In Dreams: 48. On Pins and Needles

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48. On Pins and Needles

Chapter Forty-eight

                On Pins and Needles

Elrond sighed as he watched Amarie from his balcony.  She slowly crossed the garden below on her way back to her rooms after spending the evening with him. In spite of his repeated reassurances she remained terrified of Celeborn's pending arrival.

There had been no more night visits either in dreams or in reality between them. They often had their midday and evening meals together and spent time alone afterwards in his sitting room but he had to admit he missed their dreams. Erestor had not shown much sympathy either he noted wryly as concerned as he had been over his own relationship with Sadi. Hopefully, he thought, the matter would sort itself out when Celeborn arrived within the next few weeks.
When Amarie had passed from his sight, he closed his eyes, "Lord Manwe, always have I served the Valar and sought to do your bidding. If what I have done has found favor in your eyes, I asked that the Valar look upon my loneliness and grant me this union with Amarie."

Elrond then looked up at his father's star. "Ada, I need your help, how may I ease her fears? I have been alone for so long and I need her. She is my other half."

A sudden breeze blew across the garden stirring the trees and carrying the sounds of the waterfalls and scent of late summer flowers through the rooms and halls of the last homely house. Elrond bowed his head resignedly and entered his sitting room. Crossing to a table near his desk he picked up the carafe of miruvor and poured himself a glass before sitting down at his desk. Looking at the pile of letters and reports sitting there he sighed and tackled the tallest one first.  It was going to be a long night.

Entering her bedroom Amarie curled up in a chair next to the window and stared out over the garden.  She watched as the lengthening shadows of dome slowly turned into the first of aduial.  Unconsciously her eyes sought out the star that marked the ship of Earendil, Elrond's father.

"I love your son so much," she whispered, "but I cannot believe that we are truly meant to be together. He is your son and a great lord. The Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn are powerful and the parents of the Lady Celebrian and grandparents to his hin. How can a simple elleth from a weaver's family be worthy to join with such company?  My Lady Varda, tell me what must I do?" she pleaded. She bowed her head and tears slowly trailed down her cheeks.  Finally exhausted she leaned her head back against the chair and slept.

Sadi entered their quarters and crossed to her bedroom. Humming softly and moving in a series of slow graceful dancing steps she held out her hand and admired the silver betrothal ring a jubilant Erestor had placed there earlier that evening when she had said yes after dinner. Pausing happily she glanced at Amarie's door and considered knocking eager to share her news. A frown swiftly covered her face as she suddenly considered the effect her news would have on the already unsettled Amarie.  Sitting down in one of the chairs there in the sitting room, she pondered the situation for some time. Finally coming to a decision, she rose and crossed back to the hall door and exited quietly, returning to Erestor's rooms.

Sadi knocked softly on the door and when he opened it, entered quickly. Noting her distracted expression, Erestor took her hands in his and looked at her questioningly.

"Meleth nin there is a problem." She said regretfully. "I cannot wear this just yet."

Erestor frowned. "Amarie?"

"Yes. She is so upset over Lord Celeborn's arrival. If she has to deal with this, I am not sure what will happen but she will most certainly feel deserted."

"What do you want to do?"

She looked up at him and grinned, "Well I don't intend to give it back, so if you are having second thoughts you may forget them."

He grinned back, "Never entered my mind, I couldn't go through all the worry again."

He pulled her into his arms and rested his head on hers.  "What do you want to do?" He questioned her again.

"I think it best that we say nothing until Elrond and Amarie have resolved their situation one way or the other. Then we can make the announcement.  We won't wear our rings publicly until then."

Erestor looked into her eyes and groaned. "That is going to be very difficult. I was looking forward to telling Elrond I beat him in 'the matrimony stakes'. Now I will have to guard my tongue and pretend. Is there no other way?"

"If there is, I cannot think of it."

"What if they cannot resolve it?" He asked, "Does that mean we must remain silent?"

Sadi shook her head. "Amarie is an adult.  She will have to take control of her own destiny at some point.  I do not intend to put my life on hold any longer. I have done that enough in the past for my family and I have missed to much as a result."

"You mean the business with Tauron?" He studied her for a moment. "Any regrets?"

She looked up into his serious face and again shook her head. "Only that I did not meet you sooner, foolish one." Sadie pulled his face down to hers and kissed him. "Just think how much time we have wasted."

Erestor chuckled, "Well if I cannot yet claim you publicly, then I will claim you privately," And with that he swept her up into his arms and crossed to his bedroom.

Sadi laughed and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Know My Lord, that you definitely hold my heart.  Nonetheless I must return to my rooms before minuial. The proprieties must be observed if we are to protect your reputation."

He paused as he placed her on his bed, "My reputation? It could only be improved. It yours we should be concerned about!"  Then he pounced on her and they both collapsed in laughter. Later leaving a very sated Erestor behind, Sadie barely made it back to her rooms the next morning before the inhabitants of Imladris began to stir.

aduial –evendim, second twilight, time of star opening.
elleth-female elf
Manwe- The noblest of the Ainur and greatest of the Aratar. He is the lord of the Valar.
Varda- Wife to Manwe, she is most dear to the elves for her creation of the stars and the one elves ask most for help from middle earth.
Minuial- morrowdim', the time near dawn, when the stars fade

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