Light and Darkness: 18. Chapter Seventeen

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18. Chapter Seventeen

This time it was Legolas who slept, his head pillowed on Haldir's arm and his hair spread out like a golden fan.  Haldir watched him, feeling the warmth of the prince's body as they lay skin against skin from shoulder to ankle, and yet even now he could scarcely believe what his eyes were telling him.  And so from time to time he had to reach out and touch Legolas' sleeping form, caressing him lightly on the cheek or on the chest or letting his fingers stray below the sheets.  Even in his sleep Legolas stirred at Haldir's touch, his lips parting for a moment in a sigh.

Only one candle still burnt tall and straight in its brass holder, and outside the forest was hushed in a deep brooding silence.  Haldir wished the dawn would never come, but it was not long before a faint greyness began to show through the window, illuminating the planes of Legolas' face.  Haldir moved even closer to him as if that could stop the world turning towards morning, but at last he gently eased his arm out from under Legolas' shoulder and slid out of bed.

Legolas opened his eyes to the sight of Haldir pulling on his clothes.

'Is it morning already?' he said, still only half-awake.

'Nearly so,' said Haldir.  'I must leave you.'

Legolas stretched languidly before pushing himself up and leaning back against the pillows.

'Must you?  Why so soon, Haldir?'

'I'm to meet Saelon who is taking me to see your new guardposts.  I must hurry: what would he think of Lorien if I were late, Legolas?'

Legolas smiled.  'He would think something else occupied you, something which you couldn't easily turn away,' he said, and he got to his knees and moved to the edge of the bed nearest Haldir, letting the sheet slip off him. 

Haldir glanced at him quickly, then, catching sight of his naked body with its morning erection, came to a complete standstill.

'Legolas…' he said, pleadingly, 'don't do this to me.  I must go.'

'Well,' said Legolas, draping himself with the sheet again.  'Come back to me soon, Haldir …'

'I'll see you after dark,' said Haldir, leaning over and kissing him hastily.  'Say nothing to anyone, Legolas.  Let this be just between us.'

'Say nothing?  Why?' said Legolas, but Haldir was already out of the door and striding away among the trees.


It was long after nightfall when there came a soft knock at Legolas' door.  Busy with something by the fire, it was a few moments before he opened it.

'Haldir!' he said joyously, 'It must be nearly moonset.  I thought you weren't coming,' but Haldir shoved past him and closed the door.

'Why so hasty?' said Legolas, surprised.

'You don't wish all Mirkwood to know your business, do you?' said Haldir.  'In Lorien there is no more favoured topic of conversation than who is sleeping with whom, and I for one don't wish to become the subject of guardroom gossip.'

'Haldir…' began Legolas, but Haldir said,

'Besides, I can think of other things I'd far rather be doing than standing on your doorstep talking.  By the Valar, I don't know how I've got through this day, longing for you.  How could you torment me like that, displaying yourself in all your glorious beauty when you knew I had to leave you?'

And he pulled Legolas into his arms and kissed him.  Legolas surrendered to him, forgetting everything but Haldir's hard body pressed against his own.  Haldir's hand was sliding under the linen of his shirt, caressing his back.

'My beautiful Legolas,' he murmured.  'How could I have thought myself satisfied by any other lover?  Truly I knew nothing until I met you.'

Legolas smiled and reached out to take Haldir's cold face in his hands.

'That's what I've always told you,' he said.  'It's a pity it took you so long to find it out for yourself.'

Haldir grinned at him fiercely, then kissed him again.

'Haldir,' said Legolas breathlessly, when he was free, 'Take off your boots and cloak.  I have some food ready.  Are you hungry?'

'Always for you,' said Haldir, with a smouldering look.  'Is the door locked?'

'You lock it, while I prepare the food.'  Legolas went to the table which stood on the other side of the hearth and picking up a handful of chopped greenery, threw it into the pot which was bubbling gently over the fire.

'Are you a good cook?' said Haldir, coming back barefoot and, leaning his chin on Legolas' shoulder, he slid his arms round his waist.  'Of course you are, you're good at everything.  You're no idle spoilt princeling, are you, Legolas?'

'I should hope not,' said Legolas, reaching over for a bunch of carrots, the earth still on them.

'Where do you grow those?' asked Haldir.

'I have a garden,' said Legolas.  'Behind the house.'

Haldir sighed blissfully and kissed Legolas behind the ear.  'Is there nothing you can't do, paragon that you are?'

