Of The Princes: 6. Pleasure Cruise - Imrahil

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6. Pleasure Cruise - Imrahil

"I woke, and you were not there."

Imrahil laid a hand on the slim arm that had gone around his waist. "I was bidding the sea good-night," he confessed. " 'Tis a years-long habit, whenever I am a-shipboard."

"You are be-swanned," she said, surprise in her voice, and light fingers touched the back of his shoulder. "I would not have thought."

"You only now noticed?"

A pause. "I have never been in a position to notice," she replied, and Imrahil could almost hear her blushing. But then warm lips kissed the tattoo he could not see, and he was pleased at the careful touch.

She slid her other arm around him, and laid her cheek against the flat of his shoulder blade. The silk of her dressing gown was cool against his back; the gentle breeze made her loose hair dance, tickling the nape of his neck.

They looked out over the smooth clean water silently, motionless except for her thumb idly brushing his wrist, and Imrahil could not remember when he had last been so content.

She shivered when the wind kicked up briefly, and he turned his head toward her. "We should go below," he said. "Your father will likely take you back if I allow you to catch a chill on your wedding night."

He felt her smile against his skin. "Not until you are quite finished bidding your mistress good evening," she replied, both teasing and not. "It would not do to make her angry."

He chuckled, but did not deny the truth of her words. He turned, drew her to stand next to him. "I am almost finished," he said. "I had thought to introduce you to one another."

She gave a brilliant, sweet smile, tilting her face up to be kissed, and the waves against the hull were a hushed sigh.

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Author: EdorasLass

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Era: 3rd Age - The Stewards

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Of The Princes

Bodkin - 02 Aug 06 - 6:07 AM

Ch. 6: Pleasure Cruise - Imrahil

Beautiful.  I love happy Imrahil.  With his wife and mistress!  At least his other beloved is one his wife can accept.  (And I don't think she would willingly let her father take her back!)

Of The Princes

EdorasLass - 02 Aug 06 - 7:13 PM

Ch. 6: Pleasure Cruise - Imrahil

Bodkin - Thank you! I have a very soft spot for Imrahil, as you may or may not have noticed. :)   And you're so right - I don't think she'd go back to her father without an arguement!


Of The Princes

DKP - 10 Nov 06 - 4:38 PM

Ch. 6: Pleasure Cruise - Imrahil

Oh, that was simply lovely - understated but marvelously descriptive. I have never been in a position to notice. Heh!

All of the tidbits in this series were wonderful, by the way. But I'm a bit of an Imrahil nut, so this one with a happy and romantic Imrahil particularly spoke to me. Thank you for sharing it!


Of The Princes

EdorasLass - 26 Nov 06 - 6:16 PM

Ch. 6: Pleasure Cruise - Imrahil

Sorry, I must have missed your comment!

I'm a bit of an Imrahil nut, too, if that wasn't obvious, :) and he really is fun to write all romantic and content.


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