In Dreams: 67. An End A Beginning

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67. An End A Beginning

With the departure of the final guest, the last homely house settled back into the normal peace and quiet it enjoyed for most of the year. Even the large cleanup required to erase the aftermath of one of the biggest Harvest Festival ever failed to upset the usual harmony the elven refuge. With the last days of iavas now turning into firith Erestor found himself busy with final preparations for the coming months of rhiw when Imladris would be nearly cut off from the rest of middle earth. Sadi had slipped into the role of his assistant easily and he found she was able to deal with a great part of the procurement and supply preparations, freeing him to clear up the remaining unfinished business items from the many earlier meetings with the representatives of the elven, human and dwarven kingdoms.

The Harvest Festival had proved an excellent source to obtain much of the food and housekeeping supplies that usually were traded from outside providers. Hunters had bagged a rich assortment of wild fowl and game for the stores. The Bruinen had provided a rich harvest of fish and pork and beef had been salted and stored as well. Cheeses made from the milk of cows, goats, and sheep had been stored in the cooler caves along the river and Rohan merchants had offered a new type made from the milk of their horses. Erestor wasn’t too sure about this last but had accepted some to try. A larger then usual vegetable and fruit harvest was laid down in the root cellars and bales of wool and bolts of cloth filled waiting storerooms. Even with movement of most of the horses into more shelter quarters further down the valley there was a surplus of grain and hay. All in all it looked like they were in excellent shape and would even be able to provide for a number of their less fortunate neighbors if needed.

Elrond had taken advantage of the calm to continue his writing on new healing procedures and herbal discoveries that he had found particularly effective.
He also found time to work in the small garden adjoining the Healing Hall overseeing the harvesting of the much needed medicinal plants as well as storing them against possible need. Again merchants at the Harvest Festival had been a rich source of rare or scarce plants and herbs. He had found some that had originated from the south that particularly intrigued him. The arrival of new students had required testing and evaluation of their capabilities and reorganisation of their assignment to teachers in the Healing Hall.

Amarie had settled into the rhythm of the workshops and found she producing a number of beautiful cartoons in response to the new orders received in the prior three months. The new workshops had proven to be a joy to work in and the artisans were content and eager to produce the new tapestries. Safety against yrch attacks gave them new life. Arwen continued with her weaving lessons and the three elleth enjoyed their once weekly all elleth get together.

No one seemed to miss the twins or the occasional absence of Celeborn as they concentrated on preparing the site for Elrond’s and Amarie’s hideaway. Meetings with Glorfindel had resolved his concerns with the safety of his lord and new lady and he had even organized a crew of elves eager to build the small two-room cabin and attached lean to shed for a two-horse shelter. A quiet search had located an elf that had been pleased to build the stone fireplace and add a paved porch as well as mangers to the horse shelter.

Amarie found that the bond with Elrond brought her a contentment she had never expected. They both had found it much easier to communicate with and meet each other whenever there was an opportunity. It was during one of these late golden firith afternoon meetings that Elrond placed a gentle hand on the swell of her stomach and touched the faer of the elfling for the first time. At first he swallowed hard and then smiled broadly through tear bright eyes.

*Amarie, ind nin, this is an even greater gift. *

* Well Elrond, meleth nin, what is it? An elleth, or an ellon? *

*Both! *

Startled Amarie stared at him for a moment, and then both of them burst out laughing.

*An elleth and an ellon. How wonderful! When the Valar decide to take matters into their hands they really do! *

He nodded and pulled her into a close embrace. *We will have to watch their development carefully. Gwanun tend to arrive a little early. That does bring up some things we need to discuss. You will be moving here into my rooms unless you have an objection. *

She pulled back and looked puzzled at him. *Why should I have objections? You have occupied them for millennium and they overlook your private garden. It is convenient for you and your staff as well. *

He looked down at her quietly for a moment. *Celebrian shared them with me and our hin were made in our bed. She created the garden. I though you might find that uncomfortable. *

*I have not really thought about that. She has been gone for so long I see no real trace of her remaining. I don’t begrudge any memories you may have shared. You and I have spent much time here and there are reminders of my family already here as well. Other than adding some of my own personal items I see no reason to worry about it. I will need more storage for my cloths though. * She said thoughtfully and smiled at his serious mien.

*You are a most generous elleth, ind nin. *

She grinned up at him wickedly. *What is past is past. Just remember you belong to me now and I will not share. *

He chuckled and dropped a kiss on the tip of her nose. *Yes my lady *

Hugging her again he continued, * We will need to do some renovations so that you will have an office or study of your own and then there will be the need for rooms for a nursery. *

*Can it be done with out evicting Arwen from her rooms? *

*I was thinking if we moved that wall and the outer doors down the hall a bit and built a flight of stairs there we could use those rooms on the lower level for a nursery suite that will eventually be a good set up for the gwanun. Moving the wall will let us add a room here that we can use as a nursery for them until they are older, and then it can become your office. Until then the lower rooms can be your office. Do you think that will work? *

*That sounds wonderful; I would hate to make Arwen feel like she was shoved aside and I really don’t want the little ones too far away from us until they are a little older. *

*Gwanun, ind nin, Its hard to believe. *

firith -"leaf-fall," autumn between October and November
iavas - late summer between August and October
yrch –orc (plural)
elleth-female elf
ellon-male elf
gwanun-a pair of twins

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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