In Dreams: 40. Girl's Night In and More!

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40. Girl's Night In and More!

Chapter 40

Girls Night In

With a heavy sigh Elrond looked down the hall towards sell in rooms. He had just been shooed out by Arwen, saying this was an all elleth evening and no ellyn were welcome. Before leaving he had smiled at Amarie who had blushed and looked down at her hands. He had hoped to have a word with her but Arwen glared at him. He had then looked over at Sadi hoping to gain her sympathy. She had just laughed and shook her head at him.

In addition Arwen had warned her gwanur not to even think about invading or she would get even. She had lifted an eyebrow in perfect imitation of her father and stood there with her hands on her hips and watched them slink off. Elrond had looked at her and lifted his eyebrow in question. Arwen had shrugged and refused to reveal the substance of her threat.

"It's a muinthel thing ada and a matter of self survival."

Signalling to a guard standing at the entrance of the family quarters, he asked to be informed when the evening ended for the ellyth get together and walked down to the main library.

There had been laughter and giggling all evening from behind the doors of Arwen's rooms. At first Amarie had been uncomfortable but the warm relaxed manner of Arwen had soon put both her and Sadi at ease. The food and wine had been delicious and she had thoroughly enjoyed herself. After dinner the talk drifted to gowns and hairstyles. Amarie sighed over the various silk gowns that Arwen had brought with her and exclaimed with laughter over her descriptions of some of the latest hairstyles. Sadi was also enjoying herself and added some rather pithy comments of her own on the more extreme hairstyles.

At Arwen's urging Amarie tried on several of her favorites from the dresses and sitting in front of Arwen's large mirror as Arwen and Sadi styled her hair. In turn they worked on Sadi and tried to convince her that she really needed to update her style a bit. After collapsing with mirth Arwen gifted Amarie with three of her favorite dresses. After some persuasion Amarie found out to her amusement that they were a bribe to get her to agree to provide weaving lessons. After all, how many could boast of being taught by the very best, the Mistress of Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain? Sadi pointed out that there was a loom already available next to the Hall of Fire that would be perfect for such lessons and in fact could go back with Arwen when she returned to Caras Galadon. Amarie did not hesitate at that point to accept the dresses and agreed to begin the lessons the very next night after dinner.

It had been a marvellous evening and all three ellyth were reluctant to end it. Arwen suggested making it a regular thing every week and they could alternate quarters. Both Amarie and Sadi were quick to agree and they would host the next week in their rooms. On that note, and feeling very mellow the two elleths departed Arwen's rooms with Amarie carefully carrying her new gowns.

They were halted by a male voice calling to them, "Good evening bain ellyth nin, did you enjoy yourselves this evening?

Turning they faced a beaming Elrond. Both sketched a slight head bow and Sadi replied with a broad smile. "We most certainly did My Lord. The Lady Arwen was a most gracious hostess."

"I am glad, and grateful to you. Arwen finds herself too much alone among the ellyn when she visits us. Having other ellyth here may encourage her to visit more often and for far longer."

He turned to Amarie, "My Lady, will you walk with me on the terrace for a while that we may talk?"

As she hesitated then looked over at Sadi, she found Sadi smiling at her and reaching for the bundle of dresses. " I will take these back with me, penneth, and see you in the morning."

Elrond took her by the hand and slowly led her through a side door out into the late summer evening. Seeking to put her at ease, he asked her about the progress of settling in their new rooms. It was not long before they were discussing many things and he found the Amarie he had sensed in her letters and through Erestor's reports.

Amarie continued to talk animatedly and used her hands to emphasize her remarks. Elrond laughed at one point and capturing a hand tucked it under his arm then led her to a stone bench at the end of the terrace. Joining her there he continued to hold her hand captive and smiled as she continued to imitate a difficult colleague. He responded to one of her comments with a deep chuckle and began a descriptive tale of his own that had them both once again chortling. Falling silent their gaze deepened as Elrond lifted her hand and placed a kiss on her palm. His eyes turned a dark charcoal and Amarie knew he was going to kiss her. She started to pull back but his hands tightened on her shoulders and she was pulled into his arms. This time he would not be denied. Elrond lowered his head and sought her mouth, teasing it gently first with soft nibbles then tracing back over it with a seeking tongue. She moaned and surrendered opening her mouth to his exploration. As she leaned closer to him and lifted her arms to his chest, he swore and suddenly pulled away with a shudder.

Resting his forehead against hers and breathing hard, he groaned. "Amarie, I apologize for this, it is inappropriate for me to take advantage of this situation."

He felt her pull away and twist her face aside. He muttered something under his breath and tightened his hands on her shoulders again. "Amarie, look at me, no, don't turn away, look at me." She turned her tear bright eyes back to him reluctantly.

"Lirimaer, I will not deny that I want you. I have wanted you for some time but I would never seek a relationship you were uncomfortable with." He paused seeing her eyes grow large in her shocked face.

He frowned searching for the right words to explain his intentions then said, "I am sorry if that upsets you but I need you to understand…."

Amarie shook her head and raised her fingers to his lips, "You called me lirimaer," she whispered.

He looked at her uncomprehendingly.

"Meleth nin," she added.

He stared at her for a very long time as understanding slowly dawned. "By the Valar, the dreams. We really shared the dreams."

Amarie nodded as she too struggled to understand how or even why this was happening.

Elrond continued to study her face as he remembered their dreams and recent real encounters. Finally he said. "That is why you were so insistent we end the dreams. Somehow you found out who I was before I recognized you. When I would not agree you were determined to be distant when we met here." He started to become angry.

"Remember My Lord, I did not know we were sharing them." She hesitated, placing a hand over one of his, "I thought you were only someone I had imagined. When I found out you were real and who you were I was terrified that I would say or do something to embarrass both of us." She lifted pleading eyes to him.

Suddenly seeing the humor in the discussion he quirked the eyebrow, "My Lord, Amarie? Considering what we have shared don't you think that is a little formal?" At his reminder, she blushed a deep red and groaned, hiding her face in her hands.

He chuckled and gently pulled them from her face kissing each as he did so.
"Amarie lirimaer, I meant every word I said, in the dreams or out. I will not give you up. We will work this out."

gwanurs-brothers-a pair of twins
muinthel –sister
ada – father
Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain –House of a thousand jeweled threads.
bein- beautiful
penneth - young
lirimaer-lovely one

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