Legolas glanced back at him, one eyebrow raised.  'That's for you to find out,' he said.

Haldir sighed again and pressed even closer to him, hampering his efforts to clean and chop up the carrots.

'I know I'm hindering your labour,' he said, 'but I'm afraid I can't let you go.  Not only are you far too desirable, but also I'm very cold, and I need you to warm me.'

'I'm glad to be of service,' said Legolas.  His voice was calm and steady, but Haldir could feel the light trembling of the prince's body against his.

They fell silent.  The only sounds came from the pot bubbling over the fire, and the rhythmical slice and tap of the knife against the wooden chopping board.  Haldir closed his eyes, breathing in the smell of Legolas' hair and the mild musky tang of his skin.  All at once he was overcome by a wave of pure happiness, and it washed slowly and richly through him, leaving his skin tingling with the aftermath of it.  He let out his breath and was surprised to hear it emerge in something very like a sob.

'Haldir?' said Legolas, his hand pausing as he turned a little towards him.

Haldir didn't answer.  Instead he found himself sliding to his knees, his arms coming around Legolas' waist as he pillowed his cheek on his rump and rested against him.

'Sweeting,' said Legolas gently, laying his hand lightly on Haldir's head.

Haldir looked up at him unspeaking, eyes brilliant with desire, then turned his head and laid his mouth on the top of Legolas' thigh, feeling the weave of the linen cloth against his lips.  Lightly he pressed a kiss against it, then one hand came round and curved tenderly around the swell of the prince's buttock.

'You're so beautiful,' groaned Haldir, his voice vibrating through Legolas' body.  'I've never wanted anyone as much as I want you at this moment.'

Legolas said nothing, but he laid the knife down carefully on the table.  Haldir's hand tightened on his flesh, and he began to kiss him again, slow, open-mouthed kisses so that Legolas began to feel the moisture coming through the cloth on to his skin, from the top of his thigh horizontally all along his waist.  Legolas gasped softly and his hands curled round the edge of the table, gripping the wood.

Haldir's other hand was on the laces of Legolas' breeches, and a moment later he had loosened them, just enough for the cloth to slip down a few inches.  At once Haldir's mouth was on Legolas' skin, his tongue tracing the flat triangular bone just beneath the muscle at the base of his spine.  Legolas gasped again and his knees shook, but he stayed upright, feeling tingling currents of pleasure running down into his groin and up into his chest, so that the blood began to pulse in his swelling cock and hardening nipples.

'Ahhh,' groaned Haldir, letting the cloth fall further so that he could begin to slide his tongue down between the cool flesh of Legolas' cheeks.  'How can you be…so hard…and yet…so soft…?' he gasped, his hand filled with the firm muscle of Legolas' rump while his mouth laved the smooth yielding skin.

Legolas muttered something but already he was almost past speech, his breath coming in short harsh gasps as he arched further over the table to give Haldir room to reach him.  Slowly Haldir worked his way across every inch of Legolas' flesh, letting the linen slide slowly, tantalisingly downwards, but keeping it taut at the front so that Legolas' cock was still imprisoned by it.  Legolas shifted against him but Haldir would not release him until he had had his fill, and could feel the prince shuddering against him. 

'Your body is…heaven…to me…' murmured Haldir, then suddenly released the cloth around Legolas' cock so that his breeches puddled around his ankles.  'And it will be…heaven to you…also,' he promised.  Legolas drew in a sharp breath.

'I am…already there,' he said hoarsely.

Haldir laughed softly, then laid his right hand on the prince's back, pushing him down so that his body arched forward even more.  For a second or two Haldir gazed at him, murmuring incoherently as he caressed the damp skin of his back, admiring the slender curve of his waist above his tightly-muscled arse.

Then the prince said, 'Haldir…' in a hoarse trembling voice, and Haldir bent forward and put his mouth low on his rump, letting his tongue slide between the cleft of his buttocks.  Legolas cried out softly, and Haldir took hold of his flesh and parted it so that he could touch him deep, flicking at the star-shaped entrance to his body.  Legolas began to shudder, and Haldir pressed the tip of his tongue right into the heart of him, feeling him tighten and then yield.  Haldir reached down urgently and unlaced his own breeches, trembling as the cool air touched the sensitive exposed head of his own hard cock.

