What Enemy Is This?: 21. Chapter Twenty-One

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21. Chapter Twenty-One

When Legolas came to, he found himself in Haldir's warm embrace. He snuggled closer to the Elf and sighed. Haldirriel was swimming in the shallow end of the pool, her hair flowing behind her, her legs looking exquisite in the clear aqua water. Haldir was sleeping. Legolas laughed gently. Haldirriel put her fingers to her lips and begged for silence. Legolas nodded. He closed his own eyes and reveled in the body that was next to his. 'Sweet Valar, this is better than anything I have ever experienced.'

Haldirriel swam closer. She pulled herself up onto the shelf and kissed him. "I had thought the bond would come, but not in this way. I have no recollection of what happened except that my whole body is still humming."

"I feel the same. I hope Haldir..."

"He did," she whispered. "Let us wake him lest he fall into the water and drown."

Legolas smiled and licked Haldir's earlobe. The Marchwarden moaned, but did not wake. "I fear our adventure this morning tired him out."

Haldirriel's laughter woke Haldir. "I think I have been to Valinor and back," he sighed happily.

"As have we," both Elves said together. "Ah! So this is how it is when Elves bond."

"Yes," Haldir said, "It is indeed. We really have no further need for speech."

"But I would miss your lovely voice," Legolas whispered in Haldir's ear. "And yours," he turned to Haldirriel and kissed her ear.

"Let us try an experiment?" Haldirriel asked mischievously.

"Yes!" Both Ellyn replied.

"Ah! Perhaps it is not needed?"

"Nay!" Both Ellyn replied.

"Yes!" Again with no question asked, both Ellyn took Haldirriel in their arms. Haldir this time in front and Legolas from behind her.

She felt and heard Haldir in her mind begging to take her, and she smiled and leaned forward and kissed him full and hard; after many moments, she licked his lips and he opened them.

'Valar!' his mind cried out. She moved her body closer and he felt her nubs rubbing against him. They were raised. 'Valar!' he cried again in his mind and she heard it and giggled.

"I do not think you want any of them around right at this moment!"

He held her harder, then touched her, gently stroking first her breasts, then her button, then her inner thighs. She tightened everywhere. He held her closer and touched her cunt. She arched forward and he smiled. It was wet and ready. How he loved her. He gently breached her, short movements pushing in until he was fully sheathed. He kissed her again and held her tightly.

Legolas watched in fascination the emotions that ran across her face. He was startled to find he could hear not only Haldirriel's but also Haldir's thoughts. He shuddered in anticipation. She leaned her head back, hearing his need. Haldir let her lips go and she turned slightly and kissed Legolas. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and she sighed. Gently running his hands up and down her arms, he helped hold her up while Haldir breached her. The exquisite feelings that were coursing through her veins transmitted to both Ellyn.

They writhed and stroked and enflamed each other until their hröar were consumed with sensations the like of which none of them had ever had before whilst their fëar shuddered in ecstasy. The night watched in silence.

Haldirriel fell asleep soon after and Haldir and Legolas turned to each other. "I would have you, Legolas. I meant to, in the talan, before..."

"Nin iuitho! I would have you take me." He shuddered and moved into Haldir's arms.

Haldir began his kisses with a gentleness that he had not known before. Their bonding filled his blood with such fervor that he had been afraid he would hurt either Legolas or Haldirriel, but as he began to fondle the Wood Elf, he found a tenderness of spirit that confused and delighted him.

First, he kissed Legolas' eyes, one by one, soft kisses laid upon the closed, trusting lids. He shuddered at the trust he felt emanate from his friend, his lover. Once more, he gently kissed each lid, then a sweet kiss to those lips. He stopped for a moment, else he would have ravaged those lips and lost this sense of oneness, of peace, of joy. He kissed Legolas' cheeks, one by one, open-mouthed, and let his tongue trail over them. He tasted salt and opened his eyes in surprise. His heart wrenched. "Why do you cry, melethron? Have I hurt you?"

Legolas kept his eyes closed. "Nay. I am obliterated by your tenderness. I am undone."

Haldir smiled. "Know it is not the last such show."

"Uuitho nin a thelien lín, hîr nîn."

Haldir's breath caught. "I would have thee, but gently, slowly." Tears fell. "I am thine." And he did take those eager lips, and gently kissed them until he felt the fever grow and his member swell, and then, he ravaged that sweet mouth until he could no longer breath.

Legolas held Haldir closer, breathing in the wonder that was the Lórien Elf. He said not a word, but let Haldir lead. He knew he would follow him anywhere, even to the Undying Lands, if he required it.

When Haldir began the gentle licking of his cheeks, Legolas became overwhelmed. Silently, he cursed himself for the tears, but found he could not stop them. Deeply in love with Haldir now as never before, he found he could not contain the love he felt, nor the joy, at the hands of his lover. But Haldir responded with love and tenderness, not scorn at his weakness.

