In Dreams: 18. We're Here

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18. We're Here

Chapter Eighteen

                    We're Here

Two days later and right on schedule the Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain wagons and the Grey Havens riders crossed the last bridge late in the afternoon and rolled through the front gate into Imladris.  Alerted by the front scouts of the Imladris warriors accompanying the group Erestor was waiting on the porch to greet them as the wagons shuddered to a stop.  Immediately identifying Amarie he descended the steps to greet her.

"Welcome to Imladris, my lady, you arrived right on schedule. I trust your journey was without incident."

Amarie turned from the wagon after descending and acknowledge him with a hand to her heart and a bowed head.

"I thank you, My Lord, for both your welcome and your permission for the elves of Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain to come."

"My lady, I am Erestor, not Lord Elrond. He regrets not being here but there was Imladris business that required him elsewhere.  We expect him to return within the next few days."

She looked up and smiled, "I hope you will forgive the error My Lord. To meet either of you is a great pleasure. We are most grateful for your assistance in the more mundane matters of our move."

Turning back to the wagon as Sadi descended she pulled her forward.  "May I introduce the Lady Saeldae, my great aunt and sister to my grandmother the Lady Serindi,"

"You are also most welcome My Lady.  We have anticipated the arrival of all of you with great interest and joy. The presence of Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain within our walls adds greatly to our measure."

Sadi also bowed her head and placed her hand  on her heart in acknowledgement of the greeting. "I thank you for your kind words Lord Erestor, long have we heard of the beauty of Imladris and now I find that the words do not do it justice."

With the formal greetings over Amarie asked anxiously, "My Lord, what news of our second group?  We found  the remains of a destroyed campsite and dead livestock along with many dead yrch."

"Be at ease My Lady, Glorfindel brought them in safely almost a week ago. There were few injuries and.."

The calls of two very tired and indignant cows interrupted them from behind the wagon. Startled, they turned as one bovine head peered around  the corner  and called again.

"I see you found the missing cows," Erestor chuckled

"Yes, we found them not too far from the scene of the fight. They were most unhappy." She grinned back.

A large number of her people erupted from between the buildings and quickly surrounded her.  They were all eager to compare their journeys and discuss the new workshops. She hugged several and tried to follow each tale but soon found it impossible. Finally holding up her hands for silence she spoke to them.

"I am happy to see each and every one of  you  here safe and sound,  and I am most eager to hear your tales.   But we have all  just completed a long journey and we have much to share." She paused, "Perhaps you will grant me this evening to get settled, bath and rest before that happens. I am eager  to see the new workrooms and will meet with you all there after breakfast tomorrow. Until then my friends, may you all be well."

At that the crowd dispersed with calls of welcome and bids of "Rest well, my lady."

 She reached out and stopped  one elf  just as  he turned to follow the others. "Medli, did you happen to loose something along the trail?"

He looked at her in bewilderment. "How could you know that, my lady?  Both Edrahil and I lost our cows."

"Well if you check the back of this wagon, I think you will find a couple of replacements." she answered with a very pleased grin.

Hearing a loud bellow, he faced the back of the wagon and gasped. "Bein, is that you old girl?"  Reaching her he quickly hugged her neck.  "It is you. I thought you were dead. How did you  manage to survive?" 

"My lady, Thank you, I was really worried about her and I am very glad she didn't wind up as yrch food.  I will see that this other reluctant one is return to her owner."

Erestor studied her as she spoke with her people. Although she dealt with them with genuine affection she clearly was their  leader.  He noted the deep respect accorded her by the older members of her group, some of whom he had recognised as well know warriors from the battle at Dagorlad.   Such respect is seldom earned by ellyth  and  a young one at that.  She was definitely was going to require some further  study  to  fully appreciate.

Smiling, she sighed and turned back to Erestor.  "My lord, if we may ask, what arrangements have been made for living quarters? A bath and bed would be most welcome."

"For the next couple of nights we have set aside guest rooms here in the main house for you. Both Lord Elrond and I felt that it would be easier if you didn't have to worry about settling in immediately upon your arrival.  I know you will want to see the workshops as soon as possible and any available  houses so that you could select one.  Lord Elrond would also like you to consider staying in the main house now that only Lady Saeldae  and yourself remain of your family. We have more than enough room and we would find it most enjoyable to have the laughter of ellyth  around us again."
Both Amarie and Sadi looked at each other taken aback at this last proposal.  "My lord, I don't know what to say.  This is much more than we ever expected."

"Well it is not a decision that must be made now. There is a suite of rooms that we had in mind for both of you if you did so choose. After you have seen them and had some time to think about it you can let us know your decision. Now if you both will come this way, I will show you where your rooms are situated. Your packs are already there and there is plenty of hot water for your use.  I will have some food sent up and you can relax and seek your beds as you wish."

    Again exchanging stunned glances, Amarie and Sadi followed him up the stairs and into the main house. 
Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain- House of a Thousand Jeweled Threads
Saeldae – wise shadow
Medli –bear
Bein – beauty

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