In Dreams: 71. A Time Of Peace

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71. A Time Of Peace

Winter had finally settled in over the valley covering it with a blinding white mantle of snow and most sensible beings chose to remain within the sheltered walls of the last homily house. Elrond savored the relative calm that now lay over his kingdom after the excitement of the earlier maia’s visit to signal the Valar’s approval of his betrothal to Amarie. The Harvest Festival had allowed everyone else to celebrate it as well and the happiness and warmth it generated left a feeling of well-being throughout Imladris. He knew it would not last forever, but he intended to enjoy it for as long as possible.

For the first time in many years all three of his children were in residence at the same time. Much to his relief the twins put off resuming their constant war against the yrch until after Yule. He could only attribute it to the certain knowledge that their mother had healed while in the Undying Lands lessening their guilt over their perceived failure to protect her from the yrch attach. It came as some surprise that they seemed less inclined to indulge in mischief as well since there were many opportunities that lent themselves to it.

He was delighted that the friendship between Arwen and Amarie continued to grow and that both were looking forward to the wedding and the arrival of the elflings. He was amused at the efforts by other close family and friends who ignored Amarie’s regular presence in his private domain and the fact most of her personal belongings had made their way there as well.

Sadi had moved into Erestor’s suite after their quiet wedding the month before. While it was customary to wait a year between the betrothal and the wedding ceremonies to allow both members to be sure of their choice and commitment, occasionally a couple chose not to do so. Both Sadi and Erestor felt they had no need to wait and proceeded with their joining. Amarie and Elrond had stood as witness and had gifted them with a desk that had Elrond had first ordered shortly after he had noted Erestor’s interest in Sadi.

How did you know there would be a wedding back then?” Erestor asked as he stroked the wood and checked out the many drawers.

Elrond grinned “I do possess the gift of foresight, meldir nin.”

“Was I that transparent?”

“You both were.” Amarie and Elrond responded together and then looked at each other and grinned.

Renovation work on their rooms would begin after the work was complete on Elrond’s rooms. When it started they would move temporarily into Amarie’s and Sadi’s old ones and return after the work was complete.

Work had started on the renovation of his rooms in preparation for Amarie’s ‘official’ move after their wedding just after the Yule Celebration. Elrond soon found it somewhat disconcerting that he no longer had his quiet retreat and both of them would slip away to her old rooms when they desired privacy. Even his perennially present guards were satisfied to post themselves at some distance down at the end of the hall in order to allow them privacy.

Even that became more difficult as the date drew near for the wedding and her old rooms became the centre of activity for their preparations. Increasing numbers of elves streamed in and out on mysterious errands. It seemed that all of the elleths were consulted with at one time or another and he learned that Galadriel would often drop in on the discussions ‘verbally’ to offer her opinion or suggestions. When he inquired as to the progress of the plans and how he might help he was firmly and politely told that every thing was under control and his assistance was not needed just then. He was assured that the final result was well worth all their efforts.

It was during one of the more frantic periods of the preparations that he found himself standing in front of Celeborn’s door and feeling totally out of sorts. Celeborn took one look at the disgruntled look on Elrond’s face and pulled him in and sat him down in one of his comfortable chairs by the fire. Chuckling he poured a stiff glass of miruvor and handed it to him.

“Feeling a bit useless, meldir nin?”

“Have they forgotten it’s my wedding too?” he asked plaintively. “I don’t remember it being this bad before and that one was bigger and much more formal.”

“You did not see all of the machinations that went on before we got here. Galadriel and Celebrian had planned things out like generals orchestrating a battlefield operation and they took every effort to ensure it all went off like clock work.”

“That may be true but at least they asked for my suggestions and listened to me.”

“Sorry, meldir nin, it was all just part of the plan. Every thing was already decided by then.”

“I still do not think it too much to ask to be told what the plans are,” he grumbled.

“Elrond, as the groom all you are expected to do is show up at the designated time and place in the appropriate clothes prepared to say the right words and smile.”

* * * *

Amarie was dazed by the countless details that needed to be dealt with and for the most part left them up to Sadi and Arwen. The one thing she did take an interest in was the creation of her dress. The lovely cream silk fabric she had found at the Harvest Festival became the basis of the design. Between the input from Sadi, Arwen and the tailor putting it together they arrived at a look that pleased them all.

The lines were very simple. The bodice and hips were semi-fitted allowing for her increasing waistline and the skirt swept out in a graceful bell. The sleeves were long and trumpet shaped and unlined allowing glimpses of her slender arms as she moved about. The neckline curved from the top edge of her shoulders and fell in a soft sweep to graze the upper swell of her breasts.

The neckline and the sleeve edges were banded by a narrow cream braid that was more heavily embroidered with the same pattern of small jewels and fine gold wire that spangled the cream silk fabric of the dress. A belt of wider braid with the same pattern was added but would not be worn until after the birth of the elflings.

For warmth she would wear a loose full sleeve over robe in cream velvet banded with the same wide jewelled braid as the belt and edged with white ermine. Ermine was used to form the warm lining. Her headpiece was the one also found at the Harvest Festival and gifted to her from Elrond. The first time she put the completed outfit on, all she could do was stare at her reflection in the mirror.

“Is that really me?” she asked in awe.

Sadi nodded as tears streamed down her face. “Your naneth and daer naneth would be so pleased and happy for you pen vuil.”

Arwen twitched a fold of the robe then stepped back and studied the effect. She grinned at Amarie. “You are going to knock ada right out of his boots.”

Amarie grinned back. “I have already done that, several times in fact.”

Sadi shook her head and laughed. “You two are as bad as the twins.”

“Oh come on Sadi,” Amarie retorted, “Don’t tell me you have stopped making the effort to knock Erestor’s boots off.”

Primly she commented. “I am a married elleth now, and such things are not for the ears of unmarried maidens.”

“Sadi.” Arwen shook a warning finger at her.

Sadi wrinkled her nose and grinned mischieviously. “Oh very well, Not only his boots then, but his robes, his tunics, his leggings. Or anything else I can remove.” She waggled her eyebrows. “Actually I have become quite an expert at it.”

At that all three collapsed in giggles.

maia- Ainur (Holy One) of lesser power to the Valar, their servant
meldir nin-my friend
elleth-female elf

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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