What Enemy Is This?: 11. Chapter Eleven

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11. Chapter Eleven

The night was wearing on and quiet had settled over the talan. Legolas had sprawled on the floor; Haldirriel lay quietly on the settle; Haldir paced up and down before them.

At last, Legolas grabbed his ankle as he walked past for the hundredth time. "Stay. Be at peace. What ails you?"

Haldir looked down at his friend.  He took a deep breath. "You." He looked at Haldirriel. "I would take him." Longing filled his eyes.

"Then take him, my love. May I watch?"

Haldir smiled and knelt before Legolas. "Of course. And, if you feel inclined, you may join us."

Legolas pulled him down by the neck, brought their lips together in a fierce kiss, and moved his hands wildly over Haldir's body. The kiss was not gentle; his tongue stirred against Haldir's lips and finally the Lórien Elf opened his mouth. Legolas sighed and thrust his tongue in, moving it about, sucking on Haldir's tongue, and pulling on his lips with his teeth. Haldir moaned loudly.

He took Legolas' head between his hands and held it tight, thrusting his tongue into Legolas' mouth and sucking on it, pulling on it and caressing it with his own. Legolas sighed again and pulled Haldir on top of him. He felt Haldir shiver and his body responded in like manner.

Slowly his hands moved from Haldir's shoulders down his back and touched his buttocks. Haldir jumped but Legolas held him tight. He started to massage the globes, relishing the smooth skin, the rounded firmness of them. He held them tighter, then ran his nails over them. Haldir squirmed, but he would not release him.

Legolas twined his legs around Haldir's pulling his body even closer and noting that his friend's member was hard and hot. He groaned as they touched.

Haldir writhed. Legolas held tight. The kissing never stopped. When breath was needed, Legolas released him, but immediately, his lips were upon Haldir's within a moment. He noticed Haldir's shaking body, and held it even tighter.

"Please," Haldir cried. The feel of the Wood Elf's body against his, so long bereft of the longed-for touch, filled him to overflowing with joy. "I needed you so."

Legolas smothered him in soft kisses, on his cheeks, his chin, his nose. Then he moved to Haldir's neck and continued to lick and kiss everything in his path. Wriggling lower, he felt the nubs of Haldir's nipples rise and harden. He took one into his mouth and pulled on it, gently at first, then harder. Finally, he bit it. Haldir screamed. Legolas relented and took the other nipple in his mouth. He sucked and laved it and then bit again. Haldir arched upwards. Neither Elf could be hotter nor harder.

"Take me," Haldir cried. But Legolas was not ready, not yet. He had waited for this moment for three years. Since Haldir had become angered at his relationship with Aragorn. He would not take him quickly. His breathing grew erratic and his eyes brightened, but he would not give in. Not yet.

He pulled Haldir over and lay on top of him. Taking Haldir's hips in his hands, he moved them, grinding himself against Haldir's member. He moved lower and licked Haldir's shaft. Haldir's cries rent the night. Slowly, ever so slowly, Legolas licked the shaft, beginning at the top, winding his tongue around the head and then slowly down the front. Then he brought his tongue up the back of it and Haldir shuddered. Legolas smiled and took the Elf's balls into his mouth, moving them back and forth with his tongue, sucking on them wildly. Haldir stilled, holding his breath, trying not to cry out, but he could not.

"Now! Take me now! Please!" the Elf cried. "Please." All thought of him taking Legolas had vanished.

Legolas thought he would burst himself, but he had other things still planned. Too many nights he had lain awake thinking of this moment. Haldirriel passed him the jar. He looked up at her and smiled. She was radiant and, for a moment, he thought to abandon Haldir and take her, but he did not.

He covered his fingers with the oil and then moved upwards, kissing Haldir passionately. After a moment, he pushed his finger in. Haldir arched and groaned and almost bit him, but Legolas continued to finger fuck him. Another moment and he pushed in his second finger. The heat was incredible. Legolas lay upon Haldir holding him tightly with one hand while his fingers moved and caressed the insides of Haldir. The Elf moaned wildly. At last, Legolas touched the spot. Haldir keened loudly.

Haldirriel knelt next to him and took Haldir's mouth with hers. Legolas smiled and concentrated on Haldir's lower body. He put in another finger, moving and touching and fucking Haldir.

The Lórien Elf gasped. "Stop! I cannot. I cannot stand this. Please," he begged, "Please. Do not toy with me."

Legolas relented. He took out his fingers, lifted Haldir's legs and slowly entered him. The Elf below him shuddered and sobbed.

Haldirriel took Haldir's shaft in her hand and began to slowly pull and massage it. Legolas smiled as his friend arched further, his groans filling the night. He bent over and kissed Haldirriel. Taking her tongue in his mouth, he swirled it about. She sighed and kissed him back, swirling her tongue around his and humming all the while.

As the haze of lust filled Haldir, his fingers found Haldirriel's cunt and seized it. She moaned into Legolas' mouth. Haldir's fingers played in her wetness, stroking her spot and sending her into spasms of ecstasy. She came quickly.

Haldir screamed as Legolas thrust deeply, scorching Haldir's spot with the heat of his lust and Haldir came, spurting over Haldirriel's hand.

Legolas let go of her mouth and thrust once, twice, and came hard, pushing and shoving into Haldir's hole until his shuddering stopped.

The talan lay quiet, only soft breathing filled the night air. Galadriel smiled as Celeborn delved into her heat. The screams from the guest talan had stirred her blood beyond memory and she had attacked Celeborn. He had responded.


"Although I would spend more time with you, I note the signals telling Gimli has arrived. I should have been there and must apologize profusely, else the Dwarf begin our journey together with ill will," Legolas stood and stretched. Grabbing his leggings, he quickly thrust his legs into them, tied them up, caught the tunic Haldir threw him, and blew a kiss at both of them. "I am most grateful." His smile filled his face and the talan. Then he was gone.

"I think I will never tire of his entrances and exits," Haldirriel laughed.

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