Legolas was saying his name in a soft sobbing murmur, and Haldir reached forward and caressed the prince's cock, its moist exposed head sliding between his fingers.  The feeling was so wonderful that Haldir was suddenly close to coming.  He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, panting and gasping, his head spinning.

'Haldir…beloved…' groaned the prince again, and Haldir got up from his knees and fell across Legolas, clinging on to him, his eyes pricking with tears.  Half-blind, he reached down and anointed his own cock with the sweet juices that flowed from it, then let his fingers slide down between Legolas' legs and touched him deep, opening him.  Legolas groaned and pushed back against him, and Haldir guided the head of his cock to where his fingers were, and slowly slid into the prince's body.

The moment was one of unutterable bliss.  Arched forward and half-upright, the prince was deeper and tighter than any lover Haldir had ever had, and Haldir's whole body began to tremble with the pleasure of it.  He gasped out the prince's name and Legolas answered him, reaching back and turning his face so that their mouths met in a hot lingering kiss.   Haldir anchored himself to Legolas, one hand gripping his left hip, but the other hand began to stray over Legolas' body, curving under his jaw and down his upraised neck, then under his shirt, grazing over and squeezing each tight nipple, then moving down to slide over his stiff slippery cock.  The rhythm rose in them then, and as one they began to swing forward and back, Legolas locking himself against Haldir so that he would pierce him deep and hard.

At first the movement came slow and smooth, like some ancient dance that they knew in their bones.  They swung together for neither knew how long, aware of nothing but the breaching of whatever boundary there had been between them, so that now they flowed into each other like a deep vast river.  But after a long time the rhythm changed, and something urgent grew between them, and they began to cry out for each other.  Legolas flung himself forward, spread-eagled across the table, setting objects flying and smashing themselves on the floor, and Haldir seized hold of his hips, pushing his flesh apart and thrusting into him.  Legolas gripped the edge of the table so hard that his knuckles stood out white under his skin, but his sobbing cries were joyful, and at last Haldir felt the muscles of Legolas' rump tighten and then the prince came with a sharp harsh cry, which elided into a shuddering murmur which went on and on.

The sound went deep into Haldir's body, and his orgasm burst from him like a blaze of light, almost burning him so that he shouted out, astonished and aflame.  And then he heard Legolas' voice, still murmuring the same note, and it was so soft and sated and sure that the burning in him eased to a glow, and he stretched out and wrapped his arms round Legolas, but still the blood pounded so hot and strong in him that he was almost afraid.

At last Legolas' voice fell silent, although his breath was quick and loud as if he had been running.  Haldir leaned against him, still lodged inside his body, still hard even now, skin sealed against skin with the sweat of their coupling.  Legolas' eyes were closed and his lips slightly apart, and Haldir's body was hoisted gently up and down by the prince's labouring breaths.  Gradually Legolas' breathing slowed and after a long time Haldir made to withdraw from him, but Legolas reached out blindly, one-handed, and dragged him back.  Willingly Haldir lay against him, prepared to wait until the prince would let him go.  Time passed, and, no longer hard, Haldir felt himself slide out of the prince's body.  Legolas felt it also, murmuring something, then turning and pressing his mouth to Haldir's in a bruising kiss.

Again Haldir made to rise but Legolas would not release him, so Haldir slid his arms under the prince's body and lifted him up, and half-carrying him, moved to the rug by the hearth and stretched out with him.  Legolas' arms came round him again, winding him in a tight embrace.

'Is there anything you want, sweeting?' asked Haldir, but Legolas couldn't speak, could do nothing but hold him, his head buried against Haldir's neck, his mouth on his skin.

Haldir rested against him, enraptured.  He could feel his love for Legolas pulsing in every cell of his body, and now that the prince lay open and surrendered in his arms he remembered Legolas' words the first time they had come together after the scouring of Dol Guldur, and he knew that truly Legolas had taught him the meaning of tenderness.

Legolas didn't sleep but for a long time he drifted in a half-dreaming state, murmuring incoherently to Haldir while his fingers stroked him in tiny erratic gentle movements.  Haldir let himself be taken by the prince's mood, letting the buzz of arousal drain out of his body to be replaced by the soft hum of exhaustion.  He gazed at Legolas through half-closed eyes, his heart full to the brim with happiness.  Two thousand years ago when he was newly come of age, this was how he had imagined physical pleasure to be, but not until now had he known it with his own body.  He felt as if the years since then had been wiped away, and he was young and carefree again, made new by this sacred act of love.

