What Enemy Is This?: 37. Chapter Thirty-Seven

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37. Chapter Thirty-Seven

They both looked at Haldir, sitting on the ground in front of them. His tunic was off and his hand was on his crotch, clenching his rod through the cloth of his leggings. He nodded to them; mouth slack. Haldirriel turned her head to hide her tears. Legolas crawled towards his lover. "What would please you, Haldir?"

"I cannot. Not yet. But - if one of you would... lick me?"

"Ah!" Legolas smiled. "Might we both not play with you? Haldirriel could lick you whilst I tend to your nipples. They are peaked; I can see them through your shirt."

Haldir blushed. "I would like that."

"Good. I cannot sit idle by whilst Haldirriel has all the fun." Legolas quickly pulled off Haldir's shirt before the Lórien Elf could protest. Haldirriel crept close, undid the laces of his leggings, and took his cock in her hand. Haldir shuddered but did not stop her. Legolas turned to Haldir's chest and began lightly laving his nipples as Haldirriel finally took her husband's cock into her mouth. Haldir lay rigid, willing himself not to stand and run, screaming from them.

"Relax, muin nín, this will not hurt," Haldirriel breathed upon him as she spoke. The soft breath stirred him even further. His shaft, which had wilted when she first touched him, grew hard again. "That is it," she smiled and sucked a little harder. "That is it, just relax as we love you."

It ended too quickly. He came into her mouth and she sobbed in joy. Legolas lay upon Haldir's chest and hugged him tightly. "Mae athollen, melethron nîn, welcome back," he sobbed.

They slept then, laid out upon the ground in their glory, none even considering their state, just exhausted in the joy that welled within them.

It was Haldir's horse that finally woke him. He had walked to his master and gently nibbled on the Elf's ear, whickering in hunger. Haldir opened his eyes in surprise, somehow supposing it was Haldirriel licking his ear. He smiled at the idea. "Poor horse. You need food and water, do you not?" He stood and pulled on his leggings. Taking all three horses, he walked to the little stream nearby. There was sweet grass there also. The horses drank, then lowered their heads to the grass and began grazing. Haldir turned and looked back at his lovers. Smiling, he hurried towards them. Hoping they would not wake yet, he built a fire and began slicing some of the salted meat they had brought with them. He placed it in a pot of water and slung it over the fire. Then, he brought out some of the fresh vegetables in his pack, peeled and cut them, and dumped them in with the meat. 'Next time we stop,' he thought, 'we should at least hunt. I would prefer fresh meat to this, but it is better than nothing, for the nonce.' When he was finished, he brought out their supply of lembas, took one, broke it into three pieces, and placed it on the plates they had packed. Finally, he sat back and looked with satisfaction upon his handiwork.

When the stew was ready, he kicked Legolas foot. "Sleepyheads," he murmured. "Lazy good for nothings." He laughed and savored the sound on his lips.

Legolas rolled onto his side and gravely looked at him. "You are well, melethron nîn?"

"I am. Sated with your goodness, but starving for good food. I have made a small stew, enough to carry us through to the hot springs. Would you like some?"

Legolas sat fully up. "I would love some. Kind of you to think of us." He shook Haldirriel. "Wake, muin nín. Haldir has finally become useful!"

Haldirriel opened her eyes and stretched. "Still daylight. So much pleasure and the day not even complete, yet. I do not know which hunger to assuage." She giggled.

"Let us save that until we reach the hot springs. I would like to bath before we begin again," Legolas smiled. "And I am famished."

The others nodded and Haldir served them. They ate quickly, lusting after each other and not the stew. Within the hour, the camp had been broken down, the fire quenched and their horses' heads turned westward. Smiles upon their faces, they rode side by side. Haldir felt lighter and happier than he had since... He clenched at his heart as fear and pain sprang forth again. 'Nay, I will not think upon that day. Not here, not now!'

Legolas began a song, one of the Wood Elves' that they all knew; the others joined him. Before dark, before they knew they were at their destination, the little hollow lay before them. The hot springs were cradled, as they remembered, in the arms of the mountain.

They stopped their horses in awe as remembrance flooded them. All three shone with a gentle light. Two rods were as hard as Mindolluin marble and a cunt was as wet as the springs themselves. They quickly dismounted, led the horses to the clear, cool stream that fed the one side of the spring, and left them to their own devices. Grass was near at hand. The horses would be fine for at least a week.

Remembering the first time they were here, once the horses were cared for, the three jumped, fully clothed, into the spring. Legolas whooped in joy as the warm water caressed his penis; Haldirriel screamed in delight, memory flooding her nether regions; and Haldir... Haldir wept. They rushed to him, the two that loved him more than anything or anyone else in the whole of Middle-earth and beyond, and held him between them.

