What Enemy Is This?: 29. Chapter Twenty-Nine

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29. Chapter Twenty-Nine

Haldir felt the blood splatter him as an Orch sliced through Galathil's throat. He lunged, wanting to kill the foul creature, but an arrow pierced the Orch's throat before he could reach him. He looked up and saw Legolas. His heart flared with hope. He tried to cry out, to let them know he was in the group being herded away, but his scream was but a mere whisper, so dry was his throat.

Another Orch pulled him back by the hair and hissed, "You have not been here long enough to have enjoyed our hospitality, golden one. I know the hidden places in these tunnels. I think I will hide you away for a time, so that we can become more properly acquainted with each other. I have so many things I want to do to you. You are most lovely. Now that Orthond is slain, you are all mine."

Haldir shouted, but to no avail. The Orch pulled him into a side tunnel while the rest of the company and their captives ran down a larger tunnel. What strength Haldir had was soon lost as he was dragged along the tunnel, his ribs cracking as he was pulled against rocks jutting out of the floor. His vision swam. Every breath was as fire. 'I must have punctured a lung,' he thought miserably. Try as he might, he could not dislodge himself from the Orch's grip.

Another tunnel and another. Within moments, Haldir could no longer hear the sound of battle and had lost all sense of direction. Even if he could break away, escape on his own, he had no idea which way to run. The ragged breathing of the Orch changed into laughter. "They will not find you. One or two more twists and turns and you will be lost to them forever." The Orch was true to his word. Time became unknown to Haldir. His body hurt in so many places, he could not begin to imagine. Their path twisted and turned for at least a half hour, perhaps longer. At last, the Orch stopped and listened. "This is as good a place as any to show you my hospitality." He flung Haldir against the wall of a small cave off the last tunnel they had traversed, then he stripped off the small piece of cloth covering his staff. Haldir shuddered. Staff! It was more a log. The Elf tried to scramble up the wall, evading the hands that thrust out for him. He kicked and kicked till his legs felt like they were stone. All the while, the Orch laughed. Finally, his leg was caught and he was dragged forward. The clawed Orch tore Haldir's tunic and leggings in one swipe. "Ready yourself, golden one. You are going to receive a visitor."

Haldir screamed as he was impaled. Fast and furious, without preparation, with only lust and hate driving the beast into him, the Orch thrust again and again. Haldir's hole was on fire. He was stretched beyond limit and could feel the blood coursing from him down both legs. He screamed at every thrust, but that seemed only to drive the Orch on to harder and harder thrusts. Through his agony, he could hear the Orch's laughter. "You are so good. You feel so good. No wonder Orthond kept you slaves for himself. Nothing better than an Elf. Morgoth, this is good." He slobbered over Haldir's chest as he thrust and howled in lust-filled ecstasy.

"No. No. Do not fade on me. I want to hear your screams. They heat me." He slapped Haldir's face, but the Elf had swooned. "Fuck! And I was enjoying this so much. Well, I'll continue. Perhaps you'll wake, golden one. Yes. I'll fuck you till you wake." But the Elf's insensate form even further enflamed the Orch's lust and he came in great spurts. He plunged a few more times, for good measure, then pulled out. "That would have hurt, had you been awake, Elf." He howled in delight. "That would have surely hurt. It will leave a nice sting."

The Orch sat back and watched the Elf's chest rising and falling. "Ah, you look so good. You felt so good. Perhaps I've got one more in me. Wish I had some water to wake you, but who cares. It felt good even with you asleep." He rolled over onto Haldir and thrust once again into the bleeding orifice. At the same time, he took his claws and raked them over the Elf's nipples. They bled profusely and he laughed, then, he bit down on one nub and then the other. Still no reaction. "I know what I'll do. I don't have water, but I've got piss." He pulled out of the Elf, shook his staff a few times, and let go. His urine covered Haldir's face.

Haldir came to, not knowing this was not part of the first assault. His body was on fire as his face was covered in water. He opened his eyes and saw where the liquid came from, howled in horror, and turned his face, desperately trying not to swallow any of the foul stuff.

"You're awake, my pretty. That makes me glad. I knew my sweet essence would help wake you." The Orch's laughter caused the flow to stop. He grunted and more urine cascaded upon Haldir's face. "Drink it in. It's supposed to have healing stuff in it. Good for Elves and such." The Orch could not contain himself any longer and fell forward, laughing in glee. "I would have killed Orthond myself if I had known such sport could be had with an Elf. And such delight."

He fell onto the hapless Elf and thrust deep. "Scream, golden one. I want to hear you scream. You make me come when you scream. Here, this will help." He tore again at the Elf's breasts. "This is good too. Can you feel it, Elf? Can you feel my claws? My staff is doing the same in your body. Did you know that? It's clawed too. It rakes you as I thrust. It tears you open. Feel it, Elf," the Orch screamed in delight. "Feel it!"

The pain was blistering. He would never survive this. As the thrusts became faster and the guttural laughter tore at his ears as the rod did to his body, he screamed. "Valar! Save me!"

"Naught here but me, golden one, naught here but me and my staff. We both very much like you. I wonder how many times we can breach you? Ah," he thrust again, this time clutching at Haldir's backside and digging his nails deep into the unprotected buttocks. His seed spilled into the warm orifice. "Good," he shuddered, "so good. I could do this all day."

Agony and grief filled the Marchwarden's fëa. 'I will fade. He cannot harm me when I fade.' He drew in a breath as the Orch rolled off him. Keeping his eyes closed, he began his farewell to all he loved, especially Haldirriel and Legolas. His heart broke.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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Author: Alcardilme

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