Keeping Hope Alive: 3. Some Elven Facts of Life

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3. Some Elven Facts of Life

Part Three. Some Elven Facts of Life

"I  must say, Legolas, you look better in that jacket than I ever did!"

Legolas snapped out of his walking reverie to see another dark haired elf, identical in looks to the one who had greeted him upon arrival, leaning back against the supports of a gazebo among the trees.

"Mae govannen, Elrohir." he said, turning aside and joining his friend. "You must forgive me for the clothes. It was more of Elladan's wit at my expense."

Elrohir shrugged in good humor. "It is an old joke of his to lend out my things to the unwitting. You should count yourself fortunate, Thranduilion, that I do not have a wife."

Legolas stared blankly for a moment and then blushed furiously.

"Elrohir, that was no fit subject for jest."

Elrohir merely slapped him on the shoulder. "My young friend, if you do not learn to laugh, you will never make it through your first thousand years. So, what brings you to Rivendell this time?"

"Taking counsel with your father," Legolas replied, morosely.

"And did he listen?"

Legolas shrugged. "He heard me out and then gave me a bottle of wine to take home to my father."

Elrohir sighed. "If it's any consolation to you, Elladan and I have been getting that same treatment for nigh onto three thousand years. Minus the wine, of course."

There was silence for a time between them as they stared off into the trees, each pondering the trials of being the sons of noble elven fathers.

It was Elrohir who broke the silence. "What news of your home? I would have thought that one of the lovely lasses of Mirkwood had caught your eye and made Thranduil a grandsire by now."

"All well and good for you to say that, Elrohir. I invite you to make a visit to my father's halls, where I am sure you will have your pick from among those plentiful maidens," Legolas said dryly. "So far none has taken my fancy, and the same holds true for them. It does not help in the least that they all know me from a time when I was at the breast and wetting myself."

"I don't see why. Elladan still does that after too much wine, do you not, brother?" said Elrohir gaily as his twin approached and joined them.

"Which, brother? The wetting, or the other?"

Legolas dropped his eyes and colored again.

"Legolas," said Elrohir kindly, "What was I just telling you about a sense of humor?"

"I'm afraid our young friend has little to laugh about at the moment," said Elladan.

Elrohir cocked a questioning eyebrow.

"Araw's Lance, " Elladan said. "I saw it hit when he rode in today."

Elrohir nodded sagely.

"Lance?" said Legolas, puzzled.

"You know, what the maidens like to call the love sickness. As when Beren first caught sight of Luthien. Or when Thingol spied Melian and lost all thought of Valinor," answered Elladan with heavy significance in his tone.

Legolas shut his eyes and gritted his teeth. Had it been that obvious? Could he, at this moment look a more perfect fool?

"And it is always the worst when it happens with the ones you cannot have, "said Elrohir. "Very bad luck for our young friend here."

"I am right here, you two," said Legolas pointedly. "I do not find this subject amusing."

"I know, Legolas," said Elrohir more kindly. "However, it happens, and it must be dealt with. You are not the first to be so afflicted, " he said with a quick glance at Elladan, who flushed and looked away quickly. "It will pass . . . In a few thousand years. Until then, I suggest cold baths."

"And long walks in the woods," added Elladan helpfully.

Legolas sighed. "Well, then I am ahead of the game, for I have already had the one today, and I plan to leave for home tomorrow. Although it will be my horse doing most of the walking, and I fail to see what good it will do him, for, unlike his master, he has been gelded." With that, he rose and bowed to his two friends, offering an exaggerated flourish. He turned on his heel and strode off up the path to his quarters with all the dignity he could salvage.

"Was that a joke?" Elladan asked. "Could our young friend be developing a sense of humor at last?"

"Hard to tell with him," answered his brother. "I hope for his sake it is so. Thranduil's boy is far too serious for his own good."

Elladan rolled his eyes. "You have no idea."

* * * * * * *

Araw: Sindarin equivalent of the Vala Oromë

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Keeping Hope Alive

oshun - 11 Oct 06 - 4:57 PM

Ch. 3: Some Elven Facts of Life

Great story. Great chapter. You capture Legolas's youth with tenderness and humor. Some really wicked jokes in this chapter effectively keep the story from becoming too sweet. Can't wait to finish the story.


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