Stretched out half-naked and entwined with Legolas, he felt warm and comfortable close to the fire, and the skin of his face was soon hot and tight with its radiant heat.  His eyes were just beginning to close when he heard Legolas say his name drowsily.

Haldir rested his hand against the prince's cheek and kissed him gently.

'I'm here,' he said soothingly.

'Haldir,' murmured the prince again.  'You're…when I'm…Valar…can't find the words…'

'Then say nothing,' said Haldir with a long luxurious sigh, wrapping his arms tightly around him.

'No,' insisted Legolas, struggling up on to his elbow.  'I must…Haldir…something has changed.'

'What?' said Haldir, suddenly alert and cautious.

'I…I feel safe.'

'Safe?' said Haldir, uncomprehending.

'Yes.   Just now…I…abandoned myself to you…and…you weren't hesitant, Haldir.  For the first time, that part of you that wants to…run from me…it was gone, Haldir.  You were wholehearted.'

His eyes were intensely blue as he gazed at Haldir.

'You love me, Haldir.  And you know it.  That's why you're different.'

Haldir looked away, a deep blush rising to his cheeks.

'Legolas, I'm not very good at this kind of conversation,' he said gruffly.

'You surprise me,' said Legolas gently, reaching out and turning Haldir's face back to his with a hand on his cheek.  'I thought you were famed as a writer and declaimer of tender sonnets, Guardian of Lorien.'

Haldir burst out laughing.  Legolas pulled him into his arms and kissed him hard.  Afterwards they untangled themselves from each other, and the prince sat up languidly and stretched like a cat.

'Are you hungry?' he said.  Haldir raised an eyebrow, then let his eyes rove suggestively across Legolas' body.

'No, for food, Haldir!' exclaimed the prince, laughing.  'By Elbereth, you're insatiable!'

'For food?  Certainly, as long as you have some more crockery,' said Haldir, glancing around him.

Legolas followed his gaze, and his eyes widened as he saw the broken pottery and other objects littering the floor.

'Did I…?'

'You did,' said Haldir, gazing at him through half-closed eyes.  'At least I know that when the moment comes, you care more about getting your fill of me than about the supper…'

Legolas threw him a wicked smile.

'You're truly generous, Haldir, in every way,' he said, husky-voiced, and he pulled him into his arms and kissed him again.

'Enough, now!' he said at last.  'You've satisfied one of my body's hungers, now let's deal with the other.'

Quickly they dressed and tidied the room, then sat down opposite one another at the table with plates of stewed venison and potatoes but no carrots.

'Will you not be missed?' said Haldir, eating ravenously.

'It makes no difference if I am,' said Legolas.  'We don't stand on ceremony in my father's court.'

'Is that because Thranduil has no queen?' said Haldir.

Legolas did not answer at once, and, glancing up, Haldir caught the fleeting expression of grief that crossed his face.

'Forgive me,' said Haldir, reaching out and laying his hand on the prince's.  'It's as I told you, I'm a clumsy fool who has no skill at conversation.'

'It's no matter,' said Legolas, smiling but a little subdued.  'It's a natural question to ask.'

He pondered for a moment.

'Perhaps it is so,' he said.  'My mother went over Sea when evil came to Dol Guldur the first time.  She couldn't bear to face what might be another long waiting for war to come, as there had been in the previous age before the Last Alliance.  She left soon after I had reached my majority, and my father's rule became less courtly and more soldierly.  My father's sister Tiriel, who is mother to my cousin Surindel, offered to take on some of my mother's royal duties.  But my father was deeply grieved at my mother's going, and so painful was any remembrance of her that even the sight of his sister in her place was too difficult to contemplate, and for many years he lived an almost solitary life, without a royal court.'


'I've always been close to him, and with my mother gone we became closer still.  He allowed a few others near him: Tiriel and Surindel; Saelon; and one of his captains who is dead now.  My father never neglected his duties, but for a long time he had little joy.  There were others who would have been only too pleased to fill my mother's place, but he has never for a moment considered taking another companion '

Legolas broke off and for a moment or two his eyes were blind with remembrance before he began to speak again.

'But even without my mother's going, my father has little love for the trappings of Kingship.  It's the simplicity of the wood elves that he admires most greatly, and seeks to emulate.'

'I'm sorry you've had to carry such a grief,' said Haldir, not looking at Legolas, but gently caressing the inside of his wrist.

