What Enemy Is This?: 10. Chapter Ten

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10. Chapter Ten

Already one day and a night had passed since their audience with the Queen of the Galadhrim. They had not left the guest talan since they had entered it. At first, once the invitation had been made, unease filled them. She had stepped out of the common room and put on a robe. Haldir also put on leggings. Food had been brought to them and they had sat and ate quietly. Haldirriel was in no mood to speak. Once Legolas was with her, she was not sure what to do or to say and Haldir respected her feelings.

Legolas prattled on about a place called Ithilien and its beauty. As he spoke, the Wood Elf's face shone and Haldir felt heat cover his own body. He gestured about the height of the mountains, the warmth of the rivers, the riot of colour and scent from herbs, spices, orchards and fields. He told of the men of Gondor and his new King.

Haldir smiled. 'I wonder what Thranduil thinks, what with his son a prince and all, bowing to a man?' But Haldir had met that man and knew him to be a true descendant of the Faithful; it shone about him, the gift of the Edain to those of Númenor who proved devoted.

When they had finished their meal, Haldirriel went into their bedchamber. Haldir smiled to Legolas. He lit candles and opened the oils. Legolas took a deep breath, but Haldir took his hand and rubbed it gently against his cheek.

"It will be like old times, my friend," he whispered. "And yet, better. We have learnt much, these months since we bonded. I hope you will feel the joy too."

She came out; the light robe still covered her. Haldir stepped forward and took her into his arms. "You are beautiful, my own, so very beautiful. Would you sit here?"

She stepped down into Legolas' waiting arms. She shivered and he quickly pulled back, holding his hands out in front of him. She gave a quick laugh and kissed him lightly, then leaned back against the pillows and waited. Haldir sat next to her. He touched her hair, ran his hand down her cheek, then pulled her tightly to him. He kissed her on her nose and she smiled.

"Will we go back to our younger days? Will you pretend that naught has happened since first we three coupled?"

Haldir laughed. "We can never go back to that, my own, for our own coupling has no match. Yet, I would bring more to our lovemaking; I would bring a dear friend." He touched Legolas lightly, then took his arm and pulled Legolas forward so that the Wood Elf's body draped over part of Haldirriel's. Legolas did not move. He lay there waiting.

She ran her hand down his arm and smiled up at him. "Well I remember the strength of your embrace, friend. Are you not able to hold me the way you used to do? Has some mishap occurred that robs you of your strength?"

"The only mishap is my respect for you and for Haldir. I would hold you close and let you feel these arms about you, feel my lips upon yours, and hear your cries in my ear."

Haldir moved closer on her right side. "And I would hold you from this side, my own, and kiss this ear here," and he touched her ear, his tongue followed his lips, and she arched towards him.

Legolas kissed her other ear and followed Haldir's lead, his tongue tickling her left ear.  She moaned quietly.

Haldir smiled at Legolas and bent low and took her nub into his mouth; gently and methodically he suckled it. Legolas smiled and did the same to her other nub. Swirling their tongues about the entire breast, then suckling again. Then Haldir took her breast in his hand and cupped it, holding it up, caressing it. She shivered as Legolas followed his lead again. They both suckled deeply and she moaned louder now.

Moving a little further over her body, Haldir felt his member touch her thigh, causing her to arch again. Legolas ran his hand down her stomach. Then he took his finger and sucked it and ran it over and into the button in her belly. She moaned again, swallowing hard.

Haldir kissed her lightly on the neck, then moved further down, kissing her collarbone and then her breast again. He moved down and lightly batted Legolas' hand away and kissed her belly button, drawing the little thing into his mouth and suckling it. She thrashed about for a moment and he relented.

Legolas left her button and moved further down. He moved his hand to her hip and then to her thigh. His hand was soft and smooth and she relished the touch of it. He kissed the area right above her hood and she took his hair in her hand, holding it tightly.

Haldir continued to suckle her breast, but after a moment, he moved up again and kissed her throat, pulling on it, suckling and then gently biting it. She screamed, for at the same moment, Legolas touched her inner thigh.

No longer being able to contain himself, Haldir moved over her and took her mouth into his. His kiss spiraled from warmth to heat as his tongue moved over her lips, begging entrance. She opened her mouth and he plunged in, licking and sucking and biting her tongue, her lips, and the corners of her mouth. His member rubbed against her thigh as he moved.

Legolas continued to stroke her thigh, then he bent down and ran his tongue along it. Tears sprang to her eyes and Haldir kissed them away.

