What Enemy Is This?: 12. Chapter Twelve

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12. Chapter Twelve

Haldir watched as his friend, 'Nay,' he thought to himself, 'my lover,' walked through the glade towards the home of the Lady Galadriel. Turning, he noted that she had plaited her hair again and was pulling her leggings up. With one swift motion, he stood in front of her, his hand firmly pressed against her thigh, preventing the offending cloth from moving further up her body. He smiled when he saw the startled look upon her face. "Did you think we were finished, my beloved?"

She smiled coyly and he wondered whether she was more beautiful in the morning or in the evening. His other hand clenched her other thigh and then both hands moved along her skin and to her backside, cupping the soft globes. He rejoiced at the shudder that went through her. Using her buttocks, he pulled her to him, tightly, an indrawn breath the only sign that he wanted her. He felt her naked breasts against his and the hard nipples lying against his bare chest. He cursed the fact that he had already put on his own leggings. 'At least,' he thought wryly, 'I have no boots on yet.'

If he thought he was hard before, the feel of her raised nipples caused him to turn to granite. The pressure was intense. He had wanted to gently assault her, but wondered if he had the will to hold himself together for even another moment. The urge to enter her immediately was overwhelming.

He moaned as she pressed her body to his, sensually moving against him. He knew she felt it; knew his state of arousal did not escape her. He heard a light chuckle and grimaced. "Ever is my spirit known to you," he whispered. As he unplaited her hair, he ran his tongue along her left ear, then breathed on it. Another shudder passed through her body. He laved the ear from lobe to tip, then took the tip in and sucked gently. Her moans filled the talan. He moved his head to her right and sucked the lobe, then moved along to her ear's tip, laving the entire object with small licks, then sucking the tip. He felt her legs give out and cried in triumph, "You are mine! You will always be mine!"

He picked her up and moved her down to the pillow-strewn talan floor. Depositing her gently, he roughly removed his own leggings, then lay down atop her. Her wet cunt left no doubt that she was as aroused as he; he pushed into her warmth and stopped, holding his breath, feeling the heat and exquisite clenching of her muscles around him.

Shaking, he took her mouth and plundered it. "I am sorry," he shuddered, "I was mistaken. You are not mine; I am yours." And hot tears fell against her face.

"Is that so bad, my love, that it would bring tears to your eyes?" he heard her ask, but he could not answer as a sob shook his very being.

"Never had I thought to be one with any," he gulped. "You fill me and make me whole. I had not even known I was bereft of love nor comfort. But now, the lack brings me near to despair, if I think upon it. I am saved by your love." He hissed in joy mingled with grief. "If I had never found you..." The tears fell harder.

He felt her wiping them away with her soft fingers. He had lost his hardness in the swell of emotions and lay quietly in her arms. Her fingers, twining through his hair, comforted him. He closed his eyes and sighed.

"Sometimes," she said, "you frighten me by your passion. And I speak not of the passion of your body, my love, but of your mind and your spirit. They overwhelm me." She had been frightened, deeply, by the grief she felt emanating from him. She had not been surprised when his member had softened. Though her body was still inflamed, the depths of his emotions gentled her. "Mayhap you doubted my love?"

She felt him tense, open his eyes wide, and stare into hers. "Nay, my beloved. I doubted I would ever find such a love," he sighed. She bent and kissed his lips.

"The Valar themselves could not keep you from me," he continued. She held him tightly. "Fate could not be so cruel as to leave such a being alone for all eternity." She smiled. "You are fated to be mine, unlucky one, and I, unworthy one, am fated to be yours."

She put her finger over his lips to stop his words. "You are the unlucky one, my dearest Haldir, for I am jealous, willful, and not to be taken lightly. I will share you with Legolas, but no other. Do you understand?"

His eyes widened. He nodded and kissed her back, but the kiss was no longer chaste; his heat had returned as soon as she kissed him. His tongue moved towards her lips, licking them, pushing into them to move them out of the way. He needed to taste her. Her lips parted and he touched the insides of them, then ran his tongue over her teeth, and into the heat of her mouth. He sucked her tongue, relishing the feel of it, thinking of its counterpart in her nether regions. The thought was more than he could endure. He put his hand upon her cunt and gently rubbed it.

She moaned into his mouth, dragging her tongue against his and sucking it heatedly. She let him touch her all over; moving his hand from her hair and feeling it cup her buttocks, while the other ministered to her want. He replaced his tongue with two fingers and she sucked on them, knowing where they would next be found. Joy filled her.

Shivering, she moved towards his nipples and took one into her mouth, laving it and sucking it vigorously. She loved the moan she heard coming from him. Then, he entered her backside. She felt the fingers moving in gentle rhythm. Her body soared and arched towards his. His tip touched her and she quieted, waiting for him to enter her. Gently, he pushed inside, his fingers still in her other hole. The feeling of completeness was intense.

He stopped, as he always did, and waited for her to breath again. When he felt her recovering, he began to move, slowly at first, his fingers continuing to touch her as his member delved deeper. Her face reddened in delight as the blood surged from her cunt to the rest of her body. If he did not quicken his pace, she felt she would die.

She heard him chuckle; knew that he felt her need and was teasing her. She bit his shoulder and he squirmed.

"If that is your wish, my Lady," he laughed, "then I will fulfill it." With that, he pushed deeply into her, then pulled out again, but slowly, ever so slowly till she thought she would scream.

"No," her breath shuddered, "stay inside me. Fill me. Use me."

He pushed in again harder and deeper. Then pulled out quickly, and shoved in once again. His fingers in her anus kept moving and driving her mad. She screamed as she came, her body shivering as passion and lust engulfed her. Sobbing, she tried to hold him closer, but another swift motion and she felt him shudder and come forcefully. She still quivered in his grasp. Her sobs quieted as he slumped against her. She drew in a ragged breath. "The Valar have endowed you with many gifts, my beloved," she whispered. "And you are truly mine as I am yours." She sighed and let her head fall back into the pillows.

He gently moved his fingers from inside her and let his member fall from her, but he did not leave her. He lay upon her, his fingers moving to her lips. She pulled one in and sucked on it. "I do not know what is better," she sighed contentedly. "Your love or your passion."

"They are one and the same, my love, when it comes to you. I cannot separate them."

"Then do not try, my beloved." She kissed the fingers and sighed. Within moments, she slept.

He moved off her and lay to her side. His arms encircled her. Tears welled up again. He loved her deeply, knew she was his completely, and slept.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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