At last, as Haldir took his mouth, he groaned. "Nin iuitho!"

Smiling down upon his love, Haldir nodded. "I can wait no longer, myself. If you are ready?"

Legolas nodded and Haldir shuddered at the lust he saw in the Wood Elf's eyes. "I will be slow and gentle, I promise."

"Take me as you will. I care not. I trust you, Haldir," his brow rose. "I trust you with more than my life; I trust you with my heart."

Haldir's chin began to shake and tears fell. "I am humbled, melethron. I will love you always." With that, he kissed the Elf once more, then slowly kissed and suckled his way down to Legolas' groin.

Taking his hands from Legolas' back, he moved them over his lover's thighs, up and down with a light touch. He smiled as Legolas' shivered. He took the sac into one hand and gently massaged it, feeling the stones inside it, and reveling as they hardened. He could barely hold himself on the shelf, he trembled so.

"Nin iuitho!" Legolas cried. And Haldir did. He took his shaft into his hand and placed it near Legolas' opening. Slowly, he rubbed it back and forth and watched as cum spilled from its tip. "Now," he breathed and entered the Wood Elf fully.

"Ai," Legolas cried in wonder and held him close, tears spilling down his cheeks.

Slowly at first, Haldir moved within his lover, gently in and out until Legolas could once again breath. He smiled into the kiss he gave that wondrous mouth. After a few moments, he angled himself and felt Legolas flinch and tighten as his penis stroked Legolas' prostate. He cried out himself. The strokes were bringing him to completion and he wanted to savor these moments, hold in his seed until they both were beyond comprehension. He took Legolas' buttocks into his hands and pulled the Elf even closer to him. Their chests touched and ground against each other, nipples singing at the touch.

Feeling his balls tighten, he took the Elf's shaft, ran his fingers over it, and tightened his grip. "Tolo an nin! Now!"

Screaming into Haldir's neck, Legolas came, hard. Haldir continued to push into his lover, and a moment later, he came too, came until he could not hear nor feel anything but the pulsing of his shaft and the beating of Legolas' heart. He felt Legolas' go limp and smiled. "This is the only way to love you, melethron," he whispered. And then he lost his own senses and drifted off into sleep, still sheathed in his lover.

Haldirriel found them that way, moments later. "I think you will both drown if I do not wake you. But I would wake you much differently than I now must. For Anor will rise soon and we must be back to our camp before then." She touched each one and they quickly roused.

Sensing the time, they kissed each other gently, then dried themselves off and dressed. Haldirriel took one last look at the waterfall and sighed.

"I will miss this place, too," Haldir said as he held her close. "If the Valar allow, we will return this way."

She thanked him and mounted her horse. Her mate and her lover mounted and they were off, eating the leagues as quickly as possible.

"Moonset is nigh; our company should be waking. Do you see their fire?"

"I do not," Haldir's brow rose and he pulled his horse up. "We should see it by now."

"There!" Legolas pointed. He and Haldirriel pulled up on their horses too.

They looked southeast and were surprised that their direction had been flawed. They turned their horses' heads and moved forward again. Less than a quarter hour later, Haldir pulled up again.

"That is not a fire. It moves." Haldirriel felt a cold wash of fear cover her.

"It does and we have been led astray."

"Do we return to our old course and find our camp?"

"I would find out who or what that is, but I deem it wise to return to camp. We will assemble our company, they should be rising by now, and then head south and find out what this phenomenon is."

"I agree," Legolas said quickly. "I would have the Dwarf at my side."

Haldirriel smiled.

Within the hour, they found the remains of their camp. The fire had burned down, embers glowed a dull red. There was no sign of anyone. The horses were gone too.

"Where they can they have gone to? Why would they leave? I told my second that we would return before morn."

"Foul play." Haldirriel went to her husband's side. "Look at the signs. There are Yrch tracks."

"How could they have surprised a band of Lórien's finest? They could not have disguised their smell? Nor their cloddish feet!" Legolas moaned.

"Look! Signs of the black fire Saruman used!" Haldirriel pointed to three large, blackened areas near the campfire and two where the horses had been put to graze.

"If it is Yrch," Haldir said through clenched teeth, "they will be easy to follow. Day is coming. They will probably hide - "

"Listen," Legolas whispered.

A moan none but Elven ears could hear came from a little north of where they stood. All three immediately crouched and drew their weapons. Another moan and Legolas followed the sound, Haldirriel and Haldir directly behind him.

"Gimli!" the Mirkwood Elf shouted and ran forward. There on the ground, hidden by scrub, lay the Dwarf, blood oozing from a deep wound on his forehead.


A/N - 1) Melethron .... Male lover; 2) Nin iuitho!....  Use me!; 3) Iuitho nin a thelien lín, hîr nîn.... Use me for thy sport, my Lord; 4) Tolo an nin! .... Come for me! http://www.esteliel.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=76

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