In Dreams: 11. One Last Goodby

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11. One Last Goodby

Chapter Eleven

                    One Last Goodbye

At last, all of Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain was on the way to Imladris! Amarie was both excited and sad. Riding in the first wagon with Sadi, she turned and looked back at the other two wagons and all the riders.  This time there was only sadness and tears on the faces of the remaining villagers as the group pulled out. A sizable part of their friends and families were now gone.

Amarie had spent her last day wandering the empty buildings and gardens of the workshops, living quarters and the village reliving memories from her childhood and other wonderful times with her grandparents. Entering the family living quarters, she stopped at the side garden entrance.  Now overgrown, she sighed at its tangle of vines and shrubs.  Here her aunt Lalaith had played hide and seek patiently with her when Amarie had been a young elleth and in the evenings  over there by the fire her grandfather told her tales of their past great elven warriors and leaders before carrying her off to bed on his shoulders. She smiled remembering how many of those had emerged on her many tapestries over the centuries. Over there near the big windows that looked out over the valley her grandmother had first taught her to draw and helped her to develop her skills in designing the cartoons for her tapestries.

She continued on into the main workshop complex. Over there in the smallest workroom, her grandfather had set up her first simple loom that he had carved and built for her and her grandmother taught her how to thread the warp threads on to it and hang the clay or metal weights to keep the threads straight.   She learned to keep the two rows of warp threads apart with the headles  moving them to and fro so she could send the shuttle and wefts back and forth through the warp and created her first simple pieces. It was packed away now and lay safely stowed among their few pieces of furniture on the wagon. Perhaps one day she would teach her own little elleth the intricacies of weaving and carrying on the next generation of tapestry makers.

She smiled sadly as she closed the doors for the last time and left the workshop compound. Locking the doors behind her, she carried the keys across the village center and left them with the wife of the chief.  She would see that they were passed on to the new occupants.  A number of families would soon be moving into the compound after they left as it afforded more security then where they were now.  Amarie was glad that the buildings would not stand empty and she did not begrudge them the space.  It had been full of life for a long time in the past and it was reassuring that there would be life there for a while longer.

Now she had to turn her thoughts to the future. Tomorrow they would be leaving for a new beginning. Lord Elrond had sent a letter and a group of six warriors to accompany the Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain wagons and the other elves destined for the Grey Havens. He explained that while she had not asked for the protection, they were becoming part of Imladris and he would feel much better knowing that her people had the protection available just in case it was needed.

The Imladris warriors reported that they had passed the second group two weeks into their trip and they indicated they had run into only minor problems, a horse had gone lame and a couple of cows were proving reluctant to follow the rest of the group. They had been delayed a day but took the opportunity for rest and doing much needed personal chores of laundry and general cleanup.

Additionally the young ones were proving restless and difficult to keep out of mischief. Lord Glorfindel had started the older ones, both ellyn and ellyth in "warrior" training, setting them to watch the road as they traveled for things that the front scouts had left or landmarks they had identified.  He also instituted "weapons training" with wooden swords or staffs during the mid day break. Other than a few bruises and bumps they seem to be enjoying it. The younger ones were given drills that taught them where to gather in case of an attack. After the evening meal and chores were done, he was also giving everyone lessons in tracking. It had helped to drain off some of that restless energy, but poor Glorfindel now found to his dismay that he himself was the object of many small hero worshipers who followed him around constantly.

While Amarie found the whole report highly amusing she also found herself full of sympathy for the proud warrior. How unsettled he must have been when faced with all the young ones hanging on his every word and copying his every move. Certainly this was not an experience he would have enjoyed. She wondered if he had a mate or young ones.

Angrod the leader of the Grey Havens elves was also the accepted leader for the Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain elves during their portion of the trip.    Amarie found herself curiously relaxed and happy to let the others make decisions affecting their travels for now. Their first day had proven uneventful and they would be stopping soon to make their first camp. The sharp jerk of the wagon as it navigated a deep rut pulled Amarie back out of her thoughts.

Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain – house of a thousand jewelled threads   
Elleth – young female elf
Ellon – male elf
Ellyn-male elves

Ellyth-female eleves

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