In Dreams: 52. What Do You Think I Am?

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52. What Do You Think I Am?

Chapter Fifty-Two

                 What Do You Think I Am?
Opening the door, Sadi grinned at Erestor who was definitely suffering a hangover. "That must have been some party last night."

"Not so loud,' he pleaded even as he reached for her. "We had more to drink than to eat. And Celeborn kept urging more upon us."

She chuckled and snuggled into his arms, "Was it necessary for you to do as he said?"

Erestor in spite of the hangover smiled into her hair, "We were trying to ensure he was in a good mood so that when Elrond talked to him later he would be amenable to the 'problem.'"

"Do you know how it went?" she asked and leaned back. "Amarie has been a nervous wreak even to the point her stomach was upset this morning. I was able to get her to drink some tea but I won't know how her meeting with Celeborn and Elrond this morning went until later."

Erestor perked up at the word tea.  He reached inside his robe, pulled out a small package and handed it to Sadi. "Would you mind making me some tea?" he pleaded hopefully.

Sadi looked at the package then at Erestor. "Isn't my tea strong enough for you?"

 He groaned and turned towards a chair, "Not so loud, I beg of you, meleth." Sinking into it, he laid his head back and closed his eyes. "Yes, your tea is fine, it is just that this is for hangovers and I really could use it."

She smirked and crossed to the fireplace where a kettle was warming.  Taking a handful of Erestor's hangover tea mix, she quickly poured the hot water over the crushed mixture into a small teapot and wrinkled her nose at its pungent odour. "I would prefer the hangover to drinking this if it taste as bad as it smells."

He waved a hand instead of his head. "I know, but it really works. You should see what Glorfindel uses. I would hate to see him this morning."

Moving back to him she handed him a cup and he took a cautious sip and grimaced. "I keep hoping Elrond will come up with a more pleasant mixture but he refuses. Says if we are going to drink so much we deserve it." He wrinkled his nose and downed the full cup.

Sadi sat in the chair across from him and watched as he laid his head back  and waited for the effects of the tea to relieve his pounding head. Shaking her head she finished the cup she had been drinking when he arrived.

Erestor finally sighed. "Amarie was meeting Elrond and Celeborn for breakfast I take it."

"Yes, she left just before you arrived. Poor thing, she was white and she certainly didn't rush to get there."

"Well, as nervous as she has been, maybe Elrond will treat her to some extra gentle and loving attention." Erestor looked at Sadi with a grin, "I could also use some gentle care at the hands of my betrothed, that is if she is so inclined."

Sadi snorted inelegantly, "I am surprised that you waited this long before asking."

Rising gingerly, Erestor carefully crossed to her and pulled her up. "Your bed or mine?" he grinned.

"Better be mine," she replied.  "I don't think you would make it back to yours."  She pulled him after her into her bedroom and pushed him onto her bed. Removing her gown, she leaned over him with a wicked smile, "I intend to really make you suffer."  Her mouth descended onto an aching limb.

He gasped, "Oh dear, I guess I have really been a bad, bad, ellon."

Elrond frowned as he watched Amarie push the food around her plate. She was considerably brighter then when she arrived and seemed to be more at ease with Celeborn. Still she ate very little and drank only occasional sips of the fruit juice she had requested. She followed the conversation avidly asking occasional questions about Lothlorien and about living in the trees instead of among them. She was fascinated when Celeborn described the flets or talans and how they moved in the wind. Elrond thought she looked just a bit green at that but she seemed to recover quickly. Finally, Celeborn finished talking and looked across at her.

"Amarie, mell nin, you must visit us soon, I know you will enjoy it and Galadriel would love to show you her glade. Perhaps after the ceremony you and Elrond can come."

She glanced over at Elrond. "Perhaps," she murmured noncommittally.

"Well I think I will wander down to the training fields and see if anyone is up to a sparring bout before it gets too much later. I can use a good workout after last night. Clear my head a bit." Celeborn rose from his chair and waved Elrond back to his as he also rose. "No, melder nin, stay, and pay some attention to your lovely elleth. I know the way."

Elrond looked at his former father-in-law affectionately.  "That I will melder nin, that I will."

Celeborn grinned and left them sitting there at the table and looking at each other with wide smiles. 

Elrond reached across the table, took her hand in his and lifted it to his lips. "Meleth nin, you have filled my heart with joy."

Amarie smiled back at him, "I did not know that finally having the courage to meet with Lord Celeborn  would give you so much pleasure.  I will admit that this morning that I was so nervous that I was very ill to my stomach and lost last nights dinner."
He chuckled, "That isn't what I was referring to."

She blushed at his blazing joy and shook her head. "No, I do not know what I have done, ind nin but I am pleased that you are happy."

"You really do not know, do you?" he asked delightedly.

She shook her head in bewilderment.  "I am sorry I don't." 

Ind nin-my heart
meleth-my beloved
mell nin-my dear
meldir nin-my friend


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