In Dreams: 70. Mine

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70. Mine

As Elrond reached the cabin he studied it curiously. Dismounting Gilpada, he rubbed his soft muzzle and turned away only to have the horse stomp a foot and look expectantly at him.

*He wants you to remove the saddle, meleth. *

*We will be here a while? *

*If I have my way. *

Elrond caught his breath and closed his eyes at the depth of her passion and longing he sensed in that statement.

Turning back to Gilpada he swiftly removed the saddle and bridle and placed it outside the horse shed. Gilpada snorted, shook his head and with a ringing bugle, turned away crow hopping for a short distance before again turning and facing the amused elf.

“You are very pleased with yourself, my four legged friend. I thank you for bringing me here swiftly and safely.”

The horse lowered his head in a graceful acknowledgement of the elf lord’s thanks before snorting and disappearing into the dark. Elrond watched for a moment before crossing back to the cabin. The sound of his booted feet sounded eerily familiar and as he reached the door he again remembered a certain dream.

* * * Flashback * * *
As she continued to stare into the flames, she heard the sound of hoof beats approaching and the jingle of a bridle, then silence. As she rose to her feet there came the sound of booted feet firmly striking stone floors stopping at her door. The handle turned but the door did not open.

* * * End * * *

“Lirimaer, should I not enter? “ Elrond called out as before in the dream.

* * * Flashback * * *
With a cry of joy, she rushed the door and pulled it open. He stood there filling the doorway wearing a heavy dark travelling cloak, its hood thrown back. His black hair tumbled about his shoulders and was held off his face by warrior braids fastened with a silver clip. His hands were gloved and he wore soft leather leggings tucked into heavy leather riding boots. A sword rode in its scabbard buckled at his waist.

* * * End * * *

Amarie opened the door to him and pulled him into the cabin’s warmth.

Smiling down at her, he repeated his words from the earlier dream. “Lirimaer,” he drew her into his arms, “I am sorry I have not come, but there has been much to bar my way. At first there were battles I had to survive then I could not find the right dream path.”

Amarie returned his smile and slipped her arms around his neck. Her response mirrored the dream as well.

“You are here now, meleth. Nothing else matters.”

* * * Flashback * * *
She pulled his head down as she raised her face for his kiss. With a groan he hungrily reached for her mouth.

Smiling against his lips, she gently tugged at the edges of his cloak. “Meleth, do you not think it time to remove this? And your gloves and sword as well?”

Laughing, he stepped back from her and pulled off his gloves and unwound the cloak from his body. Never taking his eyes off of her, he moved to a nearby chair and dropped them on the cushion. Undoing the fastenings of his scabbard he also hung the sword over the chair back. He studied her hungrily as she moved from him to close the door and secure it. She leaned back against the door and studied him as well, taking in his heavy plum purple quilted velvet tunic with its underlining of fur and his under tunic of fine linen that layered the openings at his neck and sleeves. His dark brown leather leggings were form fitted to his long muscular legs before tucking into calf length boots.

“It would appear, meleth, that you were prepared for any heavy rhiw weather,” she teased.

“I was not sure what kind of weather I would find here,” he teased back.

For a long silent moment their eyes exchanged unspoken words of love, hunger, passion and need. As one they again reached for each other and met in a long deep tongue duelling kiss.

* * * End * * *

“Why that dream, ind nin?” He asked between their slow sweet kisses.

“Because it reflected what I missed most.”

“But I have been with you, we have not been apart.” Puzzled, Elrond pulled back and studied her face.

“We have shared much through the bond meleth, but in doing so our love has become more of the mind than of the body. Can we not balance the two more evenly? The elf lord of my dreams makes my body sing and my passions burn.”

He considered her words thoughtfully before answering softly. “You are the centre of my world Amarie. If, in finding the joy of filling the long empty and lonely void of my faer through our bond, I have neglected to cherish the delight of the physical joining of our bodies, I beg your forgiveness. To be able to reach out and feel you always through our link has been like the sun melting the ice from my heart and breathing life into my numb faer. Never have I though the sweet delights of your body were of less value then your loving spirit.”

“I never believed you did meleth nin, I know there is much I have to learn to understand all that the bond allows. I just wanted to make sure that the joys and passions we shared through our dreams did not remain only there.”

“Is that why we are now recreating what I remember as a very passionate and erotic dream?” Elrond lifted the infamous brow.

“It was only meant to act as a starting point. I intend to create a very passionate and erotic new memory.”

“I see, and how do we go about doing that?”

“Like this my lord.”

Amarie proceeded to slowly undress him and with each garment removed she placed soft kisses on his revealed skin. Partially excited by the anticipation that had started during his ride, Elrond felt his arousal increase as her hands move about his body.

“You are mine my lord.” She whispered.

Already nude she remained the temptation to his senses she had always been throughout both the earlier dreams and later when they had turned into the reality. Her breasts had yet to show the effect of her pregnancy and her beaded nipples teased him to plunder them with his eager mouth. Her hips remained slender, sweetly curved and soft ripe for his hands to awaken to the fires of his passion. The perfume in her hair and on her skin reminded him as always of the fresh clean scent of his gardens after a spring rain.

“Was there ever any doubt, lirimaer?”

Pulling her gently to him, he fitted her against his thighs and let her feel his arousal. She lifted her face for his kiss. His mouth covered hers and his tongue dueled eagerly with hers. His hands began his own slow exploration of her body, in turn travelling down her back then cupping her bottom and pulling her tight against his body. She lifted her arms and placed them around his neck raising her breasts up to his eager lips. With a groan, he buried his face between them than mouthed first one then the other before returning to suckle each hard in turn.

“You belong to me as well.” Grey eyes looked deep into amber brown eyes.

“I am yours, meleth nin,

She pulled back her eyes growing slumberous with desire and drew him to the fire and where she pressed him down on the nest of pillows spread out next to the long divan. A tray that held wine and food lay on the divan with in easy reach and she offered him a glass of the fruity red nectar. She continued her slow exploration of his body with her hands and lips.

“Mine,” she whispered.

She laid kisses across his shoulders before moving down to tease his nipples with gentle tugs and nips and then soothing them with her kisses. Her lips softly tortured his ear and his lips and he responded with a moan and fell back on to the pillows. His body began to quiver wherever she touched him, his face reflecting the gentle but insistent torture.

“Mine.” She breathed.

Her hands gently curved around the proud thrust of his arousal and massaged the iron velvet with a light touch. Tenderly she licked up one side and down the other. Her fingers tightened around his balls and lifting them gently she mouthed and licked each in turn. Returning her attention to his now jerking shaft she captured it with delicate fingers and licked the juices emerging from its head.

“Mine,” she crowed.

Sucking on it and gently squeezing his balls she repeatedly worked her lips and tongue around his shaft setting up a rhythm that soon had him bucking against her mouth. He found himself moving uncontrollably as the heat increased in his loins and his climax built. Tangling his hands in her hair and holding her head steady he forced his pulsing member deep into her throat again and again until he climaxed and exploded his juices into her hot wet mouth.

“Mine.” She savored.

Elrond collapsed back against the cushions breathing hard. He eyes locked with Amarie’s. With a groan he pulled her head down and kissed her slowly and thoroughly.

“Amarie,” he muttered thickly, “I can never get enough of you.”

“And I intend to see that it stays that way, my lord.” She smiled and snuggled down in his arms to await the return of his strength. “You are all mine.”

Lirimaer-lovely one
Rhiw-winter between December and February
Ind nin-my heart

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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