In Dreams: 41. What To Do

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41. What To Do

Chapter Forty-One

What To Do

For a long quiet time they stood looking deep into each other's eyes his hands clasping hers between their chests.  Elrond watched as Amarie's face was infused with waves of color. Linked now as they had been in the dreams he knew which ones she remembered even as she did so. He smiled as he too savored those memories.

"Lirimaer, we will make new memories," he murmured lifting her hands and kissing each one in turn.

"Meleth nin, I fear that may be all we have," she said sadly her cheek nuzzling his hands.

He frowned. "Why?"

"Elrond, ind nin, you forget your hin and Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel. How can they accept a replacement for their naneth or their iell?"

"You are not a replacement. What happened to Celebrian was a great tragedy and I would wish it on no one but she left because of her own needs and against the children's and my desires.  That does not mean I didn't understand her choice, I wish her well and hope with all my heart that she has healed and found happiness."

He paused, his eyes darkened as he looked down at her intently, "I have been alone for far too long, driven to find solace in dreams. Now that I have found the reality of those dreams, I will not let it go.  The hin are adults and building their own lives. They will have to accept that I am entitled to finally find a little happiness in mine."

"As for Galadriel and Celeborn, I have no wish to hurt them.  They are my children's grandparents and that guarantees them a welcome here always. They have been my friends as well as part of my family for a long time but they do not dictate who I have in my life."

"I understand all too well the sorrow and pain of loosing a loved one.  I have lost nearly everyone I have ever loved in nos nin, ada nin and naneth nin, gwador nin, my foster family, hervess nin and even taur nin. For millennia I have carried out what the Valar required of me regardless of my personal feelings and wants, even to marrying an elleth I did not love to give stability to a world nearly broken because they could not face up to dealing with one of their own who would destroy it. I will still continue to do what they task me to but I will do it now with the one I love at my side." His mouth tightened.

Amarie reached up and cupped his taunt chin, "I know too, ind nin, the pain of lost loved ones and responsibilities taken up, that is why we must move slowly to avoid adding more pain to those who remain." Her amber brown eyes shimmered with unshed tears. "All I ask is to take small steps until they are comfortable and deal with any objections with understanding. You are known as wise and intelligent, you must use that well for all our sakes."

Elrond relaxed and said wryly, "You would be my conscience?"

"No, meleth nin, I would be your partner and your lover as well as you friend."

He pulled her into a tight embrace, "Well I will thank the Valar for bringing you to Imladris,  otherwise I would only have you still in my dreams. Perhaps they have some sympathy for me after all."

He pulled back reluctantly, "It grows late and we both have busy days tomorrow. I will walk you back to your rooms." He took her hand and tucked in his arm and held it tightly with his other hand. Looking down his eyes never left her face he turned and led her from the terrace into the hall opposite the private family wing.

Amarie leaned against his shoulder and matched his slow pace as they walked the halls to the wing that housed her rooms. Upon reaching her door, he swung her around placing her back against the wall, his hands resting on either side of her head. He sighed and lowered his head to place a long slow tantalizing kiss on her mouth.

He smiled down her with a wolfish grin and wagged his eyebrows suggestively. " I would welcome a dream tonight to ease my loneliness."

"My lord commands?"  Amarie teased.

"Never! He requests, he begs, he pleads, but never commands."

"Then we shall walk the dream paths together meleth nin, ind nin, and I will welcome you as you wish, with love and joy until we may do it here in this world.

Reluctantly he stood back and watched as she opened the door and moved through it.

"Idh mae, lirimaer, ind nin." he called softly.

"You also, meleth nin, ind nin." The door closed behind her.

Elrond walk briskly back to his rooms ignoring the knowing looks he received along the way. Many were pleased by this new Lord of Imladris and wished them both well. He was looking forward to his bed and his dreams.

Erestor was sorting through the latest group of diplomatic messages to arrive when Elrond walked into his office the next morning.

"Good morning, meldir," he called cheerfully. "What do we have to deal with today?"

Erestor could not resist a knowing grin. "I take it your evening stroll went well. The lady was communicative for a change?"

Elrond looked at him severely. "A gentle-elf does not discuss such things."     Unfortunately the effect was spoiled by his large grin.

Chuckling, Erestor returned to the correspondence and pulled one missive from the stack.  "It would seem we are to receive a visit from Lothlorien. Lord Celeborn wishes to know if it would be convenient to discuss matters of mutual interest with regard to the increased yrch activity on the official side and visit with his daur ionnath and daur  sell as well as certain friends on the unofficial side. He would like to stay until  early echuir  then escort Arwen back to Caras Galadon."

"I wonder at the timing." Elrond paused,   " Of course it would be convenient, Imladris is happy to welcome the Lord of Lothlorien. We will be able to have some great parties when Celeborn gets here."

"And he will have the opportunity and the time to properly get to know the Lady Amarie and Lady Saeldae."  Erestor added pompously.

"As you said," Elrond eyes narrowed and he looked at his chief advisor suspiciously.

Erestor looked innocently at his lord.

nos nin-my family

ada nin-my father

naneth nin-my mother

gwador nin-my brother

hervess nin-my father

taur nin-my king   
Idh mae-rest well
ind nin-my heart
meldir – friend
naneth- mother
echuir = "stirring-time;" spring between February and April.

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