In Dreams: 44. A Discovery

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44. A Discovery

Chapter Forty-Four

                A Discovery

Amarie looked up from her book when Sadi returned from the garden and noted that she did not have any flowers with her. When she had asked if Sadi had trouble finding any, Sadi had responded with an embarrassed comment about having run into Erestor and being invited to dinner in his rooms.

Amarie cocked her head at her aunt. "You have eaten with him in his rooms quite often lately. Is there something I should know?"

Sadi blushed and stammered several times before commenting, "Penneth, such speculation is not appropriate.  We are just good friends and like to commiserate over our difficult bosses, that's all. Now I have to get ready."  

Grinning as she listened to Sadi humming in the bathing chamber, she moved over to the door. "Pen vuil, is there any thing I can do to help you get ready?"

"No, wait, may I borrow that lovely yellow silk shawl of yours?"

"Of course, what gown are you wearing?"

"I thought the deep blue one with the silver blue trim."

Amarie paused for a minute, then called out to her, "I will be right back."

She crossed back through her room to the balcony and peered over the railing into the garden below. "I thought so, those roses match the shawl and will look beautiful in Sadi's dark hair." She descended quickly and collected a number of full-blown roses and buds then returned to their rooms. 

Sadi was just coming out of her room when Amarie entered the sitting room. Amarie caught her breath at the picture her aunt made. She glowed in the dress, which emphasized  her blue eyes. The neckline curved down in a deep v, which showed off her long neck and white skin. The sleeves were slender, long and ended in a deep point on the back of her hand. She wore no jewelry.  Her hair was caught up in a loose knot on top of her head. Looking at the roses, Sadi lifted a questioning look at Amarie.

"They are for your hair, they match the shawl," she explained.  "Come sit here and let me put them in."

Sadi hesitated, but Amarie when insisted, she acquiesced.  "I really don't think," she started to say when Amarie interrupted her.

"Pen vuil, you have been so busy caring for and about me, I think you have quite forgotten how beautiful you are. You deserve so much more then I can ever repay. Let me just for once care for you." Amarie said with tears in her eyes.

Sadi sat with tears glistening also as Amarie tucked in buds and arranged a couple of roses at the base of the knot in back in her hair. She backed up and studied her aunt for a moment moving back to adjust a curl or two.  "There now, you will blow him away with your beauty," she grinned. Taking the remaining roses, she arranged them in a small bouquet, wrapped the stems in a handkerchief and passed them to Sadi.  Shaking out the shawl, she carefully laid it across her shoulders and stood back. Waving at the windows she drew her aunt's attention to the reflection now visible against the dark night.

"Even the Lady Galadriel would have a difficult time outshining you this evening."

Sadi stared at the unfamiliar figure reflected back at her.  "Is that really me?" she gasped.

"It isn't any once else, pen vuil." Amarie smiled.  "Now go knock our good Lord Erestor off his feet.  I won't wait up for you."

Sadi wrinkled her nose at Amarie and returned her grin. "I just might do that, penneth." With that she swept out the door and down the hall to Erestor's suite.

Amarie followed her to their door and watched as Sadi approached his.    When it opened to her, she saw the delighted but somewhat dazed expression on Erestor's face as he pulled her into his arms and left a lump in Amarie's throat and a smile on her face. Closing her door, she prayed that for once Sadi would receive everything she desired. For far too long she had put the needs of others ahead of hers. Now she deserved to be on the receiving end.

Sighing, Amarie crossed to her room and for the first time noted the clutter of books, drawings and skeins of thread scattered about. She had been working in the evenings for nearly three weeks on a new cartoon for one of the recent orders. It had proven difficult because the customer wanted it to include a number of historical incidents.  She felt that it was just to busy and needed to be simplified. She had finally arrived at a design she could live with and was prepared to send off the cartoon for approval.

When she was in the throws of designing a new tapestry she worked best in her version of organized chaos. For some time she had refused to let the house elves enter her bedroom to clean or straighten up until she had finalized this one design. For the past two weeks the head housekeeper had been pressing her to allow a through cleaning.  Deciding it would be prudent for her to do some preliminary pick up and organizing if she wanted to protect her progress she started to put the various items in neat piles on her desk and in the box she had been using as storage for her work. Collecting books and scrolls she had borrowed from the library as source material, she stacked them on a chair near the door in the outer room so that she could return them the next day.

Returning to her room she picked up the skeins of thread she had been using for color samples from the table near the windows and sorted them into color packs to be returned to the supply room at the workshops.   As she turned to place them on her desk, a silver shimmer near its back leg caught her eye.  Thinking that somehow she had missed some silver thread, she bent down and grasped it. Pulling it out where she could really get a good look at it she nearly dropped it back on the floor. It was a mithril headpiece, exactly like the one that Elrond wore.

Penneth-young one
Pen vuil- dear


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