In Dreams: 73. Final Countdown

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73. Final Countdown

Amarie opened her eyes and turned towards the elf lord sharing her bed. She smiled noting that he rested on his back an arm above his head in a relaxed pose. His bare chest lifted and dropped in a slow cadence and his other hand moved slowly about the bed covers as if seeking something. She gently slipped her hand under his and he sighed in contentment.

“Ind nin, si tolo,” He pulled her up against his side and rolled above her. Lowering his head he captured her lips in a tender kiss. “Maer aur.”

Wrapping her arms about his neck, she returned the kiss only to erupt in giggles as she caught a mouthful of his hair. Pushing him back firmly she pulled them out, pushed the errant tresses back and tucked a few lengths behind his ears. Her fingers lingered to caress each tip eliciting a low groan from him.

“Meleth nin, if you do that, we will never leave this bed much less this room in time for our wedding.” He buried his face against her throat and traced kisses along the curve of her shoulder.

“I suppose that is a consideration.” She sighed. “If there were not so many people we would have to make explanations to or so many arrangements involved, I would be quite content to stay right here forever.”

He chuckled and rolling back over lifted her to lie across his chest. “There will be just today and this evening to get through lirimaer.” Though I am loathed to interrupt these pleasant activities, our wedding is one of those events we are expected to attend.” His hands restlessly caressed her back and swept down to cup her bottom.

“Then my Lord of Imladris, you had better make your hands behave themselves or this soon to be official Lady of Imladris will not be able to resist plundering your body.” She slapped at his hands, laughing while trying to frown and failed miserably.

“As you wish meleth nin,” he sighed. “I have to return to my rooms to prepare anyway.” Slowly rising from the bed Elrond reached for his sleeping pants and robe discarded the evening before. Amarie watched smugly as he slipped the grey silk sleeping pants over his long muscular legs and adjusted it around his waist. Seeing the look, he paused, “What?”

She grinned, “Mine, all mine.”

He moved back to the bed and jerked the silk coverlet leaving her sprawled and open to his eyes. Possessively glancing over her body he growled in turn, “Mine, all mine.”

Pinning her back against the pillows he kissed her thoroughly, and holding her chin trapped her eyes with his twinkling grey ones.

“That works both ways, ind nin,” he growled playfully at her. “Only I will never share the delights of your body.”

“You and our elflings, my lord!” She reminded him between gales of laughter.

“I stand corrected, ind nin,” he remarked ruefully. “Them I will allow to remain for a time, then they will have to depart!” With that he put on his robe, his eyes never leaving her amused ones and swept to the balcony doors where he paused grinning. “Until the ceremony this afternoon, lirimaer.” Then with a wave he was gone.

Amarie lay for a while luxuriating in the stillness of early morning. Slowly the sounds of birds began to join in the building chorus to welcome the emerging minuial and mingled with the soft roar of the nearby waterfalls. Finally stretching, she rose from the bed and crossed to the balcony doors. She stood there relishing the sight of the gardens below and looked across to the wing that shortly would become her “official” home.

Down below a discrete cough from the sentry reminded her that she was nude and blushing she withdrew back into the room. That was one thing she still had not adjusted to, her bodyguards. Glorfindel had assigned them to accompany her and guard her safety. Elrond had overridden her protests, reminding her that she carried his elflings and soon would be his hervess. Both Galadriel and Celeborn echoed his concerns that she could become a target for any enemy who might slip through the outer circle of Imladris wardens and patrols as well. Arwen had likewise agreed and so reluctantly she stifled her protests.

She had noted with considerable amusement that while they studiously ignored Elrond’s or her comings and goings to the other’s rooms except to follow silently behind, only one set would remain as soon as it was clear they had settled in for the night. She often wondered what they thought of the antics of their charges.