At last, his shuddering calmed. He opened his eyes. "I love you both so very much. Your love sustained me, this past year, as horror ate into my fëa. I knew I would survive and love again because of your love. Hold me, please, just a little longer. I cannot truly believe I am alive."

It was Legolas who first kissed him, long and gently, barely breathing as he took Haldir's lips into his own. All the while, his finger traced over Haldir's lips; the double sensations nearly made Haldir come. He shivered in delight and Legolas laughed. "Ah! You are well and healed, melethron nîn, and ready for me?" Quickly, they undressed and threw their clothes onto the nearby ground.

Haldirriel sat back and watched. Tears coursed down her cheeks; part of her wished she would be his first, but how could she desire anything but Haldir's healing? The other part of her was hot, wet and throbbing. She watched with bated breath, sitting on one of the submerged shelves directly across from them. She kept very still, until she could no longer endure it, undressed and rubbed herself as Legolas moved from Haldir's lips to his ear tips.

Haldir shuddered, but not in fear. His ears; he had forgotten. He stiffened, but from fear.

Legolas moved back just an inch. "What?"

"This is going to take some time. I am sorry. I... the Orch did not touch my ears and I remembered that and was afraid, but now I am happy."

"This is how you are happy?"

Haldir wept quietly. "It is foolish to be happy about such a little thing."

"Nay," Legolas whispered into the ear closest to him, then blew into it, "not foolish at all; a good thing. One little thing we can be grateful for. Let me see how many others I can find."

Haldir actually chuckled. "I hope many." He squirmed as Legolas took the tip and again laved, then sucked it. Slowly, Legolas touched his shoulders with both hands and caressed the Lórien Elf, all the while laving the ear tip and whispering love phrases into Haldir's ear. Legolas' hands moved further down; a nub was lightly rubbed, but Haldir did not flinch. Legolas almost cried as he felt the scars. The beast had clawed the dear nubs, almost severing them from Haldir's chest. The Wood Elf shuddered and fought mightily to keep his sobs silent. He knew Haldir thought it was lust, not sorrow, that made his lover shudder. Calming himself, he bent his head and took the nub into his mouth.

Haldir stiffened, then tried to chuckle. It came out a sad little sound. "I am glad it is dark. You cannot see the scars." He barely got the words out without screaming.

"I feel them," Legolas whispered and the breath caressed the maimed nub, "and I am happy they are still intact; one other little thing to be glad about. It still tastes very good."

Haldir did laugh at that, then drew in a quick breath as Legolas twisted it gently in his mouth whilst massaging the other nipple. "That... Oh! Legolas! That feels wonderful." His breath was becoming distinctly labored.

Legolas smiled and sucked a bit more, but let his hand move towards Haldir's left thigh.

Haldir sobbed, and Legolas immediately took his hand from the hot flesh, but Haldir moaned, "Do that again."

Legolas smiled and moved from Haldir's chest. He knelt between the Lórien Elf's legs and stroked the tops of Haldir's thighs. Haldir squirmed. "Lower," he breathed. Legolas laughed and moved his hands onto Haldir's penis. Slowly, as gently as he possibly could, he took Haldir's shaft in his hands, cradling the stiffened rod as if it were the most precious thing he had ever held. In his mind's eye, it was. "Are you ready?"

"Iuitho nin am meleth. Use me for love," Haldir sobbed.

Legolas put his lips on Haldir's shaft and kissed it tenderly, then slowly moved his fingers up and down it. At last, when he felt Haldir was ready, he took the head into his mouth. Haldir bucked, but did nothing to pull himself away, so Legolas continued. He ran his tongue up and down the length of the wooden staff, then took Haldir fully and sucked gently. At last, his resolve to be slow left him. He cried aloud in uncontrolled joy. "Haldir!" he shouted to the stars. He sucked as strongly as he could, rubbing his left hand over Haldir's inner thigh, and caressing Haldir's balls in his right hand. "Haldir, garn nîn, tolo an nin! Come for me!"

Haldir's body moved uncontrollably, At Legolas' shout, he joined his voice to his lover's and came hard and long. And wept the entire time.


A/N - 1) Muin nín - My beloved; 2) Melethron nîn - my love (male); 3) Mae athollen - Welcome back; 4) Garn nîn - my own; 5) Tolo an nin! - Come for me! 6) Iuitho nin am meleth - Use me for love http://journals.aol.co.uk/msjmdhague/valinor/entries/2006/07/19/elvish-word-hoard-sindarin/909 and http://www.esteliel.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=76

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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