In Dreams: 75. The Pause That Refreshes

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75. The Pause That Refreshes

After the ceremony Amarie stood with Elrond waiting for their guests to join them in the dining room where the banquet had been set up. He held her close his arms about her waist. Turning and leaning against his chest she studied the room. For the first time she was able to fully appreciate how the wedding decorations blended with those used during the Yule celebration. Someone had colored hundreds of various kinds of pine cones in shades of red, gold and silver and arranged them in sprays that cascaded down from the be-ribboned evergreen garlands and swags that still decorated the rooms. Pine cones also filled the huge trumpet shaped bowls placed on various tables around the room. Bare tree branches had been arranged artistically along with fresh boughs of evergreens in large urns standing in various wall niches and along the walls. Red tablecloths covered the waiting tables set with white china plates and crystal wine glasses.

“Did Arwen do this?” she asked him.

“I believe she and Sadi both had a hand in it, but mostly it was the house elves. They wanted to do something special for us beyond the usual wonderful food.” Elrond acknowledged as he nuzzled her ear.

“Oh, I will have to make sure they know how much we appreciate their efforts.” She smiled as she tilted her head to give him better access.

Nodding, he continued to place gentle nips on her throat. “We will do so after dinner.”

A house elf poked her head through the door and smiled at her lord’s distraction. “My lord, Lady Arwen would like to know if you are ready to greet your guests?”

Looking at Arwen and lifted his eyebrow in question. She responded with a smile and nodded. He nodded to the house elf. “We are ready.”

As the doors open Sadi and Erestor were the first to enter. Sadi hugged her niece and sniffed vigorously, wiping tears from her cheeks. “Your naneth and ada would be so happy this day, Amarie.”

Erestor groaned and handed her a handkerchief. “Why do elleths always cry at weddings?” he asked of no one in particular.

“Because they are happy, you dolt!” Sadi blew her nose and sniffed several times.

“That doesn’t make sense,” he argued.

“Elleths don’t have to make sense at times like this,” she answered and blew again.

Both Amarie and Elrond listened with amusement as the two moved away still arguing. He shook his head and chuckled. “Erestor has met his match. His well ordered world has been turned upside down.”

Elrond’s ionnath entered next followed by Celeborn who glared from time to time at his daer ionnath. They grinned mischievously at their ada and Amarie. Elrond lifted his eyebrow and pinned them with a look.

“We promised to behave ada and we have.” They protested.

A dry voice echoed through all of their minds. *It wasn't like you had much choice, daer ionnath nin. *

Elrond and Celeborn glanced at each other and smirked at their discomfort in being monitored by their daer naneth.

*I thank you for your support, my lady. * Elrond laughed.

*Yes meleth nin, I doubt if Glorfindel could have achieved their good behavior without your help. *

*I will observe a while longer just to be sure. * Galadriel chuckled. *Now I can welcome you into the family in truth, Amarie. *

*Thank you, my lady. I am happy to be a part of it. * Amarie hid a smile as the twins reacted to the reminder from their daer naneth.

*Now all of you go and enjoy yourselves. I will mind the hin. *

For the next hour they were surrounded with their guests who were eager to wish them well and congratulate them. Amarie found herself the centre of a large group and was amazed at the outpouring of good wishes. “Somehow I never expected this.” She whispered aside to an amused Celeborn who had joined her.

“He is well thought of. Your own people have spoken highly of you and the story of the Valar’s approval hasn’t hurt either.”

“Oh no, that has gotten out?” she groaned.

“A story like that is too good to be ignored.”

Amarie shook her head and turned to smile at another well-wisher.

Shortly after this Elrohir and Elladan announced that it was time dinner to be served. Elrond reclaimed her and led her to the head table where the rest of the family had gathered as well as close members of the immediate Imladris and workshop staffs. It was a very merry group that teased and toasted the happy couple throughout the many courses of rich food.

When dinner had concluded everyone returned to the Hall of Fire now prepared for dancing. Amarie found herself claimed for many dances and was hugely entertained as Elladan and Elrohir attempted to monopolise her attention. She sighed with relief when Elrond appeared at her side glaring at everyone pretending to be very jealous. Slipping an arm around her shoulder he drew her close to his side hugging her gently. Amarie smiled and leaned her head on his shoulder.

“Tired?” he asked.

“A bit. Why?”

“Well, it will be a while yet before all this is finished. I just wondered if you needed a short time to sit down with a glass of wine or tea.”

“I would not object to that. My feet are beginning to hurt.” She sighed. “I am not use to being the centre of attention like this.”

He studied her face for a short while. Looking about he found Glorfindel standing nearby. Catching his eye Elrond nodded towards a door leading to a small side chamber. Glorfindel responded and with practised ease quietly shepherded them through the throng and into the peace of the empty room. Closing the door after them he looked at his lord questioningly.

“See if one of the house elves can bring some hot tea for Amarie and wine for me, would you meldir nin? Then perhaps you can stand guard for a short while until we are ready to rejoin the celebration.” He led Amarie to a long padded bench and helped her arrange her gown as she sat.

“Do you need the assistance of either Arwen or Sadi, Amarie?” Glorfindel asked as he opened the door and looked out in search of a nearby house elf.

“No, I am fine, thank you.”

He nodded and with a smile closed the door after him.

Elrond seated himself beside her. “Well ind nin, everything is now official. We won’t have to pretend anymore.” He took her hand and twisted the newly placed gold ring around her finger playfully before raising it to place a kiss on it. .

Amarie grinned. “That will take some of the fun away, meleth nin.”

He chuckled as he drew her close in an embrace. “I don’t believe that will ever be a problem.” He paused as the door opened admitting a house elf carrying the requested refreshments. Someone had thoughtfully added some water and fresh juice as well. The tray was set down on a nearby table and the house elf withdrew with a smile and small bow. He passed a cup full of fragrant tea to her and studied her happy but tired face.

“How are the elflings behaving?” he lifted a foot and removed her shoe. Gently massaging it he left it in his lap and reached for her other one and provided similar relief to it as well.

“They have been very subdued. I was expecting some lively bouncing and rolls from them. Especially through the dancing.”

Elrond frowned and leaned close to place a gentle hand on the swell of her stomach. Then he grinned. Taking her hand and placing it there, he covered it with his.

Amarie watched his fingers splayed over hers and then she laughed in delight. “They are humming!” She looked up at him to share her pleasure. When he met her look his eyes darkened with emotion and desire. Rising, he lifted her in his arms and carried her out through a side door, into the main hall and up to their rooms.

“Meleth nin, our guests….” She started to protest.

“Will not miss us now and I want you to myself.”

Reaching the main chamber door he waited just long enough for her to reach down and release the latch before pushing it open and closing it behind them with a satisfying thud. Crossing to the bedchamber he paused long enough to set her gently on her feet before pulling her tight against him.

“I have wanted to get you all to my self all day, lirimaer, I could wait no longer.” He growled.

“But the elflings...” she protested weakly.

“Had best go to sleep, they have had a long day and need their rest while I attend to their naneth.”

“As you said, meleth nin, it has been a very long day.” She smiled up at him wickedly.

With an equally wicked grin, Elrond claimed his bride.

elleths-elves female
daer ionnath-grand sons
daer ionnath nin-my grandsons
daer naneth-grandmother
meleth nin-my love, beloved
meldir nin-my friend, male
ind nin-my heart
lirimaer-lovely one

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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