What Enemy Is This?: 15. Chapter Fifteen

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15. Chapter Fifteen

She woke before dawn. He was not next to her. She looked all about their camp. He was nowhere to be seen. She walked towards the east, following his tracks, and after a half-hour, she was ready to turn back. She must have missed his return trail. Telltale light streaked the eastern sky as she turned, but what caught her attention was the silhouetted Elf in the field off to her right. She knew that frame, had held it many a time, and wanted to hold it now - badly. She felt the blood rushing to her face and to other parts of her body. The cold rebuke of the previous night did nothing to diminish the need she felt. Trembling slightly, she walked noiselessly towards him. He did not hear, did not move, and she wondered. When she had almost reached him and he still had not turned, panic rose in her stomach.

As if sensing her fear, he turned. "Why are you here? The camp must be up by now. You need to prepare for travel."

"So do you, Haldir. You were not assigned watch this night. Why are you here?" She sidled closer to him, tiptoed to kiss his lips and stepped back, quickly. Hurt and anger flared, replacing lust and love. "I smell him on you!"

Haldir turned from her, head bent upwards. "Legolas and I watched the last of the stars."

Confused and hurt, she stood still. "I would have watched them with you."

"There was no time. It just happened." He turned, walked past her, and headed towards the camp.

Sobbing, her legs gave way and she sat, unceremoniously, upon the cold grass. "What have I done?"

A moment later, Legolas joined her. She had heard him, knew it was he, but she refused to look at him.

"The grass is cold," he quipped.

She refused to be baited.

"The stars are all gone."

Still, she sat, silent.

"Is there some purpose for your sitting here, alone?"

At that, she turned on him. "You are the reason I am alone," she spat. "Why did you come with us? What use are you here?"

Legolas sat, leaned back, his hands holding him up. "We stood and watched the stars, Loselleth. That is all. I did not take him from you. He loves you, as do I."

"He shows it not."

The Elf smiled and leaned up. He ran his hand over her hair. Then, very gently, he lifted it and kissed the exposed part of her neck.

She went rigid. "I need not you."

"I need you."

She heard the laughter in his voice. "You need him. I am just an obstacle."

"Oh, Loselleth. You are so very wrong. You are much needed. By both of us."

She felt him before she saw the movement; he was over her in a moment, holding her tightly and ravaging her mouth. The heat that filled her from her encounter with Haldir betrayed her and her body responded eagerly to the Wood Elf. Her mouth opened and took him in, sweet and clean as the woods themselves. Her moans filled the early morning air, but she did not care. She pulled him tighter, closer, and ran her hands through his hair. She pulled away, for a moment, gasping for air, then, lunged again into his sweetness. She felt him against her and shivered in anticipation. They had not been alone in an age, not since she had sworn herself to Haldir, but passion and lust overwhelmed her.

Joy filled him as she pulled him close. Through her tunic, he cupped her breast in his hand and rubbed his thumb over the nipple. He felt her shudder and responded to her kiss, letting her fill his mouth with her tongue. Too long since last they had lain together. Alone. She had taught him everything he knew, but he had learned other things since last they coupled. A laugh burbled from him at the excited thought of surprising her.

She pulled back from him. "You laugh at me, Elf-child?" Then she bit him.

He shook. Never had she done such a thing before. He yelped when she lowered her head, pushed his tunic up to bunch under his throat, and bit his nipple. He grabbed her wrists and pulled her arms behind her. "You vixen! When did you ever...?" He would not surprise her; she had surprised him!

She did not struggle; she let him hold her arms down tightly. Still, his tunic was pushed up; she raised herself and, once again, bit him, twisting the nipple in her teeth. He yelped again. She started laughing.

He pulled her closer, tearing at her tunic and pulling it over her head. "You have asked for this!" He licked her neck, suckled the tip of her ear, then licked down to the firm breast on her right side, then sucked it in. She shivered and moaned. He sucked harder; as she stilled, he bit her, holding the nipple gently between his teeth and twisting it. He saw her bite her lip to hold the cry back, but he would be the victor! He let the right breast go and attacked her left. He laughed as she clenched her teeth. He gave the nipple a gentle shake. When she refused to yield, he grabbed her cunt, and held it tight. She screamed in delight and he whooped.

"Son of an Orch!" Haldir pulled him off her, pulled him to his feet, and landed a blow on the Wood Elf's chin. "How dare you?" The scream rent the air. Again, Haldir hit Legolas.

Haldirriel quickly scrambled to her feet and tried to put herself between the two Elves. They fought wildly, paying no heed to her. She screamed at them, called them by name, but by now they were rolling in the grassland, tearing at each other. Not a sound they made as jealous rage consumed them. All she heard was the harsh echo of their breath catching now and again as they fought.

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