In Dreams: 56. A Nudge?

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56. A Nudge?

Chapter 59,

                A  Nudge?

"Penneth, Just when did you plan on telling me you and Elrond were  betrothed?" asked a disgruntled Sadi as she entered Amarie's room the next morning. "And why did the Valar have to get involved before you two would stop dancing around each other?"

"Maer aur to you, too, Sadi." She finished brushing her hair and turned from the mirror. "About the same time you planned on telling me about you and Erestor."

Sadi had the grace to look embarrassed. "I am sorry, penneth, we just didn't want any distractions for you and Elrond. We certainly did not expect anything this dramatic to announce your decision,"

"Actually, it was more in the way of a nudge from them," Amarie grinned. "We both had issues that had to be resolved before we were prepared to move forward with a betrothal. I guess they were tired of waiting on us to take care of it and decided to do so themselves."

Sadi shook her head, "Well, they certainly know how to get one's attention, we were, oh never mind that……" she stopped and blushed. "Well any way, Erestor jumped out of bed when the wind came up and started shaking the building and before I could so much as ask where he was going, he had grabbed his sword and disappeared out the door and down the hall."

She continued, "Then I thought I had better check on you. When I reached our rooms, you were missing and I became very worried. I was searching for you down stairs when Erestor came back from Elrond's rooms and proceeded to tell me that he and the others had just witnessed a betrothal between the two of you and all the drama was, in fact, a visit from a maia. Not just any maia, mind you, but the servant of the Lady Varda herself."

"I must have just left through the balcony doors before you arrived." Amarie said thoughtfully. "I am sorry, pen vuil, that you were not there for the exchange of rings. Things were happening so fast, that neither of us were thinking very clearly then. There is a small celebration being planned for sometime this evening and I think the plans include a more formal exchange for the benefit of all."

Sadi nodded, "That is what Erestor said. In fact he has asked me to help with the planning. I will be joining him later this morning to do that. You will need to pick out a gown to wear, perhaps one of those gifted from Arwen?"

Amarie stared at the mithril band that now circled her finger. "I am still in a state of shock." Fingering it, she grinned at her aunt. "I think Elrond rushed it all so last night so I would have no time to think about it,"

Sadi chuckled gesturing towards the ring, "Well he was certainly prepared for it in any case." Turning back towards the door, " Let me know what you intend to wear. I think I will wear that pale green and silver one that I got just after we got here."

"You will look very beautiful, pen vuil. I will have to think about it for a bit." Amarie hesitated then called out to her aunt as she prepared to leave their rooms. "Sadi,"

Her aunt turned questioningly. "Yes, Amarie?"

"There is something else, I am not sure how to tell you, but……"

Sadi frowned at her tone and re-entered the bedroom. "What is it penneth?"

Amarie worried a bit of her sleeve with trembling fingers and regarded it intently. "Well it seems that to insure that I would stop dragging my feet, the Valar have gifted Elrond and I with an elfling." She glanced nervously at her aunt.

Sadi's jaw dropped open and she stared at her niece. Grabbing the back of a near by chair she sat down heavily. "You are going to have an elfling?" she shrieked and then quickly covered her mouth with her hand. "Forgive me penneth I did not mean that the way it sounded. It is wonderful news. It just was not something I expected to hear now."

Amarie smiled weakly, "Neither did I, I assure you."

"Have you told Elrond yet?"

"He told me. Apparently he sensed its faer when he held me yesterday at breakfast and together with the fact I have been nauseous the past couple of weeks concluded we were to be parents." She sighed, "I just thought I was nervous because Lord Celeborn was here."

"Well, I suspect that the fact the Valar have indicated their approval of your union, any refusal to accept it on Celeborn or Galadriel would be of little importance."

"Well, he seemed to approve yesterday morning, I am not sure if last night will cause a change or not."

"Does he know about the elfling?"

Amarie shook her head. "Apart from Elrond and you no one does, although the twins and Arwen may suspect."

"Is it an elleth or ellon?"

"Elrond says it is still too early to know."

"Penneth, I am so happy for you, I had hoped you would find someone, I just never expected it would be Elrond. And now an elfling, the Valar have really blessed you."

Amarie nodded. "I know, but I am not the only one, pen vuil, they have touched you as well. Erestor is a wonderful elf and I suspect he loves you very much. He was very worried when he thought he had a rival."

Sadi sigh, "I know he was, but it did push him to ask me."

"We will have to plan a celebration for the two of you." Amarie paused thoughtfully, "Maybe we should include you this evening as well."

"Absolutely not, you will have yours and later we will have ours. I refuse to share one of my most important events even with you. Besides, the Lord of Imladris should not be lumped in with someone else. Protocol would indicate something a little more important was required."

Amarie wrinkled her nose and sniffed. "Already you are starting with the Lord and Lady thing. I was hoping that at least you would not change towards me."

Sadi shook her head and her finger at her niece, "Penneth, like it or not things will change. You are marrying the Lord of Imladris, not some ordinary warrior or scholar. Unfortunately it comes with Elrond, you cannot separate them."

"I know, I just hope to keep it at a minimum."

Maer aur-Good Morning
penneth-young one
pen vuil-dear one

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