In Dreams: 60. Where Are You?

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60. Where Are You?

Chapter  60

                    Where Are You?

It had been two weeks since the formal betrothal ceremony but instead of being able to spend more time together Amarie and Elrond found themselves separated and constantly surrounded by others. Elrond was deeply involved meeting with visiting dignitaries from the other elven kingdoms as well as the human ones. She on the other hand was more and more occupied by the increasing tempo of work within the workshops as they began the weaving of a number of new tapestries ordered since they had arrived in Imladris. Those few moments they were able to steal for themselves proved un-satisfying and with the large numbers of visitors now occupying the last homely house they had to be more circumspect about nightly visits together.

She found consolation in her growing friendship with Arwen who often sought her in her workroom using the weaving lessons as an excuse to remove herself from the chaos up in the main house as well as a chance to talk about those things most ellyth delight in gossiping about. Arwen took seriously Elrond's request that she keep an eye on Amarie during this difficult times since Sadi was often busy assisting Erestor in the day to day operation of Imladris itself, she with the housekeeping side, he with the political things that seem to grow exponentially with each of Elrond's meetings.

The twins flitted in and out often accompanied by strange shadowy humans. When Amarie had asked Erestor about them, he told her they were rangers, the remnants of the Northern Dunedine. Elrond occasionally provided sanctuary for the youngest heirs of Isildur, hiding them away from the eyes of Sauron who in his hatred for them sought their destruction. The latest one had reached his majority a few years back and recently took his place as their leader. The gwanur often patrolled with him both to gather information for Elrond on Sauron's movements as well as keep an eye on him.

In those rare moments Amarie was able to seek the solitude of her favorite place in Elrond's private garden she was often joined by Lord Celeborn. One afternoon she had slipped away from the workshops with a splitting headache only to find Celeborn slowly walking along the pathways near her favorite rock bench by the waterfalls. At first annoyed, she paused when she noted the sadness lingering in his eyes as he turned and faced her smiling gently.

"Mae govannen, Amarie, I see you have found my favorite place as well."

"Mae govannen, my lord, I did not know about that but it is peaceful here and with all the activity up at the house it's one of the few remaining places where one can hide."

He nodded and taking her by the hand he led her to the bench where they both sat in comfortable companionship. He studied her face for a moment before asking, "A headache?"

She grimaced, "Yes, unfortunately. Sadi is the one in our family who seems to know how best to deal with it and I dare not interrupt Elrond just now, and if I go to the Healing Hall, it creates such a fuss that I would just as soon live with it."

"In that you are much like my sell, she too hated the fuss."

"You and your lady still miss her a great deal."

"Yes, but I must admit after the message from her, a great weight of worry has been lifted from us. Knowing that not only has she recovered but that she has found her bond mate has lessened our guilt a great deal."

Amarie nodded, "Elrond has been much more content as well, he too was greatly troubled even if he would not admit to it."

She hesitated. "My lord, if you do not mind, will you tell me what she is like? She must be very beautiful and a wonderful mother. The hin are most protective of her. It is a very personal part of Elrond's and their life and I hesitate to ask them about it. If you would rather not, I understand. It cannot be easy for you to see me where she once stood. I do not wish to cause any pain."

Celeborn sat for a long moment gathering his thoughts. "We were saddened that their union was required to prevent a civil war, but we understood the necessity. Galadriel lived through one kin slaying that sundered the eldar and we could not allow another to stain our lives again. That Celebrian and Elrond were able to accept the marriage willingly speaks of their love of our people and of middle earth. That in spite of everything they produced three wonderful hin speaks of their character and respect for each other. But I am sure that is not what you meant."

Pausing he smiled at Amarie, "She is much quieter then Galadriel, and she has my sense of humor, she loved the trees of Lothlorien. She inherited her love of gardening from hervess nin and she created this garden here. In fact this was one of her favorite places. I remember well Elrond's long-suffering patience as she insisted on just the right placement of this rock so that she could sit and enjoy the falls. I know she would be pleased to know that you enjoy it too."

"She is a little taller than Arwen but somewhat slenderer, her hair is more golden then mine but lighter than Galadriel's and her eyes are a deep green. Oh, and she cannot sing a song in tune and she hates to sew. Her favorite color is a soft leaf green and she loves poetry. She has little patience with politics much to Galadriel's dismay, although she can deal with the necessity of it if required to. She was quite content with her children and her gardens. Is that what you meant?"

Amarie grinned back at him, "Yes, my lord, it is."

He looked at her and gestured at the garden, "The fact that this was her creation does not bother you?"

"No, we each have our talents and hers was to create a peaceful refuge, not just this, but a home for Elrond and the hin as well. How could I resent or be jealous of her for that? In a strange way I am grateful. By agreeing to wed him she saved him for me. Please don't misunderstand, I am not happy that she suffered so but I am grateful that I was here when he decided to seek another. I hope she will know that I will do my best to make him happy and be a good friend to their children. I certainly have no desire to attempt to be a mother to them."

"She would have liked you very much I think."

*Thank you for that, lirimaer,* Elrond's voice caressed her mind. *I have missed you. I would rather be with you then here in this boring council. Shall we try the dream paths tonight since too many other things seem to interfere with our meeting otherwise?*

Startled, Amarie paused and then smiled. *I will be there early, meleth nin.*

Celeborn cocked his head, "Elrond?"

She nodded.

He chuckled, "One of the benefits of the bond, the ease of communicating with your other half. Pleasant news, I hope."

Her answering grin earned her another chuckle. "Well it is almost time for dinner, are you joining us this evening?"

"No my lord, I am tired and the headache although somewhat reduced is still there, I would not be very good company for our visitors."

"Very well, perhaps we can arrange breakfast in Elrond's rooms tomorrow. "




Mae govannen-well met, a greeting

hervess nin-my wife

eldar-first born

lirimaer-lovely one

meleth nin-my beloved

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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