Shadow and Silver: 6. Gloss

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6. Gloss

Words and Proper Names Explained

Aman: the continent of Valinor.

Edain: Elf-friends, the three mortal Houses who joined the Elves in
the battle against Morgoth

Eilinel: woman of Dorthonion, slain by Sauron, whose image was projected
as a trap for her husband Gorlim, who under the delusion that she was still
alive betrayed Barahir and his other companions, when Morgoth's commander
deceptively promised a reunion with her as reward for his treason. (After
being killed in turn, Gorlim himself managed to warn Beren of danger, but
it was too late for Beren to reach his father before the enemy troops reached
their hideout.)

Emeldir: Lady of the House of Bëor, wife of Barahir, mother of
Beren, and warrior-trained, who led the last refugees (including Morwen
and Rian, the mothers of Turin and Tuor) out of war-torn Dorthonion before
vanishing from recorded history.

Endor: other name for the landmass of Middle-earth.

Engwar: "the Sickly Ones", Elven term for mortals.

Ered Gorgoroth: the Mountains of Terror, range dividing the southern
border of Dorthonion from Doriath.

Ered Luin: the Blue Mountains, the eastern borders of Beleriand. These
are the same Blue Mountains that in later Ages are located in the north-west
of Middle-earth.

fëa: spirit, soul, considered separately from the whole
person as a natural unity of mind and body. Plural fëar.

Finarfin: youngest son of Finwë, who repented and turned back from
the flight of the Noldor, and became King after his father's murder; father
of Finrod, Aegnor, Angrod, Orodreth and Galadriel.

Finwë: King of the Noldor, father of Fëanor by Miriel, and
of Fingolfin and Finarfin by his second wife Indis.

Firstborn, Eldar: Elven words for themselves

Hírilorn: the tall, three-trunked beech tree in which Lúthien
was imprisoned by her father's command.

hröa: the body, considered apart from the whole person,
composed of the elements of the earth. Plural hröar.

the Hunter: title of the Vala Oromë, who battled Morgoth in the
early days of the world and led the Elves from Cuivinen to the West.

the Ice, the Helcaraxë: the frozen straights crossed by the Noldor
host to reach Middle-earth after their abandonment by Fëanor in the
stolen Ships.

Lord of Dogs: title of Huan, who possessed the authority and power to
command all good animals, and who alone of the Hounds bred by Oromë
accompanied the Noldor in their rebellion, falling under their Doom in
so doing.

Master of Wolves, the Necromancer: titles of the Fallen Maia Sauron,
Morgoth's chief commander, who both employed werewolves and could transform
into one at will.

Melian: Lúthien's mother, a Maia in the service of Lórien,
the garden of the Powers of Dreaming, Visions, and Healing, who chose to
travel and explore Middle-earth, where she met, fell in love with, and
married an Elf.

Minas Tirith: "Tower of Guard," another name for Tol Sirion, the river-fort
built by Finrod Felagund that guarded the access through the mountains
between the plains of Ard-galen and Southern Beleriand; renamed Tol-in-Gaurhoth,
Isle of Werewolves, after its capture by Sauron.

Nargothrond: hidden cave-city-fortress, capital of the largest Elven
kingdom in Beleriand, founded by Finrod.

Noldor: the second host of the Eldar to travel to Aman, masters of scientific
and artistic knowledge, and the first to become warriors.

Pelóri: the mountains protecting Valinor, tallest in the world,
raised belatedly to repel further invasion by Morgoth.

Rivil: tributary of the Sirion, originating at Rivil's Well, a hot-springs
in Dorthonion, also the location at which Beren caught up with his father's

Secondborn, Atani, the Sickly Ones: Elven words for mortal Men

Sindar: the Grey-elves, those who followed Oromë westward but for
various reasons never crossed the Sea to Valinor; among them was Elu, known
as Thingol, Lúthien's father and King in Beleriand of the Elves
who stayed behind.

the Speakers: Quendi, that by which the earliest Elves termed
themselves, for the most important quality they perceived about their race.

Tar-nu-Fuin: the Nightshade, name given to the forests bordering Dorthonion
which were burned in the Dagor Bragollach and grew back twisted and deadly
to intruders.

tercen: insight, that preternatural Elven ability, as distinguished
from apacen, foresight, both of which are generally included in
our term "the Sight".

Uinen: Maia of the Sea, who got around the ban on interfering with the
Noldor to avenge the Teleri after the Kinslaying by mourning, which aroused
terrible storms and wrecked many of Fëanor's stolen ships. Her limitless
hair, apparently the currents of the oceans, was invoked by Lúthien
as sympathetic magic in the spell used in the latter's escape.

Valaróma: the Horn of Oromë, which was sounded not only
in battle against the creatures of Morgoth, but in creative power to assist
Yavanna in wakening the growing things of the earth at the beginning.

Valmar: the "capital" city of the Powers, in Aman.

the Wrestler: title of the Vala Tulkas, deadly enemy of Morgoth, also
called Astaldo, "the Valiant."

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