What Enemy Is This?: 18. Chapter Eighteen

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18. Chapter Eighteen

They had ridden for only an hour when Gimli felt Haldir pull up on the horse. He peeked around the Marchwarden's arm and was surprised to see Legolas standing before them. One hand loosely held his reins, the other lay straight and taut at his side. 'This will not be pleasant,' thought the Dwarf sourly. 'Best I make myself scarce.'

He watched as Haldir swung his leg over their mount's head and slid off. Wordlessly, the Elf helped the Dwarf dismount. Gimli spotted a small copse of trees nearby and excused himself to make water. Neither Elf responded. He stifled a chuckle and left them to their own business, wondering all along if he should build a lean-to for the night. His Dwarvish humour was so tickled by the thought that he had to put his gloved hand over his mouth to stifle the noise of his laughter. By the time he reached the copse, his shoulders were shaking and, at last, he let the laugh escape. It exploded into the trees.

Belatedly, he hoped the Elves had not heard. 'Posh!' he thought hysterically, 'They can hear a leaf fall a furlong away; they heard my laughter.' This thought only exacerbated the mirth that welled up in his Dwarvish heart and Aulë's son sat on a felled tree and howled with glee. It felt good!

Haldir neither heard nor watched the Dwarf. His eyes were on Legolas. He had run through a thousand different phrases as he rode after his friend, but none seemed powerful enough to undue the damage done. Should he apologize? What apology would be enough to ameliorate the hurt he had caused? Would Legolas even accept an apology, whatever form it took?

Haldir knew he had been a fool. He loved Haldirriel because of her passion, not in spite of it. He knew she needed him as much as she needed air to breathe. To put their just-begun mission ahead of her needs had been callous. Such focus was not needed till they were closer to the mountains. Bitterly, he chided himself. Legolas never moved.

Haldir fell on his knees, head bowed. "I have been cruel to you. I have toyed with your affections. I have attacked you when your only fault was kindness. Legolas," he looked up into steel grey eyes, held open and hard, "Will you not forgive me?"

"Did Haldirriel send you?"

"I would have come even if she had not." He watched incredulously as the Ithilien Elf mounted and road south. "Legolas! I cannot beg any further. I need you. I... I need you!" He watched as the Elf rode further away. His head fell as tears clouded his eyes. "I love you," he whispered in utter anguish.

"I heard that." The voice was faint, but when Haldir looked up, Legolas was riding towards him.

Legolas slid off his horse and knelt in front of Haldir. Ever so slowly, he lifted the strong chin and drew the beloved face closer. He gently kissed the lips he so loved. Pulling back, he cried out as he saw the Marchwarden's tears. "I was hurt. Never have you raised a hand to me!"

Haldir put a finger over the Elf's lips. "Say no more. I was to blame. Fully. I am sorry." He leaned forward and kissed Legolas. Wrapping his arms around the Elf, Haldir deepened the kiss. He felt Legolas melt into his arms and sighed happily.

"We should return." Legolas was the first to stop for air. "Haldirriel will be concerned."

"Thank you, Legolas. Twice today you have called her by her bonded name. She is no longer Loselleth, but she is ours. It could be no different. She realizes that truth and is content. You are ours as much as we are yours."

Legolas turned away. "She is yours."

"No longer, Legolas. We are bonded three ways; I know not how or why, but it is true. I cannot think she is mine only. Nor are you mine only. Do you understand?"

Legolas took Haldir's face in his hands and ran his thumbs over the full lips. "Ai, na vedui. You are so beautiful. I cannot think when you are near. I care not for explanations. I need you; I need her." He leaned forward and kissed Haldir. His cupped palms still held the Elf tenderly. "If what you say is true, then show me. Show me that I am yours as much as she is."

"Gladly!" Haldir ran his hands down Legolas' back, rubbing gently. Slowly, his hand slid further down. Within moments, he was lifting Legolas' tunic. He smiled - sometime during the last few minutes, the Elf had untied the laces holding it closed. He felt the muscles tighten. Running his hands over the shirt, he pulled that over the Elf's head as well. He held back tears as he touched Legolas' arms and felt the incredible firmness of the muscles, the same muscles that could pull the heaviest string and let an arrow fly straight and true... He kissed the skin by the Elf's ear and then proceeded to lick the ear all the way to the tip. After laving it for many long moments, he bit it lightly. Legolas shifted and moaned; Haldir felt the Elf's shaft against his thigh.

"We really should return to our camp."

"Haldirriel will meet us this evening near the Loeg Ningloron. We have many hours alone."

Legolas began to shake and Haldir looked at him in alarm. "We are not alone. Gimli waits in yonder copse."

"Aulë's bane," Haldir cursed. "I had forgotten."

"He will wait patiently. Dwarves, especially this one, can be quite patient." At this, Legolas removed Haldir's tunic and shirt. "At least, he will be patient for me." Legolas pushed Haldir down on the ground and lay on top of him. His hands found the Marchwarden's nipples and lightly touched the right one while his left hand cupped Haldir's buttocks. "I think we have too much clothing on."

