In Dreams: 13. Bad News

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13. Bad News

Chapter Thirteen

                    Bad News

"Lord Elrond," a house elf burst into the library out of breath.

Elrond looked up from the letter he was writing and frowned momentarily as he lost his train of thought. Erestor turned from the desk suddenly alert.

"My lord," he continued, "the group from Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain is just now arriving and there appears to have been trouble. There are injuries."

Erestor looked back over his shoulder as he cleared the door, "I will alert the Healing Hall."

Elrond nodded as he stood and swiftly moved through the hall to the outer porch where he would be able judge the seriousness of the situation more fully. He reached it just as Glorfindel swept through the gate, closely followed by the wagons.

"Glori," he called down, "it is good to see you mellon nin. What has happened?"

Glorfindel looked up and waved, "A minute my lord. Let me sort this out and get the wounded on the way to the healers. There is only one serious one but there are a number with burns, cuts and a broken limb or two that are in pain and need some relief."

Elrond nodded his agreement and descended the stairs as healers arrived with litters to transfer the injured to the Healing Hall. Moving among the various wagons he gently accepted the wounded handed down from the arms of their worried family members.  He carried them to nearby litters and turned to reassure the family or friends who followed him to cluster around the form on the litter before he moved on to help with the next.  He was dismayed to see that there were several hin among them. Finally, all the wounded had been unloaded and were on the way to the Healing Hall.  He stood back and watched as Erestor who had just arrived join Glorfindel.
"Glori, we have rooms the rest can settle into for the time being and hostlers are coming up from the stables to move the wagons and care for the horses and livestock.  We can sort everything else out once everyone has had a chance to get cleaned up and have something to eat."

"Thanks, Erestor," he rubbed a tired hand across his eyes.

Just then a group of house elves poured out of the building to shepherd the rest of the group to their rooms and help them get settled. Satisfied that all of his charges were in now capable hands he turned back to Elrond and Erestor.

"Just let me check on my two wounded and then I will join you both in Elrond's' library and give you my report"

Elrond nodded but stayed him a moment placing his hand on Glorfindel's shoulder, "Is there any immediate concern or action we need to address?"

"No, thank the Valar, we didn't leave any of them alive."

"Go, then, we will wait for you upstairs." Elrond gently urged him on his way.

A short time later Glorfindel enter the library and faced his lord.

"What happen Glori?" Elrond looked at the tired warrior in concern. "Are you all right?

Glorfindel made a face and crossed to the carafe of miruvor on the table and poured a glass. Turning he retraced his steps and dropped into a chair.

"I am fine, I am just angry with myself  for allowing this to happen."

Elrond and Erestor exchange looks but remained quiet. After a long time Glorfindel looked up.

"It was three nights ago just after we had finished settling for the night. A band of yrch managed to get by our sentries and attacked. We were able to drive them off and in the process we killed seven. I sent a patrol out after the remainder and they successfully caught and killed them as well. When we managed to get everyone calmed down and checked for injuries we had a mother badly burned from rescuing her son from their burning wagon, four wounded by arrows including one of my sentries, two broken arms, one broken ankle, seven assorted sword cuts, two head injuries resulting from club hits, several other lesser scrapes, burns, and cuts, one burned wagon which is a total loss, three wagon with moderate burn damage, two dead and five injured horses, and one dead and two missing cows."  He paused and took another drink. " I guess as far as raids go, this one was fairly innocuous, but damn, it still makes me angry when I think how bad it could have been with all the hin and young ones."

"The next morning after I was sure that we had stabilised the injured as well as we could, I ordered the wagon teams hitched up, loaded every one on board and pressed them to travel as fast as they were able to. The cattle unfortunately slowed us down some and we didn't take time to locate the missing two.

    Looking up, he suddenly grinned, "I've been giving the young ones "warrior" training with wooden swords and staffs, partly to keep them busy and out of mischief and partly to drain some of their energy. Sometime into the attack, when I was faced with a particularly nasty orc, Tuor, one of the older ellyn came racing up from somewhere and stabbed the orc  in the leg with a sword he picked up from the Valar knows where and yelled that he was a bad orc and how dare he attack his Glorfindel.  Both the orc and I were so stunned that we just stood there for a moment staring down at him. Luckily I recovered first and was able to take him down as well as get the ellon back under the protection of one of the wagons before I faced any other attacks."

Shaking his head in amusement, he added.  "I gave him a good scolding later for taking the risk and he had to march some extra "training drills"  for "disobeying orders", but what a warrior he is going to make if he survives."

miruvor - Rivendell cordial much prized in middle earth
Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain - house of a thousand jewelled threads
mellon nin. -  my friend
ellon – young male elf
elleth- elf maiden
ellyn-male elves

hin children

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