In Dreams: 74. Ind Nin, It Is Time!

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74. Ind Nin, It Is Time!

Amidst the pre-ceremony bustle that filled the halls and rooms of the last homely house, Amarie’s bedchamber was the lone outpost of serenity and quiet. She stood in the middle of the room fully dressed for her wedding day and found it a strange feeling to be alone. Both Sadi and Arwen had departed earlier to prepare themselves for the coming ceremony and Amarie had dismissed Tanthar so that she could find a place to watch it along with the other house elves.

*Ind nin, it is time. * Elrond’s voice caressed her mind.

*Mmmm. I am not sure I want to go through with this. * She responded with a teasing grin. *I rather like the way things are. *

*Nervous are you? That is supposed to be the prerogative of the groom. *

*Well, once we are bound, I will become the Lady and there are certain duties that I will be expected to fulfill. I will not be able to do this for instance. *

She sent a mental image of her nude body wrapped around his and all the delightful torture she had inflicted on him during their recent sojourn in the new retreat the twins had gifted them.

She felt his amusement.

*Not in public, at least. Such activities are best left for the privacy of our rooms. That will not prevent us from indulging ourselves with thoughts of them though if we are discrete. *

She closed her eyes and grew very quiet for a time.

*Elrond, meleth nin, I love you with all my hun and faer. I am not sure how this all came about but I am grateful for the Valar’s blessing. *

She felt his fingers gently brush her cheeks and the warmth of his arms as he responded.

*I know Amarie. I, too, am grateful. My loneliness was like an illness or wound that would not heal. You arrived and everything changed. Come melethri nin, let us join together in the eyes of all. I await you here. *

*I come. *

There was a knock on the door and Celeborn entered. He paused and studied her then smiled. “You are a most beautiful bride, mell nin. Elrond is a lucky elf.”

Amarie smiled back then hesitated, “Are you sure you wish to escort me to the ceremony, Lord Celeborn? I know it will be a painful reminder for you and Erestor said he would be happy to do it instead if you so wished.”

He shook his head. “We have been over this before, Amarie. Yes, there is sadness but there is also great joy. Celebrian is well and happy in Valinor. I could wish for no less for Elrond.”

“Very well my lord. Let me take one final look and then I will be ready.”

Celeborn nodded. “I will be in the sitting room.”

Amarie turned and looked into the large standing mirror that Sadi had moved into the bedchamber early on during her dress fittings. The elleth that looked back at her glowed with happiness. The cream silk dress with its embroidery of fine gold wire and small, multicolored jewelled flowers flowed gracefully around her figure. Its neckline and sleeve edges were banded with the narrow cream braid embroidered with the same pattern of small jewels and fine gold wire that spangled the cream silk fabric of the dress. The sheer sleeves peeked out from under the loose full sleeves of the cream velvet over robe banded with the same jewelled braid and edged with white ermine.

Her hair hung unbound in a dark amber cloud about her shoulders and fell to below her waist at her back. On her brow and about the top of her head sat the head-dress made of gold wire shaped into delicate branches. Strung around and hanging from them, the small flowers set with gems quivered at her slightest movement. Small delicate chains swept back and up from the sides into a small knot of jewelled flowers then cascading in a fall of twinkling minute gems that mingled with the richness of her hair.

Taking a deep breath, she gathered her skirts and turned to join Celeborn. At the sound of her footsteps he turned from the window where he had been studying the snow cover garden and the silver iced spray from the falls beyond. With a smile and an elegant bow, he offered her his arm. Together they exited the room and swept down the hall to the main corridor that led to the Hall of Fire.

Arwen stood there waiting to lead her into the ceremony. She wore a deep rich red velvet gown banded and belted in gold leaves and rubies and a simple gold band head-dress with ruby teardrops. Smiling she hugged Amarie and her daer ada.

“Well, it is time, meldis nin, are you ready?”

“Of course she is ready. Otherwise she wouldn’t be here,” chuckled Celeborn. “Is your ada here? And your gwanur, where are they?”

“Ada is here and Elrohir and Elladan are under the watchful eyes of Glorfindel. I believe daer naneth is also keeping watch as well.”

“She has told me she would do so, and threatened bodily harm if they attempt any mischief,” he concurred.

Amarie shook her head in amusement. “When will they ever grow up?”

Celeborn shrugged, “In time I hope. Now that the sad shadow of Celebrian has been lifted, they may be able to move on.”

*Ind nin, we are ready to start. * Elrond’s voice gently reminded her.

*We are just outside in the main hall, meleth nin. We have only to open the doors and enter. Were you worried I would not come? * Amarie smiled.

*No, just anxious to get this over with so that we can celebrate alone. *

*Very well, I will let Arwen and Celeborn know. *

“I take it our anxious bridegroom is fussing?” Celeborn smiled.

Amarie nodded laughing and turning towards the doors.

“Ada was a bit impatient before I left to get you.” Arwen lifted the family brow. “Even the gwanur could not distract him.”

Nodding to the two house elves, Arwen took her place and as the doors opened she entered the Hall of Fire followed by Amarie and Lord Celeborn. As Amarie crossed the threshold she paused momentarily startled by the large throng of elves that filled the room smiling and clapping. Although planned as a family affair, it appeared that every elf in Imladris had chosen to consider themselves family and shown up to take part by attending. There were all of her artisans and their families as well as all of those of the other elves and their families. There were even a few strangers she didn’t recognize.

*I am sorry, ind nin. I should have expected this and warned you. They all wish to share in our happiness and joy. I hope you do not mind. * Elrond said apologetically.

*Of course I do not mind. Who are the strangers, though? *

*The young blond one in silver is Prince Legolas from Mirkwood and the ones in blue and gold are his attendants. Thranduil sent them as representatives. *

*How did they get across the passes in this weather? *

*I do not know but I am sure the gwanur will find out. * He responded wryly.

Just inside the door Amarie smiled and withdrawing her hand from Lord Celeborn’s arm, responded to their greeting with a formal bow of recognition and a wave of her hand. As the cheers again rose she returned her hand to his arm and resumed her way to where Elrond stood waiting with Elladan, Elrohir and Glorfindel. Sadi stood off to one side with Erestor beaming at her great niece.

*Well done, ind nin, well done. * His loving voice brushed her mind proudly.

Amarie focused on his tall figure and smiled. He wore rich burgundy velvet formal robes over a soft rose under robe. He wore his mithril head-dress and his hair was in its usual warrior braids. He was every inch the elven lord and she was going to be his hervess! He was everything she had ever dreamed about and she still couldn’t believe it. She had a momentary fear and paused in her progress. Looking at him, she swallowed hard. What if this was all just one of her dreams?

*No ind nin, no dream. Never again will we have to take refuge in them. We will find refuge in each other. *

She felt enveloped with his love. Everyone else in the room disappeared from her awareness leaving only the sight of him ahead drawing her forward.

Amarie had little memory of the actual ceremony that followed. In truth the only thing she did remember were the silver grey eyes of her melethron that filled her hun and claimed her faer. If anyone bothered to ask her, she merely shook her head and smiled.

ind nin-my heart
meleth nin-my love/beloved
melethri nin- my lover (female)
mell nin-my dear
daer ada-grandfather
gwanur-brothers a pair of twins
daer naneth-grandmother
melethron-lover (male)

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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