'Many have stories of loss to tell,' said Legolas.  'Maybe you have also, Haldir.'

Haldir's face closed down.  'Both my parents have taken ship.  It was a long time ago,' he said, in a dead, flat tone.  'But I have my brothers.  And I have Lorien.'

Legolas watched his face, seeing the struggle he was having to keep it impassive.

'You know what it is to be lonely, as I do, Haldir,' he said gently.

Haldir looked up at him sharply.  'No more than most,' he said defiantly.

Legolas bowed his head.  'Well, I've lived with a new kind of loneliness these last years,' he said.  'One which I must perforce take as a friend, since I venture we'll both come to know it intimately in the time ahead.'

Haldir said nothing.  Pushing away his empty plate, he stretched out his legs under the table and crossed his arms over his chest.

'Do you have anything to drink?' he said brusquely.

Legolas got up and went over to a cupboard near the hearth, then returned with a bottle and some glasses.  Silently he poured out two measures, pulling his chair round so that he could sit close to Haldir, who drained his glass in one draught and immediately filled it up again.

'You're right, this isn't the time to talk of loneliness,' said Legolas.

'I didn't say so,' said Haldir.

'Nevertheless,' said Legolas.  'I'll tell you about the times I wasn't lonely.'

'And which times were they?' said Haldir, draining his glass and holding it out for refilling.

'The times I've had lovers,' said Legolas.

Haldir gave a snort of laughter.  'Think you I wish to hear about those times?' he said.  'Do you seek to arouse my jealousy?'

'I do not.  I seek to reveal myself to you, so that you'll know who it is who loves you so well.'

'This is how you show your love?' said Haldir wryly, drinking deeply from his glass.

'The tale is short,' said Legolas.  'There have been only three.  One just before I reached my majority, when first Mithrandir came to us.  But he wished for offspring, and found an elf-maiden to bind with him.  Then another, many years later.'  Legolas' voice softened.  'He was kind and gentle.'

'And beautiful too, I suppose,' said Haldir.

'Yes, beautiful too.  But we hadn't long been lovers when Mirkwood began to be troubled by Wild Men from the East.  One year we were attacked five or six times, and…he died.'

Haldir put down his glass on the table.  'Legolas…' he began, a warning sounding in his voice, but the prince went on.

'And the last was maybe a hundred years ago.  But that was my own foolishness.  Had I not been Thranduil's son, he would never have sought me out.  I was too blinded by…let us say, admiration to see his duplicity.  He left Mirkwood.  I think he has gone to Imladris.'

Legolas sighed deeply and reached for the wine-bottle, but Haldir moved it out of his reach.

'You won't need it, for I won't be confessing my past as you've just done,' he said dryly.

'You're very wise, Haldir.  After all, we have only a short time together, and it would no doubt take several weeks for you to list the names of all your lovers…'

Legolas ducked down quickly to avoid the slap which Haldir had aimed at him.

'Well?' he said, laughing.  'I speak no more than the truth…'

'It's the past,' said Haldir, pouring himself more wine.  'What has it to do with now?'

'It's your past.  Tell me why you never looked for love before now, Haldir.  I want to understand.'

'Even with you I didn't look for it, Legolas,' said Haldir.  'It found me, most unwilling.  Believe me, I've fought it, hard.  It wasn't only the defence of Lorien that kept me away from you: it was fear.  I even tried to stifle it by …'

He broke off and looked away.  Legolas waited.

'It didn't work,' said Haldir at last, almost inaudible.  'I couldn't…sleep with anyone else any more.  I tried, but my body…refused.'  He looked at Legolas, vulnerable and defenceless.  'It wanted you.  I wanted you, Legolas.  It seems no-one else will do any more.'

Haldir crossed his arms on the table in front of him and laid his head down slowly on them before giving a deep, weary sigh.

'Nor do I understand why you should choose me,' he said.  'Oh, I'm a good lover, no doubt about that, but…this loyalty you've shown me, still waiting for me after so many years, when I've never sent you even a word …'

Legolas laughed.  'Truly you're a mystery, Haldir,' he said.  'As a warrior and a lover you are bold, even arrogant, and yet you're so uncertain of your own personal merits.  What can I say to you?  You still want me, Haldir, even after all the years we've been apart.  And I still want you.  No-one else will do for me either.  Not just your beauty, though you are beautiful.  Not just your body, though I long for it.  Not just your character, your courage, your resourcefulness, your stubbornness…'

Haldir laughed ruefully.  Legolas went on.

