In Dreams: 42. Into My Dreams?

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42. Into My Dreams?

Chapter Forty-Two

                    Into My Dreams?

Amarie sank into her bed all too eager to take the dream paths that would lead her to him. She smiled as she determined that this one would be for him, for his pleasure. She had chosen the nightdress and robe she would wear knowing it would not be worn for long.  She had bathed with care in scented waters of roses and musk to tease his senses and smoothed oil upon her skin for the pleasure of his fingers. Her hair was a silken cloud that clung to her shoulders and tumbled down her back.

Elrond found himself humming as he prepared for bed.  He had bathed quickly and slipped into a pair of dark gray silk sleeping pants and a loose silk robe. He had left his hair unbound reveling in the release of tight braids. He wondered briefly if unconsciously it represented freedom to journey the dream paths. Crossing to a table near the windows of his sitting room he poured himself a glass of wine and studied the tapestry that now hung with the other three. Grinning and taking the wine with him, he returned to the bedroom eager to take the dream paths to her. One day he would have her here with him and the dreams although wonderful would no longer be necessary.

She watched from her windows and saw the shadowy figure cross from his sitting room to the bedroom. She smiled as the rooms were darkened and waited for him to join her on the dream journey.  It was time! 

                      *     *     *     *    *

She crossed to the terrace and down the stairs. As before she was drawn by an unheard voice through the gardens to the gate that opened unbidden for her. Amarie entered and moved across the grass to the stairs that led to his room. She paused and felt a hand touch her face and a shimmer of gold and silver cross her mind.

"Welcome little wanderer of dreams. Care for him, as he deserves to be. I will walk with you as I have with him." There was a sigh and gentle breeze and the touch was gone.

She frowned briefly then laughed softly and climbed the stairs and entered his bedroom.  He rested on his side his face half covered by a fall of black hair and his lips curved in a gentle smile. His relaxed body was only partially covered by a silk sheet and a leg was bent at the knee.  Removing her robe she moved to the bed. Studying him she felt all kinds of emotion whirling through her thoughts. How she loved him, this complex elf lord that had arrived in her dreams.  She found his passion addicting and unnerving at the same time. That he had shared the dreams with her amazed and confounded her.  And she remembered all the times he had sought to give her pleasure before taking his own. She wanted to make him smile and laugh more, smooth the furrowed brow she had seen too often.

With a sigh he turned over and lay on his back, throwing an arm above his head. Amarie slipped down beside him and brushed his hair from his face. She placed soft kisses on his chest and pulled back to watch as he threw his head back and lifted his chest in response before falling back.  She grinned and placed her hand over his silk covered heat and felt it harden and grow under her tender touch.

Returning to his chest, she laid kisses across his shoulders before moving down to tease his nipples with gentle tugs and nips and then soothing them with kisses. She moved carefully always applying just enough pressure to gain a reaction but never enough to awaken him.  Her lips softly tortured his ear and his lips and he responded with a moan and pushing back into the pillow. Lifting his hand she sucked each finger and licked his palm moving in little heated circles with the tip of her tongue. His body began to quiver wherever she touched him, his face reflecting her gentle but insistent torture. She transferred her attention to his feet and again began her delicious torture with kisses, sucking toes and nips of ankles.

Elrond's skin became one unending erogenous zone and he unconsciously twisted and turned against the bed under Amarie's ministrations but never emerged completely from the depths of sleep. His dreams became more and more erotic as he responded to her touch. His arousal grew and hardened under his sleeping pants and he could feel it straining against its silken confinement.

Amarie rose to her knees and began to caress his body with insistent touches. She undid the lacing at his waist and freed his arousal from its prison. She stroked him with light fingers and bent to lick delicately at his engorged tip. Tenderly she nibbled down one side and backup the other. Her fingers brushed lightly at his balls and her lips and tongue teased each in turn. Returning to his straining shaft she licked the juices emerging from its head and then sucked it into her hot wet mouth. Holding it firmly with one hand and gently squeezing his balls with the other she repeatedly took him into her mouth and released him setting up a rhythm that soon had him bucking against her. With a sudden cry he awoke and found himself moving uncontrollably as the heat increased in his loins and his climax built. Not quite understanding what was happening he tangled his hands in her hair and held her head as he forced his aching member into that hot wet chamber again and again until he climaxed and exploded his juices into her hot wet mouth.

Elrond collapsed back against the bed breathing hard and not understanding what had happened. He eyes locked with Amarie's and seeing her grin realized what she had done.  With a growl he rolled over her and pinned her against the pillows.

"Lirimaer, ind nin, such dreams can unhinge an elf, you are most dangerous to my sanity."

"Meleth nin, you have been dangerous to my sanity ever since you entered my dreams." She beamed up at him.

With a groan, he bent down and kissed her slowly and thoroughly.


Lirimaer-beautiful one
ind nin-my heart
Meleth nin- my beloved

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