In Dreams: 20. Changes To Make

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20. Changes To Make

Chapter Twenty
                    Changes To Make

"Amarie," Sadi called from the next room, "come look at this bathing room.  It is unbelievable!"

Amarie laughed and continued her own exploration of the guest suite they now occupied. There was a bedroom for each of them and they shared a sitting room and bathing room. She crossed to the open doors to a balcony off one of bedrooms and found that it ran across the length of their quarters. Beyond the lower gardens she could see waterfalls that fell from the tops of nearby cliffs in a soft rumble and plunged into a veil of shimmering silver and white. It all was incredibly beautiful.

Sadi joined her and looked at her bemused grand niece, "It is beautiful, isn't it."

"Yes, and I find hard to realise that this will be our home.  It is all like some dream…" she stopped with the strangest look on her face.

"Amarie, is something wrong?" Sadi spoke worriedly.

"No, pen vuil, I just remembered something but it isn't important. Which bedroom would you like?"

"Well if you don't object, I think the one with the large divan over by those gorgeous windows.  I haven't seen anything like that since I was a very young elleth."

"No, pen vuil, that is fine.   I rather favor the other one anyway. It will be fun to live so regally for a while,   I feel quite the princess in all that blue and silver."  She turned and grinning, minced into the bedroom in the manner of a self -important aristocrat.

Sadi followed her laughing into her hands, "penneth, you are impossible, but I am glad to see you laughing so again,  It has been a long time since you have let yourself be  carefree."

"I feel carefree."   Ticking off her reasons on her fingers, "We are all here safely. The equipment is here and going up in the new workshops.  Everything I have seen of Imladris is beautiful and even if our new house does not quite live up to all this,"  she gestured around the suite,  "we will make it ours again with our furniture and things.  I am hoping it will be small and cozy so that there is less to care for."

"Penneth, it will not be hard to make a home here and if it is small, I will be able to do something in the workshops."

Amari studied her aunt silently for a long moment, "You never indicated that you missed working on the tapestries."

"I haven't. Those were Serindi's joy. What I really missed was the interaction between the people working on the tapestries and around the workshops.   There was an energy that was exciting. Then your father and Lalaith came along and they needed someone to be there for them while your grandparents were busy in the workshops. I was family and I wanted to do it.  In time they grew up and I did not have anything I felt responsible for.  Then you came along and I was needed again."

She paused, "When Serindi and Thavron left for the western lands, I was no more ready to join them then you were.  It was obvious you needed someone to stand behind you and carry some of the load. I found that exciting and I was eager to do it.  Then our numbers continued to grow smaller and you began  to cover more of  all the responsibilities so there was less for me to do. I found myself becoming more and more isolated in the house."

Amarie looked at her appalled, "Sadi, I am so sorry, I never even suspected you felt that way. Why have not you said anything?"

"Penneth,"  Sadi looked at her sternly, "don't add this to that long list of things you have taken on as your personal responsibility.  It was my choice. I chose to do what I did because it needed to be done at the time. I only mention this now because it will be easier to make changes without anyone thinking much about them. They will see them as a natural outcome of the move."

Amarie sank into a chair. "Pen vuil, I do not know what to say except, I will try to make what ever you want to do possible."

Sadi smiled at her, "It will all work out. I just wanted you to know.  Once the dust has settled  we can look and see what makes sense for both of us."

Amarie continued sitting there with dismay written in every line of her body.

Sadi continued thoughtfully,  "It might be possible for me to take over the running of the office.  You know, doing correspondence for your signature, tracking the progress of orders, ordering and inventorying the supplies that you identify, that sort of thing.  I know those are your least favorite chores and its something I have found I enjoy from managing the house. You would have to decide how far you want to let me go. That would give you more time to devote to some actual designs and developing new cartoons.  You also might find the time to develop those classes on tapestry weaving and other needle arts you have always talked about."

Amarie sat there quietly for a while, "You have been thinking about this for a long time."

"Yes, but then I have had a lot of time to do so."

"I wish you had said something sooner, I would have been happy to have had your help in the workshops a long time ago. I thought you disliked working there."

Sadi looked over her. "Well now is the time for changes and new beginnings."

Jumping up and grabbing Sadi's hands she swung her in around in circles. "Absolutely, pen vuil, absolutely.

penneth – young one
pen vuil – dear one
Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain -house of a thousand jeweled threads

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