In Dreams: 22. A Winter's Night

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22. A Winter's Night

Chapter  Twenty-Two
                    A Winter's Night

                *    *    *    *    *
The elleth sighed and pulled aside the heavy drape that covered her window.  The moon was full and rode low in the western sky and reflected off the snow covering the valley spread out before her. Tonight, it seemed, he would not appear either.  She had waited patiently through many dreams only to face the dawn alone.
She was puzzled. Since he existed only within the framework of her dreams, why could she not call him forth?  Was there some unrecognized or unknown barrier at work within her faer that prevented her from doing so?
She turned from the window and crossed to the fire burning briskly in the fireplace. Its warmth was a welcome comfort during the long cold nights of rhiw. Sinking down on the fur spread before it, she began to consider the possibility that the time had come to let him go back into the shadows of her mind and exist only as beautiful memories.  No real ellon could ever be the equal of the magnificent elf lord and lover she had created in her dream world and, no real elf lord such as he would have chosen her for his mate. She would have to stop living in dreams for that which did not exist.

As she continued to stare into the flames, she heard the sound of hoof beats approaching and the jingle of a bridle, then silence. As she rose to her feet there came the sound of booted feet firmly striking stone floors moving through the house and outer hall and stopping at her door. The handle turned but the door did not open

"Lirimaer," a deep voice called softly. "Should I not enter?"

With a cry of joy, she rushed the door and pulled it open. He stood there filling the door way wrapped in a heavy dark travelling cloak, its hood thrown back.  His black hair tumbled about his shoulders and was held off his face by warrior braids fastened with a silver clip. His hands were gloved and he wore soft leather leggings tucked into heavy leather riding boots. A sword rode in its scabbard buckled at his waist. As she flung herself to him he opened his arms and pulled her into a tight embrace burying his face into her hair.

"Lirimaer," he murmured into an ear.  "I am sorry I have not come, but there has been much to bar my way. At first there were battles I had to survive then I could not find the right dream path."

She pulled back and looked into his stormy grey eyes. She smiled and slipped her arms around his neck.

You are here now, meleth. Nothing else matters." She pulled his head down as she raised her face for his kiss. With a groan he hungrily reached for her mouth.

Smiling against his lips, she gently tugged at the edges of his cloak. "Meleth, do you not think it time to remove this? And your gloves and sword as well?"

Laughing, he stepped back from her and pulled off his gloves and unwound the cloak from his body. Never taking his eyes off of her, he moved to a nearby chair and dropped them on the cushion.  Undoing the fastenings of his scabbard he also hung the sword over the chair back. He studied her hungrily as she moved from him to close the door and secure it. She was wearing a sheer russet woollen night-dress with a deeper russet velvet over robe trimmed in a soft dark brown fur. Her unbound hair fell in a silken curtain to below her waist.

he leaned back against the door and studied him as well, taking in his heavy plum purple quilted velvet tunic with its underlining of fur and his under tunic of fine linen that layered the openings at his neck and sleeves. His dark brown leather leggings  were form fitted to his long muscular legs before tucking into calf length boots.

"It would appear, meleth, that you were prepared for any heavy rhiw weather," she teased.

"I was not sure what kind of weather I would find here," he teased back.

For a long silent moment their eyes exchanged unspoken words of love, hunger, passion and need. As one they again reached for each other and met in a long deep tongue duelling kiss. He lifted her in his arms and moved to the bed where he placed her gently down against the pillows. She watched him as he unbuckled his belt and untied the laces to his tunic. He removed the loosened tunic and dropped it on the end of the bed and toed off his boots before turning back to take her into his arms.

"Lirimaer,  your robe is most fetching, but it is in my way. It is time for it to be removed," His hands busied themselves with undoing the ribbons and slipping it from her body.

He leaned back and studied her night-dress, "That too must go."

She laughed and rolled away from him as he reached to remove it.

"Meleth, you still have more on then me and I need to feel your bare skin against mine. When you remove your under tunic and leggings, then I will remove my night dress."

He smiled and slowly rose to his knees on the bed towering above her. His eyes trapped hers and he watched her intently as he slowly pulled his under tunic up over his head and deliberately removed first one arm from a sleeve then the other. Then his hands move slowly to the lacings at the waist of his leggings. She moaned softly and twisted her hips against the bed. A small pink tongue emerged and licked her lower lip.

Sliding one leg then the other from the bed he stood and slipped the leggings down over his hips and pushed them to the floor. Stepping free of them his arousal stood proud against his flat stomach and he moved towards her.

She teasingly smiled and rose to her knees. As had he, she looked into his eyes and slowly removed her night-dress.

They tumbled together down onto the bed hungrily seeking their mutual points of pleasure. Finally with a growl, he pinned her to the bed and moved over her. Sitting astride he pinned her hands above her head and began a thorough slow sweet exploration of her face, throat and breasts with his mouth. Thrusting a knee between her legs he settled himself between them. Looking deep into her eyes he watched them darken as he slowly plunged deeply into her warm wet centre. Again and again he thrust into her as he strove to take them both up and over the edge.  With a keening wail, she bucked under him and fell into the abyss. His mouth sought hers and he soon followed her, collapsing onto her body.

lirimaer-lovely one
rhiw.-    winter

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