In Dreams: 17. Measure Twice, Cut Once

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17. Measure Twice, Cut Once

Chapter Seventeen
            Measure Twice, Cut Once

Erestor walked through the newly renovated storerooms and was pleased with the results.  They were flooded with sunlight and the addition of the sliding glass doors had been pure genius.  The doors now stood open and the early morning breezes were chasing the last remnants of lingering paint odor  away. He was also pleased with the colors the artisans had selected. Instinctively they had chosen the soft muted colors of  summer forests, and there was a feeling of serenity that would assist any intense artistic activities.
The first group to arrive had looked at and quickly approved the offered space.  One artisan had suggested that instead of installing windows along the outer walls that maybe a series of sliding doors fitted with the large windows already available would work extremely well. The walls had to be opened up anyway and it wouldn't take much more construction to install proper headers to carry roof loads and handle the doors. That would allow them to open the work areas to the now completed terrace gardens and even move some of the smaller work table and looms outside when desired. Other changes had included some reconfiguration and construction of an office for Amarie, several small storage rooms for supplies and the addition of fireplaces to keep the dampness from the nearby river away.  These would not be finished for several days and one had yet to be added to one of the smaller areas that would serve as a kitchen and gathering room for the workers.
Several of the women were discussing what kind and color of fabric they would use to make the huge drapes they would hang across the doors to control light levels and errant winter breezes if needed. One approached Erestor with a request. Would it be possible to add a pergola outside over the doors so that they could plant some sweet scented climbing bushes to provide shade to work under during fine weather, maybe wisteria or honeysuckle? Chagrined that he had not thought of it before, he quickly agreed and sought out the chief carpenter to add it to his list of things remaining to be done.
After strolling through the newly planted areas of the former sorting floors, Erestor made a mental note to see about adding some benches and other decorative art to compliment its new beauty. Well, satisfied with the progress he nodded to the Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain workers and headed up to the main house where he intended to tackle the pile of growing paper work on his desk.
Nearly all of the families from the second group were settled into their new quarters and had shown up to help out with the final painting and installing the workshop equipment. As the looms were assembled he could see Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain coming to life.  They were just waiting for the last group to arrive with the final pieces of equipment and the mistress of Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain herself to consider themselves complete.

With the exception of the burned elleth and her small son, all of the injured had left the Healing Hall and returned to their families.  Elrond had continued to watch over them and had found himself the caretaker of the infamous Juicy for a short time until his young master could reclaim him.  The visits of the small dog had eased the recovery of the ellon and he would soon be able to rejoin his ada and older thel in their new home.

Erestor pushed back from his desk and picked up the stack of finished reports and letters that would need Elronds review before they were sent out.  He hoped that the problem that had prompted Elrond to take the trip to one of the outer settlements in Imladris would be resolved quickly and he would return soon.

Elrond had called him into his library the day before and waved a sheet of paper in his hand.
" I think it is finally time for me to deal with this matter at Tithen Lanthir. Whether they like it or not they will need to rebuild the bridge if they want to continue to live up there. There is no way to insure their safety if the patrols can't cross regularly."
"They will fight you.  They say that it gives a clear road to anyone coming in from the badlands."
"I know, and I have considered that possibility.  But we need to be able to be able to move patrols across there rapidly in all seasons and there isn't another point to do that for many miles."
"I have been thinking about something that might solve the problem. I have discussed it with one of the military engineers here.  Do you remember that temporary bridge that they put up across the little gorge on the approach at Barad-dur?  It had that support that could be pulled or broken and the main span dropped."
"You are right, I had forgotten about that."
"Why don't you take the engineer with you. It may solve the problem to everyone's satisfaction."
"I will.  I had hoped to be here for the arrival of Lady Amarie and the last of the Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain groups but this can no longer wait. The weather will make it difficult for any building soon.  I will leave at first light tomorrow and shouldn't be gone for more than a week. If the Lady Amarie keeps to her schedule she should be here be here in three days. It looks like you have everything well in hand so I will leave it to you to meet them and get them settled."
Erestor had nodded and quickly made the necessary arrangements for Elrond and his escort's trip. After he had mounted his horse and readied to leave early that morning, Elrond had reined in his horse and rode back to Erestor.
"One last thing, mellon nin. during a conversation with one of Lady Amarie's people, he indicated that she is eager to see those tapestries in the library.  If she asks to before I return, would you show them to her and answer any questions she may have?  Also show her the three in my sitting room, she may find those especially interesting since they were made by Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain to her grandmother's design."  He waved and turned back to the other riders, trotting out through the front gate without a backward glance.
Erestor returned the wave and entered  the main house pondering these last instructions.  Elrond seldom invited strangers into his private rooms. His interest in the Lady Amarie was something that bore watching.
Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain – House Of A Thousand Jewelled Threads
Tithen Lanthir -Little Falls (water)
mellon nin - Friend

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