Haldir smiled and tugged at the laces of Legolas' leggings. At the same time, Legolas pulled on Haldir's laces. "No good," the Marchwarden scowled. "Knotted!" He pulled at his own laces, shoved off his boots, and pulled his leggings down. Legolas unknotted the guilty laces on his own leggings and followed Haldir's lead.

Then, for a moment, both Elves looked at each other. Keen eyes roved over the other's body and hands lightly ran down chests to touch stomachs taut with aching need. Both Elves closed their eyes and their hands moved lower.

Legolas felt along Haldir's strong thighs as Haldir cupped Legolas' firm buttocks. They pulled each other close. Legolas shuddered as Haldir's engorged cock rubbed against his own. Waves of lust and need engulfed him. He held his breath and rubbed his own stone-hard member against Haldir's. Both Elves shuddered and Legolas laughed. "You are ready!"

"So are you!" Haldir said with a grin. "But let me." He took Legolas' hand and pulled it to his mouth. He took in one and then two fingers and sucked on them, laving his tongue over them, then thoroughly sucking and pulling on them.

A shudder passed through Legolas. Haldir was going to allow him to take him! Another moment and the Elf could stand it no longer; he took his fingers out of Haldir's mouth and replaced them with his tongue. Gently and slowly he moved into the heat and wet, touching teeth, pulling out and licking lips, then descending once again into the cavern of lust. Haldir moaned and thrashed. After long moments of thoroughly ravaging Haldir's mouth, he turned the Marchwarden over.

Haldir went willingly, then raised his knees under him. His rump shone in the sun. A ghostly breath blew onto the tight hole that he presented to Legolas and the Marchwarden shivered A light touch of wet fingers coated the hole and gently encircled it, rubbing along its edges. Haldir waited, relishing the thought of what was to come. He gasped! It was not fingers that breached him, but a small, very wet tongue. "Legolas!" he cried in ecstasy.

The Elf said not a word as he worked his tongue in and out of the tight hole. Finally, he pulled it out, blew on the hole once again, and smiled to see the muscles contract. He held Haldir's firm globes and then took the sack in his hand and gently rubbed the balls in it. He held and fondled them as he stuck his tongue back in Haldir's hot hole. He could feel the Marchwarden shuddering under him and the balls turn hard. "So close," he murmured as he pulled his tongue out. "So close. Just a little longer. A little longer." He plunged his tongue once more into Haldir's hole and relished the shudder that took Haldir's body. "Are you ready, my love?"

Haldir's gasp was all the Elf needed to hear. At last, he felt the warrior was ready. He bent over the Marchwarden and slowly slid his cock inside.

Haldir's own shaft ached. He moved to touch it, but Legolas gently took it himself and squeezed it. "You undo me!" Haldir cried.

Legolas put his finger over the tip. Haldir could not come. He screamed as every fibre of his body cried for release.

"Patience," Legolas whispered. "Soon, my love, soon." His right hand moved and stroked Haldir's nipples, one at a time. Then, he lightly pinched each one, tugging them until they were hard and peaked. Continuing his ministrations, he kissed the back of Haldir's neck and laved it with his tongue. When he was finished, he moved his hands down the smooth back. How he loved to touch Haldir's back! His own cock shuddered at the exquisite touch. His thrusts, however, never ceased. It was all too much. He felt his own balls fill; his own peak imminent as he took his finger from Haldir's tip. He stopped for a moment and held still, relishing the intense pleasure that burned his entire hröa.

Within a breath, Haldir came, screaming Legolas' name and writhing under him. Legolas continued to thrust, by now hardly breathing as he shoved in and out. At Haldir's last shudder, Legolas came. His seed spurted forth and deep within Haldir. Legolas kept thrusting as the last of his seed spilled. All the while, he milked Haldir until the very last of the Marchwarden's cum fell on his hand. Collapsing in ecstasy against Haldir's back, he shuddered. Then a sigh passed his lips. "So this is what it means to be yours."

"Nay. When we are with Haldirriel again - when the three who are bonded make love  - then you will know what it means to be mine!"

Legolas sighed again. "I will look forward to that time."

They were both quiet for a long time, each relishing the slow softening of their members. Finally, Legolas pulled Haldir to the side as his penis slid out. He held Haldir close for another few moments. "You are incredible!" he sighed. He held him for another moment, then turned Haldir towards him. Haldir bent and licked Legolas clean. Legolas reciprocated.


Legolas looked up and smiled. "Gimli has decided it is time to leave."


A/N - 1) Ai, na vedui - Ah, at last!  (Adalambion - http://www.uib.no/people/hnohf); 2) Loeg Ningloron - Gladden Fields (Encyclopedia of Arda - http://www.glyphweb.com/arda/default.asp?url=http://www.glyphweb.com/arda/m/mumakil.html)

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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