She asked Arwen if she had ever wanted to loose her shadows. Arwen had merely made a face and said she had been under their scrutiny even within Imladris and Caras Galadon since her mother’s attack and had learned to ignore them. She also added that the warriors were for the most part sympathetic and tried to give her as much privacy as possible and remaining invisible whenever they could. Admittedly she was guarded much more discreetly while within the safety of both kingdoms, but even then she knew they were nearby.

Sighing Amarie turned towards the bathing chamber and began to organize her thoughts for the coming day. She turned on the water to fill the tub and as she waited, she studied herself in the long mirror on the wall to one side of the door. Turning sideways she smoothed a hand down her body while noted the enlarging curves of her abdomen and breasts. Smiling she momentarily rested a palm against her stomach.

“Well little ones, your ada says you are doing just fine and your nursery will be ready in plenty of time before you arrive. I hope you will behave yourselves today. I would not want to get sick in front of everyone. He and I will say our vows and officially form our bond this afternoon.”

A small movement fluttered under her hand in response and she patted it gently before turning to the tub and shutting the water off. She poured a generous amount of scented oil into it and selected a similar scented soap for her hair and skin. Placing a generous stack of fluffy towels on a nearby stool, she finally sank into the warmth of the water and let her thoughts wander.

Finishing her bathing and combing out her hair, Amarie re-entered her bedchamber as one of the house elves finished putting her breakfast out on the small table near the balcony window.

“Maer aur, my lady. This is a most happy day for Imladris. May I wish you much joy and good fortune and welcome you as our Lady?” She gave a formal bow and grinned cheekily at her soon to be mistress.

Amarie laughed and returned the bow before sitting down at the table. “You may, Tanthar and I thank you for your good wishes.”

The house elf smiled and turned to leave only to have Sadi bustle through the door.

“Good morning, Tanthar. Thank you for making sure her breakfast was here early.” Sadi said somewhat absently.

Tanthar smiled again and nodded her head closing the door behind herself as she left.

“Mair aur, penneth. Today is your big day. Any butterflies we need to deal with?”

“No, pen vuil, not this morning. I do not know how I will feel later this afternoon.” Amarie turned back to her breakfast and took a sip of tea.

Sadi laughed and entered her former bedchamber where Amarie’s wedding gown now hung on a stand and the accessories were laid out on the bed. She carefully carried the dress into her niece’s bedchamber and hung it on the back of a door. She made several trips into the other room for the rest of the under garments, accessories and a final one to retrieve the small carved box that held the head dress that Elrond had gifted her after the Harvest Festival. She opened it and withdrew the velvet bag and removed the head-dress gently setting it on the desk next to the dress.

“Have you decided how you wish to wear your hair, penneth?” Sadi joined her at the table and poured a cup of tea for herself.

“Unbound and hanging free of clips or fasteners, I think. Elrond seems to prefer it that way.”

Nodding as she sipped, Sadi studied her niece. “It seems we both were fortunate in the move here to Imladris.”

“I know, pen vuil. Never did I think something like this would happen to either of us. The Valar have blessed us both.”

There was a knock at the door. “Amarie, are you decent?” Arwen called. “May I come in?”

Sadi and Amarie grinned at each other.

Amarie entered the sitting room and opened the door waving her in. “Of course, you may. Tanthar brought extra tea and sweet breads for us. She must have anticipated we would need them before getting ready.”

“Well after we finish a cup, we will go over the arrangements one last time, then we will help you dress.”

“Have you seen Lord Elrond yet this morning?” Sadi asked the elf maiden as she joined them. “How is he doing?”

“Briefly, however he was with my gwanurs and they are beginning to make him nervous. I think he is worried they have something planned. I only hope my daer ada will be able to keep them under control.”

They all looked at each other and sighed resignedly.

ind nin-my heart
si tolo-come here
maer aur-good morning
meleth nin-my love
lirimaer-lovely one
daer ada-grandfather
minuial-morrowdim', the time near dawn, when the star fade
Tanthar-Willow-a house elf often serving Amarie
gwanur-brothers-a pair of twins

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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