In Dreams: 46. A Final Goodby

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46. A Final Goodby

Chapter 46

                  A  Final Goodby

"Lady Sadi," Beran poked his head in through the door of the office,

Sadi lifted her head from a stack of papers she was preparing to file. "Yes?"

"My Lady, there is someone here to see you if you aren't busy."

"I will be right there.  Show them to the garden terrace, will you Beran?" Sadi stood up and noted that there were ink stains on her hands, she had a quick wash and checked her hair. Walking out of the small office, she quickly passed through the outer workshop pausing when she reached its open sliding doors. She watched a tall dark haired elf clad in the brown and green clothes of a forester standing near the edge of the terrace looking down into the swift flowing waters of the Bruinen rushing nearby. 

Sadi cocked her head and studied his lean figure. Old memories swiftly returned. Although he had been quiet and said little he had always been popular with the ellyth. He was good looking with a charming young ellon smile and a wicked sense of humor. She had loved him dearly and was deeply hurt when he had been unwilling to wait until her family had resolved their problems. She wondered why he had never found someone he wanted to bond with. She noted how sad and worn he now looked.

Taking a steadying breath she crossed the pavement slowly as he turned back hearing her footsteps above the sound of the water. "Hello Tauron, I see your hearing is as good as ever."

He stood quietly studying her for a moment then a smile changed his face back to the one she remembered, "Hello Sadi, it has been a long time. You haven't changed much."

"Nor have you." She commented wryly.  "What brings you to Imladris?  Did you just arrive?"

Nodding he grasped her hands. "You look just as I remember, only much more elegant.  I am glad life has treated you well."

"It has not been bad. But why are you here after all this time?"

"I wanted to see you, to discuss us."

"There is no us. That was finished a long time ago."

He sighed, "I know, but it ended badly and I don't think either of us deserved that. I wanted to say how much that has bothered me over the centuries and tell you how sorry I am that I hurt you.  Family, for you, has always been important and if I had not been so bull-headed, we might have been able to work things out."

Sadi watched as he stood there with his head bowed.  She said quietly, "It was as much my bullheadedness as yours that caused it. While I am sorry it ended the way it did, it was for the best.  You need not be concerned any further."

He nodded, "Nonetheless, it was badly handled and I deeply regret it."

Sadi nodded. "Well let us consider the matter closed and hopefully we can part friends."

"I agree. I was glad to hear that the workshops had relocated to Imladris. With all of the increased yrch attacks going on around the Mirkwood borders, the village was not a safe place."

"Amarie was able to arrange it and we were glad to come.  It has proven to be a very good move for us.  Our elves are very happy here."

Tauron sighed. "I was sorry to hear about your nephew and his wife.   Then to hear your sister and her husband had left for the Western Lands was a surprise.  Why did not you go with them?'

She shrugged, "Amarie was not ready to go and neither was I. We both felt the workshops were still important enough to continue and I couldn't leave her on her own.

Both stood there for a long time in awkward silence. Finally Tauron cleared his throat.  "I needed to clear the air before I left."
"Before you left?" she turned and indicated a nearby bench. "Would you like something to drink?"

He nodded following her and sitting. "I'm leaving for the Gray Havens in the spring to sail for the Western Lands. I am in the process of winding down my affairs here before I go. I have no one left here and I miss my family."

"Did you never find anyone after we ended our betrothal?" Sadi asked curiously. She signaled to Beran to bring some tea and sweet bread.

He smiled sadly, "There was an elleth, but her family sailed before we could follow through. I will admit I am hoping she will be there when I arrive. How about you."

Looking at his worn face, she had no wish to hurt him further. "None serious as of yet. There have been one or two who became fast friends, but nothing worked out. Tell me what you have been up to since we last met."

"Not a whole lot.  I have been working in the northern and eastern forests for the past five hundred years or so. Shortly after  naneth nin decided she was ready to go ada nin sailed to the west with her. Well, my sister and her mate had three ellyn, and they left about one hundred and thirty years ago so they could know their daer odril. I am not sure why I stuck around, but now I am ready to go."

Beran arrived with the refreshments and placed them on a nearby table. Smiling he spread them out and poured the tea.  Sadi  nodded her thanks and turned back to Tauron. "What will you do until you leave?"

"I have to finish turning over my duties to my deputy, and then I will teach woodcraft classes to the new foresters. And I will have to finish going through and getting rid of all the family things that got left behind.  There is a lot that neither odril nin or my sister wanted."

He paused and looked at Sadi.  "There is a head-dress that was intended as a gift for you. Naneth nin always wanted you to have it. I would be very pleased if you would accept it. That is if you wouldn't mind it coming from me."

Sadi looked distressed. "Tauron, why not save it for your elleth and give it to her when you get there."

He shook his head, "It was made for you, and I would rather you have it. Hopefully it will help you remember our good times and forget the sad ones. It would mean a great deal to me, Sadi, if you would accept it."

She looked into his deep blue eyes and saw the sheen of tears. "What can I say? Of course I will accept it."

"Thank you, I will bring it over in the morning before I leave."

"You are returning so soon?  You just arrived. Won't you be staying at least a couple of days and rest before returning?"

Shaking his head, "There is a wagon going up with supplies for the new bridge.  I'm going along to scout and provide some protection. It is not good to travel alone even within the safety of Imladris.

No one witnessed their final goodbyes, but Sadi was subdued for many days and Amarie heard her soft weeping for several nights thereafter.

naneth nin-my mother

ada nin-my father 
daer odril-grand parent/parents




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