In Dreams: 5. An Answer

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5. An Answer

Chapter 5

An Answer

The bird choir outside her window became more insistent as minuia started to fade into the glorious colors of early morning.  Even so, her bed was warm and Amarie snuggled deeper into its softness reluctant to join it. Her dreams had become so wonderful and so real she hated to wake up. Something had changed them, definitely for the better.
There was a soft knock at the door. "Penneth, May  I come in?" Sadi called softly. "There is a messenger from Imladris."

"What?" she sat upright, suddenly alert, "It's not even dawn yet."
"I know, he arrive late last night, and has to leave early this morning to deliver other messages." Sadi entered with an envelope bearing the seal of Elrond. "He would like to carry a reply back if possible."

 Amarie looked at the envelope warily. "If he must have an answer on something, then it can't be all bad."
"Well we won't know until you open it, will we?" Sadi said dryly handing it to her.
Amarie held the envelope in her shaking hands and turned it over several times before breaking the seal and opening it. There was one single sheet of paper and just three sentences written on it in precise script.
         It read simply:
"Imladris welcomes Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain within its walls and is happy that the Lady Amarie, grand daughter of our old friends Lady Serindi, and Lord Thavron of Mirkwood will find safety here. Her people are also welcome and we will provide the necessary escort and any other support she may need in her journey. If this is agreeable will she confirm her departure dates with the messenger?"

                  Elrond of Imladris.

"Sadi, he says we may come." She collapsed back against the bed pillows and burst into tears, her relief palpable.
"Penneth, my father and mother were old friends of the peredhil and his brother and at one time had high hopes one of us would catch his eye." Sadi paused. "I was not worried that he would refuse. Your grandparents left you a wonderful heritage and he knows it. He would have been unwise to refuse and send you elsewhere.  The workshops will add greatly to the reputation of Imladris."

"I must speak to the messenger," Amarie put on her robe and tied the belt. "Where is he?"

"He is in the kitchen eating a hot breakfast." Her eyes twinkled, "He is still a growing edhel and looks like he hasn't had a decent meal in weeks."
Amarie laughed at her expression, "You just wanted someone who wouldn't complain about your cooking."
Leaving her room she hurried down the hall, determined not to miss him. Entering the kitchen she slammed to a stop as she just missed the back of the largest, broadest elf she had ever seen. He had a large brown leather message bag stamped with the seal of Imladris slung over his shoulder. He was standing at a small table and wolfing down a large plate of eggs, ham and fruit.
Seeing her, he gulped down the food in his mouth and turned to her with a shy grin and bobbed his head in a quick bow of acknowledgement, "My lady".

She smiled back, "What are you called?"

 "Huor, my lady. Lord Elrond said you would have a message to go back to Imladris."
"Yes, but it is only verbal. Yes I accept and yes the dates are still good."
"Very well, my lady. I should be back there in ten days or so. I will pass it on then."  He wiped his mouth and gulped down the rest of his tea before heading toward the door.
"Wait," Sadi rushed over to the pantry, "give me five minutes and let me pack you some food to take with you."  She pulled out a leather bag and put in wrapped pieces of cheese, bread, chicken and ham as well as some apples and a small flask of wine. Tying a leather strap around it, she handed it to the elf.
"Take care and travel safe, penneth." She grinned up at him.
He grinned back down, "Yes, my lady, and many thanks." With a wave of his hand, he walked swiftly out of the kitchen door to his horse waiting at the lower gate to the workshop complex. Quickly mounting, he turned, waved again and was off in a small cloud of dust.
Amarie stood there with a wide smile on her face. Suddenly the whole world seemed brighter and she felt light as a feather. The first major issue she had faced with really serious repercussions for her people and world seemed to have been resolved. Now she had to actually make the move.  But at least they had a destination now. They could begin the packing and get the first group ready to go on schedule.
"I think I am hungry enough to eat a very large breakfast Sadi," she turned back to the table. "Feel like cooking something for me?"
minuial- morrowdim- the time near dawn when the stars fade.
penneth-young one
peredhil-half elf
edhel - elf

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