In Dreams: 15. A Strange Encounter

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15. A Strange Encounter

Chapter Fifteen

A Strange Encounter

                            *    *    *    *    *
She was standing in a place she did not know but she felt no fear. She knew this was a dream, that something or someone had called to her and she had come as bidden.  But this call was one that was new and unfamiliar.
The shadows of large trees surrounded her and only the faintest light of stars filtered through their many branches. She felt disoriented.  Where was she?
"So at last we meet wanderer of dreams," the words brushed lightly across her mind but she sensed the power behind them.
She looked around seeking the source but found no one. "Who calls to me out of the dark and hides their face? Come forth so that I may know the one who summoned me."
Gently the voice came again. "You need not fear me child, I merely wished to know your heart. You seek one that is close to me and I would not have more pain or grief added to the load he already carries."
"I seek no one," she protested.
"In your dreams you have sought and found one who answered your call."
"But they are only dreams, they are not real, he does not exist."
A shimmer of little golden and silver flashes filled her mind and she sensed laughter.  "There have been many who wished he did not, but even more who rejoice that he does."
elleth stood there in deep thought for a moment then demanded. "You say he exists.  Who is this elf that he holds the interest of a mighty one?"
The shimmer of laughter came again, "That must remain hidden for a time."
elleth sighed and shrugged. "As you will. Ask what you want."
"May I seek the answers within your
faer? I would not do so unbidden."
She hesitated then nodded apprehensively. She felt a gentle touch float across her mind, then blossom into a warm golden light that seem to flood every corner then fade and withdraw.
There was silence for a while and she sensed that her visitor was sorting through whatever it had found.
There was a sigh, "You have carried a large load for one so young and it seems you have become single minded to do it well. Your dreams have become the only personal pleasure that you allow yourself." There was a pause.  "I found no darkness in you."
"Did you expect to?" she looked puzzled.

"Darkness can be disguised in many ways. Even the mightiest have been fooled upon occasion."
elleth considered that awhile then nodded.
The shimmer of laughter touched her again. "Little wanderer of dreams, I have found what I sought. You will not remember our encounter but go with my thanks and be well."
She felt a gentle caress on her cheek and the tree branches moved silently as if a strong wind had stirred them and then all was quiet.   

elleth-female elf

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