In Dreams: 65. The Cut

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65. The Cut

Celeborn studied his grandsons for long moments as he considered their proposal, then he nodded.

“It is a thoughtful gift, daer ionnath, I will be pleased to help with this.”

“Will daernaneth be willing to help? We would like to have an elleth’s point of view and she can select some of the colors and furnishings that will ensure a private retreat for ada and Amarie after the wedding.” Elladan asked worriedly.

Celeborn smiled, “I believe she can be persuaded. Have you selected a site for its construction?”

Elladan and Elrohir exchanged nervous looks and Elrohir frowned before answering. “That could be a problem. It has to be nearby, but very private. I know we will have to get Glorfindel to approve it because he will want to have warriors protecting it but ada will not appreciate having his privacy intruded upon if they are too obvious. And because of the timing it will have to be snug and comfortable.”

Elladan continued, “We had originally thought a talon constructed in the big oak on the hill across the river below the last bridge. It is far enough away from the road, and at that time of year traffic will be non-existent but then we found out about the elfling and that would not be safe for Amari. We think that the best place would be above the third falls where there is that private little glade. The only problem will be insuring that everyone else understands it is off limits since many elves use it as a trysting place. We think that the weather will make that less of a problem, but we worry about while it is under construction.”

Celeborn nodded thoughtfully, “Let me think upon it for a while, perhaps there is another place that might do.”

The twins relaxed now that the problem was in someone else’s hands and turned to leave their daerada’s rooms confident he would solve the problem. As they closed the door behind them Celeborn felt the touch of his mate’s mind. Smiling, he leaned back and closed his eyes.

*Meleth nin, it is indeed a thoughtful gift, but I can’t help but be just a bit suspicious of the offer. We will have to insure there is no mischief afoot. *

*I agree, but I sensed no such deviousness in them, only the intention to insure their ada’s happiness. *

*I do feel a bit strange to be doing this for another in our sell’s place. *

*I know, but she has found her mate and is well and happy. We will see her again. How can we begrudge Elrond the same happiness ind nin? He has never ceased mourning his failure to heal her and even though he has received Celebrian’s assurance, it will be a while before he really comes to terms with his self-imposed guilt. *

*You are right as usual, my lord. She would be very disappointed with us if we did not support this match with all our hearts. Elrond and the daer hin deserve nothing less. *

*Ind nin, there remains the problem of the gift the daer ionnath would present. *

*There is the cut. No one else has ever found it. *

*You would offer our place? You never revealed it even to Celebrian. *

*We have our other places, meleth; we will never again have the chance to visit that one. *

*Well, it would certainly answer all the problems that have the daer ionnath worried. How do I explain knowing about it when even Elrond has never discovered it in all these years? *

*The Valar provided it; We just don’t have to say when they provided it! *

Celeborn erupted in laughter.

*Wicked elleth, I do love you. *

*I know, my prince, as I love you. *

*I wonder if it still remains as we left it? I will have to visit and see. Would not due to have any trace of our visits show upon ‘discovery’. *

*Very wise as usual, my lord.

*Well I am known as Celeborn the Wise. *

*My lady giggles? That is an image that boggles the mind! *

*My lord had best pay attention to the problem at hand. When do you plan to ‘discover’ the cut? *

*I will ride out alone this afternoon. *

*Have a care meleth nin, I would be most devastated if harm comes to you. *

*I would be even more devastated to find myself in Mandos’ Hall without you. *

When Celeborn announced at lunch that as he needed to exercise his horse, he would take the opportunity to explore the hills and small valleys near the last homely house.

“It has been too many years since I just wandered and enjoyed the countryside.”

When he refused an escort of either the twins or warriors, Glorfindel frowned and protested to his lord.

“Elrond, if anything were to happen to Lord Celeborn, his lady will personally skin me alive and send me back to Mandos’ hall permanently.”

Elrond simply smiled, knowing that Celeborn could well take care of himself and if problems did occur, Galadriel would just as swiftly let him know about it.

“Glori, Celeborn knows every rock and cliff as well as stream and tree around Imladris. Remember, he used to live here and he only wants some free time unencumbered by protocol.”

Grumbling, Glorfindel retreated to the barracks where he took his frustrations out on the newest group of recruits, drilling them unmercifully on their weapons.

The twins curious about what their daerada was up to, tried to trail him when he left on his ride.

*My lord, You are being followed. *

*I know, meleth nin. I expected as much. *

“Daer ionnath nin, if you wish for me to help with your gift to your ada, you will return to the house immediately.” He announced in a low clear voice. “ I have asked the Valar to guide my steps and reveal the perfect site. I do not believe they will do so if I am accompanied.”

Emerging from the cover of the woods they were chagrined that he had found them out for they were considered to be the best trackers in Imladris.

“We only wished to be sure you were protected daerada,” Elrohir protested.

“I doubt that I will encounter orcs this close to the house.” He commented dryly. “And If I do, I am sure the sounds of such a battle will alert everyone. Now go!”

“Very well, but don’t blame us if you find yourself in trouble with no one to help you.”

Laughing to himself as he watched them stalking back towards the house. “Oh daer ionnath nin, who will protect me from you?”

Turning back towards the woods he was careful to give the impression of wandering randomly about the countryside. Finally satisfied that anyone who had been watching would not believe he had a specific destination, he turned up a narrow gully and there halfway up on the left side amongst a rock fall, he found what he had been seeking, a break in the wall that lead to a small lush valley covering less then an acre. The rock fall had caused a damming up of a small stream and created a deep pool near the entrance. Beyond that was a glade surrounded by tall thick fir trees that provided shelter from the sun in summer and snow in winter.

Galadriel had found it one day when she was exploring for a place to build their house when Imladris had first been under construction. A deer had suddenly disappeared into the rock fall after it had been startled by her appearance. When she had sought to discover its fate she found the valley. It became their secret place where they would slip away to make love and simply enjoy the company of each other undisturbed. Overtime he had built a rude lean-to shelter and small rock hearth. She had added pillows and rugs along with dishes, cups, wine and baskets for storage of their belongings. She had brought cuttings and rootings of her favorite flowers and tucked them into the rock face of the tall cliffs that enclosed the valley.

As he finally entered the valley he found no trace of the lean-to but a pile of stones remained marking the hearth’s position. Part of the north cliff face had collapsed and he noted that Galadriel’s plantings had spread and covered a great deal of the cliff surfaces. It would be a bower of color during the spring and summer and he longed for her to see it.

*I do, ind nin, through your eyes. There are many wonderful memories here. *

*Are you sure you wish to reveal this, meleth nin? *

*It is time. Let them make new memories here. *

*Very well. I will check to see that there are no obvious traces of us before I return. I will remain a bit longer to savor memories. Will you stay with me? *

*It will give me great pleasure to share them with you. *

*Meleth nin. *

*Ind nin. *

meleth nin-my love
ind nin-my heart
daer hin-grandchildren
daer ionnath -grandsons
daer naneth-grandmother

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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