"A moment, Legolas," he cried. Legolas stopped his ministrations and moved up, lying next to her and gently kissing her neck.

She took in a few shuddering breaths. "Thank you," she whispered. "I had forgotten how incredible the feeling is."

Haldir stood and brought over a flagon of wine; he poured a small portion into his mouth and then leaned over and kissed her, letting it dribble slowly into her mouth. She arched up and took his lips and bit the lower one, sucking on it and moaning.

Legolas laughed and bit her neck and called her a minx. She turned to him and took his lips and held them, then pushed her tongue between them and ravaged his mouth. His eyes opened in surprise and he returned the passion.

Haldir moved to her thigh. So beautiful and graceful, firm and white. Heavily he sighed and kissed the inner wall. He felt her jump and smiled. She would be hard put to keep the kiss she now shared with Legolas.

Legolas took her head in his hands and held her close; his heart beat wildly and he knew she could hear it from the smile upon her face. He had forgotten the joy of their coupling. Kissing her hair and carding it through his fingers, he once again took her mouth, kissing and suckling and pushing his tongue into its depths.

"More," she cried when he gave her a moment to breathe.

Haldir slid one lubricated finger in slowly and she cried out louder.  Letting her adjust to it, he held it there for a moment. Then he took his finger all the way out, and pushed it back in again. Giving her anus time to get used to this, he waited again. Then he slid a second finger in.

Legolas continued to suckle her mouth, his hands moving over the nubs of her breast, while he waited for Haldir to prepare her.

Eventually, the time came. She was ready. "Please," she cried aloud. "I can take no more. Please." Haldir could feel the wet between her legs running down towards his fingers. When her anus relaxed enough to allow the head of his cock to pop into her, he signaled to Legolas. Haldir turned her slightly onto her side. Gently, he pushed the tip into her. She stiffened momentarily and he kissed her shoulders, then her back. He moved forward again. This time, there was no trouble entering. He popped in and she clenched tightly around him. He bit his own lip to keep from screaming.

Legolas moved forward, lifted her leg and moved her labia aside, licking around her vulva. She was too stimulated to touch it directly, but he knew, if he waited, she would be ready. She began to moan frantically. He pushed a finger into her wet vagina and felt the warmth and her muscles pulling on it. He slid another finger in next to the first finger. She moaned again and he found himself shivering. 

Haldir let her body adjust. Taking his time, he moved slowly in and out, in and out. Eventually she was ready for more. He pushed in as far as he was able. A sound escaped his lips and he bit them again. Holding her body close to his, slowly, he pulled her on top of him. She shuddered, knowing what would happen next and relishing the idea.

Legolas moved on top of her. She cried aloud and swallowed several times. He put his thick cock into her, slowly and gently. After it was fully sheathed, he lay there for a moment, completely still. Haldir too had stopped moving. The three friends lay there feeling the exquisite sensations upon their body parts. Haldir's cock throbbed against her anus and Legolas' cock filled her, feeling her throbs against him.

Haldir kissed the back of her neck and Legolas kissed her breast. She almost swooned.

Haldir startled Legolas. He put a finger into her vagina, laying it next to Legolas' cock. The warmth and throbbing of both the cock and her hole was driving Haldir near to distraction.

Legolas shuddered at the shock of Haldir's move and held her close. They lay another moment, then Haldir removed his fingers, bent his knees and began to push slowly but forcefully into her; Legolas hissed and pushed into her more deeply. She felt her spot touched, then stroked by Legolas' cock and she screamed louder.

The rhythm was set. In out and out, faster and faster, both of them moving to compliment the other. Sensation ran thorough each of them, filled their entire bodies and moans filled the talan. She felt her breath catch and she could no longer breath. Shuddering she came over and over, her body arching and thrashing and savoring, drinking, and spilling over every moment of joy. Another moment and Legolas followed her and then Haldir.

Her teeth chattered, but Haldir held her even tighter. Legolas kissed her lips. After many moments, Legolas turned towards the side and slipped off her. Haldir had already grown limp and fallen out. He quickly drew a cover over them and lay with his head in the crook of her neck. He heard Legolas panting on the other side of them and smiled. It was good to be together again.

After many moments, she stood, went to the brazier and brought back warm, wet cloths. They spent some time cleaning each other, then Haldir went to the cool box and brought back sugared grapes while Legolas brought a carafe of wine and some glasses. They sat and ate and laughed and shared memories.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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