What Enemy Is This?: 16. Chapter Sixteen

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16. Chapter Sixteen

They came, once again, to their feet throwing punches wildly. She ran forward, grabbed Haldir's arm and held on tightly. "Stop it! Stop it!" Haldir tried to shake her free, but she held on as if she was holding onto one of the great mellyrns. Legolas swung at Haldir. Ducking, the blow hit Haldirriel instead. They both heard a crunching noise. Haldirriel groaned and fell to the ground. Stunned, the Elves stopped.

Haldir fell to his knees, calling her name, but she would not answer. Her eyes were closed. Blood dripped from her nose and mouth. Her right cheek swelled. He looked into Legolas' face. "Do something!" he whispered in terror. Legolas knelt next to his friend and took Haldirriel's hand in his. "Beloved. Oh most beloved, wake up. Wake up." There was no response. Haldir whispered her name over and over, but still the Elleth did not wake. Legolas caught Haldir's shoulder and held it tightly. "We must return to Lórien. The Queen will help her."

Haldir lifted his head and screamed. "No! Stay with me! Please, Haldirriel."

Legolas groaned. He too felt her fëa trying to flee. "Talk to her! Tell her you love her! She thinks you have scorned her."

"How? I have done naught that bespeaks such a thing!"

"You have ignored her since we left Lórien! She has put herself before you, begged silently for you to hold her and love her, yet you have put the mission before her. Can you not see that?"

"She knows the gravity of our mission. It is her own brother that we are trying to save." The Elf gasped in pain.

"She has fire coursing through her veins. Her love for you consumes her. She cannot bear a day without you and yet you asked her, to my shame for begging, to take me into your home and love, and she allowed it because of her great love for you. You scorned her last night and again this morning. I only tried to comfort her. The fire was too deep and it scorched me. I had to take her."

Haldir's tears fell. "Haldirriel," he whispered. "Forgive me, garn nîn. Stay with me. I love you. Oh my Haldirriel, my sweet one, I need you. Please do not leave me. Please." The murmurs turned to sobs and Haldir collapsed upon Haldirriel's body, holding her hroa, hoping her fëa would not flee.

Legolas continued to whisper to her, but her eyes would not open and he gave up hope.

Haldir, however, did not. He swept her into his arms and ran towards the little stream that flowed nearby. He strode into the water. It was not deep but it was cold from the mountain's run off. He knelt on one knee, leaned her body on the other, and scooped up a bit of the water. Gently, lovingly he poured it over her hair. He took another scoop and repeated the action. Then, he laved her face with the cold water, especially over the swollen area on her cheek. He took a drink of the water and held a little in his mouth, and then he kissed her lips gently and let some of the water trickle into her mouth. She stirred and he clutched her to him, dragging his breath through his teeth. Another mouthful, another gentle trickle of the water and a small kiss. She shuddered. "Haldirriel, melethril nîn. Open your eyes. It is your verno, your husband. I cannot live without you. Open your eyes. Come back to me. Please."

The anguish in his voice decimated Legolas. It was his entire fault. He should never have come back to Lórien. He should have accepted his fate and left Haldir alone to love his Haldirriel. She stirred further and Legolas knew all would be well. He made his decision, turned and quickly walked back to the camp. Gimli was there and watched him closely, his eyes like unto slits. Legolas knew the Dwarf wanted to ask what the matter was, but Legolas had not the heart for speaking. He walked towards his friend. "I must leave. I am of no use here. Forgive me for leaving you here with strangers, Gimli, but they desperately need your help. Please stay with them and help them. I cannot." The Elf's voice broke. He walked to his horse and mounted. Looking at Gimli for one more moment, he smiled sadly and rode away.

Haldirriel moaned. Haldir left the stream and knelt on the grassy sward nearby. He still clutched her to him. Holding her with one hand, he quickly stripped his tunic off and began to wipe her hair dry, her face, her shoulders, and her feet. While he was doing that, he spoke to her of his love for her, of his need for her. In between, he pressed gentle kisses to her hair, her face, and the hollow in her neck. His words stammered as he tried to control the fear and grief that had taken him so deeply, but he did not stop them. He called her name over and over.

At last, her eyes focused. Confusion was writ upon her face. "What happened?"

"My beloved. You were struck. I almost lost you."

"I am free... freezing."

