her. Gentle strokes at first as his heat joined hers. She moaned; he continued to kiss her, moving his hands to her breasts. At his touch, her body arched and she cried out.

"Hold me!" Her hands were on his back and then moved towards his buttocks. He grabbed hers and squeezed both firm globes. Slowly, he moved up and down, his body touched hers, moving across her clitoris, stimulating it beyond reason. Holding her buttocks and pressing firmly against her, his member touched her spot. He felt her tense, grip him tighter, and he stayed there, pressing against it. She shuddered, coming immediately.

He gave her a moment; let her collect her breathe, let her enjoy the sensations that rippled through her body. Then, he moved slowly, holding her tight, increasing his tempo, shoving in, moving and pushing and stroking every part of her. He could hardly breathe himself; she felt so tight, so wet, so wonderful. Her muscles pulled on him. He came, spurting his seed into her. He held his breath as the waves of passion flowed over, under and through him. He felt her hands on his arms, stroking him. He could hardly breathe. Finally, he touched her lips with his fingers.

"I love you, Loselleth of Eryn Lasgalen."

"Nay. Never again Loselleth. Now and forever - Haldirriel."

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