'You're all these things, and yet you're more than all of them.  Another beautiful, courageous, resourceful, desirable person will not satisfy me: only Haldir will do.'

Haldir sighed again.  'And it seems that only Legolas will do also,' he said in a muffled voice, his face hidden by his arms.

'Then all is well,' said Legolas, 'for I am yours.  I told you so a long time ago, and it's still true.'

Slowly Haldir raised his head and looked at him, his skin marked by creases from the sleeves of his shirt.  He said nothing, but Legolas saw the emotion clear in his face, and he pulled Haldir into his arms and held him close.

For a long time they rested against one another, Haldir's head pillowed on Legolas' chest so that he could hear the soft slow thud of his heart.  He could barely remember a time when he had been held so close to the body of anyone apart from one or other of his brothers without seeking physical satisfaction.  But somewhere in him was the memory of a deep contented peace, and the memory rose and became a part of the present, suffusing his body with a fulfilment as great as that which he gained from sexual union, and yet worlds apart from it.

The fire breathed in the grate.  A green stick that had got into the wood pile by mistake hissed and whined as the sap within it heated up and squeezed its way through the wood, drizzling out on to the scorched bark.

'My father will be glad, Haldir,' said Legolas suddenly.  'He admires you, although he never shows it.'

'Your father?' said Haldir, drowsy and warm.

'Yes.  Maybe our union will help to forge a better alliance between Mirkwood and Lorien.'

'What did you say?' said Haldir, lifting his head and frowning at him, eyes almost squinting with concentration.

'It will bring our realms closer, Haldir…'

Suddenly Haldir was sitting up spear-straight.  'No, Legolas, it's out of the question.  This is between us alone.  No-one else must know.'

'No-one must know?  But why?  There's no shame in it, Haldir.  It's a good love…'

'It is unlawful, Legolas!' said Haldir, getting abruptly to his feet and staring down at the prince.

Legolas looked up at him, the colour bleaching from his face.

'Unlawful?  How?'

'Because we'll never be together.  Your place is here and mine is in Lorien, and unless the world is changed, it will always be so…'

'But what has that to do with us?  Yes, we must be apart for much of the time, but are we therefore forbidden to love?  I want everyone to know that I choose you…'

'No, Legolas!  It is forbidden, and you know that it is so!'

'I do not know it,' said Legolas, standing up slowly and looking him in the eyes.  'I do not know it at all.'

They stared at each other, suddenly aware of how new and brittle was their compact.  Haldir swallowed audibly and turned away.

'Well, it's forbidden in Lorien,' he said harshly.  'And even were it not, it's impolitic for us to let it be known, now when our two realms tread on such delicate ground one with the other.  I couldn't allow anything to jeopardise Lorien's aims.  If your father came to know he might object, and it could cause endless trouble.'

'Think you I ask my father's leave to love whom I choose?' said Legolas quietly.

Haldir turned back to him sharply.

'You're determined to misunderstand me.  You know that wasn't my meaning,' he said in exasperation.

Legolas sat down slowly.

'And you came to me, knowing this, and you said nothing,' he said.

'What is there to say?' shouted Haldir, suddenly at the end of his patience.  'I thought you knew it as well as I did, Legolas!'

Legolas flinched as if Haldir had struck him.  The silence after Haldir's words strung itself out between them, taut and painful.  Legolas had not dropped his gaze, and at last it was Haldir who turned away, striding across the room to the fireplace and standing with his back to Legolas, one arm resting on the mantel.

For a few moments he stood there, muttering something under his breath, before turning, his face fierce and cold.

'It is best if I leave you,' he said.  'We can't agree on this now, and it will be dawn soon.'

'Haldir, no, not like this…' began Legolas, getting to his feet at once and coming towards him, but Haldir was already pulling on his boots.

'It's a good two hours until dawn,' said Legolas.  'There's time enough for us to talk calmly and resolve this matter.'

Haldir threw him a cynical look and reached for his cloak from beside the door.

'I wouldn't risk someone seeing me emerging from your house,' he said, fastening the clasp at his neck.

'Haldir,' said Legolas, 'I beg you, don't leave like this…'

'Farewell,' said Haldir harshly, and before Legolas could say or do anything, he was at the door.

'This is pure folly,' said Legolas angrily, reaching out for him, but Haldir was already outside on the path, striding away into the darkness.

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