He held her more tightly to him and wrapped his cloak about her. "You will be well now. Just lie here for a moment or two. Regain your strength."

She put her hand to her cheek and looked up in surprise. "It hurts."

"Of course it does.

"And there is blood!"

"Only a little, garn nîn. Only a little. Let me wipe it for you." He took the cloak, on the end where it had fallen into the water, and wiped her nose and her mouth. "There. It is gone."

"What happened?" she asked again.

"We fought. Legolas and I. I am sorry. I have been a fool. I am sorry." He bowed his head and sobbed.

She held him, whispered his name, and cried. "I thought I lost you. You wouldn't speak to me. I tried to lay next to you, to touch you and you pushed me away."

"I know," the Elf sobbed. "I am sorry. I thought I lost you."

"Never," she cried and held him tighter. She felt his arms wrap about her and her heart fluttered. "Oh, Haldir, Haldir, I love you so." Tears ran freely down her cheeks. "Do not desert me. Do not leave me."

"Never!" He clutched her to him, willing her to feel his love, willing her to believe him. He felt the heat of her body rise; he grew hard. "Never!" he groaned and held her even tighter.

Her senses reeled. The love she felt lifted her, transported her to a raging passion. She kissed him with abandon. "Hold me," she shuddered as her lust and love consumed her. "Take me."

Haldir never thought, his body just responded. He kissed her back, fire going through him, down to his loins and into his penis. He rubbed himself against her. She shivered as he began to take off her clothes, rubbing her arms, her hands, her legs as he did so. Though passion possessed him, he noted the blue he had seen in her before was leaving her. He kissed her again, this time more tenderly and tried to slow her. She hitched her breath and he knew she was trying to pull herself into some sort of control. She did it for him, so that their coupling would be free of guilt and he loved her even more. Sobbing, he kissed her face, her ears, her nose, her mouth, and her chin. His hand moved down while his lips ravaged her. Slowly, he touched her breast and she arched high and cried out his name. Oh! To hear his name upon her lips again. He sobbed more loudly, yet did not leave off his kisses nor his tender touches.

He left her face and moved towards her breasts. Taking a nipple gently into his mouth, he laved it with his tongue. She shivered. He held it firmly between his lips and shook it slightly. She shivered again. Suckling it, he moved his other hand behind her back and pulled her gently to him. Her breast covered his mouth and nose. He held on for as long as he could, then broke the grip and took a deep breath. Then, he turned to her other nipple. She cried out as he took it and his heart jumped. He was fulfilling her, making her forget his trespass. How kind and good she was! He laved and held it and nipped it, then sucked it fully into his mouth. His cock throbbed.

She could feel him growing harder, could hear his sobs, and felt his body shake in response to her shivers. 'By the Valar, I love him so,' she thought wildly. 'He loves me. He truly does.' She slipped away from him for a moment, her mind fleeing in ecstasy.

"No!" he cried and she came back and held him and accepted his caresses. At last, he left her breasts and moved lower. He removed her leggings and placed his hand over her crotch. She moaned loudly and held her breath. He pressed her cunt in his hand and squeezed it gently. She tried not to scream, the sensation was so great. He stroked her hood with his fingers and moved the lips aside. He bent and took the nub of her into his mouth and this time she did scream. He sucked it ever so gently, moving his tongue as he worked her into a frenzy. She grew wetter and wetter. Finally, he knew she was ready. He rose and kissed her mouth once again. She smiled at the taste of her own fluids.

He took her. She held tightly to him, shivering as she felt him enter her. Ecstasy flooded her. He moved slowly, working her into higher and higher heights. The sensations were too much for her; she cried aloud and came. He screamed and filled her. As he pushed further and further into her in his climax, she swooned. He smiled and held her, letting his breath out. She had done this once before, swooned as he came, and he knew she was well. He lay on her another moment, kissing her lips lightly.

After a moment, she blinked and smiled. "Ah, you have undone me once again, my Lord."

'Oh!' He shivered to hear her. "I love you. Never forget that. Too long have I lived as Marchwarden. I do not yet know how to forget that and live as you would wish, but I will never stop loving you. Remember that, garn nîn, please?"

She nodded as tears streamed from her eyes, falling into the thick golden hair about her face. She kissed him and held him and fell deeply asleep.

He held her to him. He would not forget again. He would remember that his arms held the fire that kept him burning, kept him alive. He would not let it fail. He would not fail her again.

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