Aragorn's Secret Weapon: 9. Chapter 9 (A+B+C)

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9. Chapter 9 (A+B+C)

Beta: Manon & Tinorial Peredhil

Rating: PG-13

Warning: Angst full ahead, fluff, and humor. Bad or good endings… lol!

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Tolkien. I just borrowed them for my own evil plans.

Spoiler: Total AU.

Summary: Aragorn has a plan on how he will finally beat Legolas. But will Legolas find out? And if he does, what he will do?

Note: Estel's age is 7, and Legolas's age is 14 and only an elfling compared to the other elves.

Part one: Family


Elvish Translations at the end of the chapter.

"Stay" is a charming word in a friend's vocabulary.

Louisa May Alcott

Elrond took his son, his tears falling onto the pale face as he feared that he could lose his child any moment.

"Elrohir, prepare the healing room, let Erestor and Glorfindel know, and get Estel to watch over Legolas, now go!" Elrond ordered the younger twin.

Elrohir hurried first to the healing room and prepared everything that his father might need. Then he took Estel and told him to watch over Legolas. Glorfindel stood and watched the twin, worried that something terrible might have happened.

"Glorfindel, call Erestor to the healing room and hurry, my brother's life is at stake."

"What happened?" Glorfindel asked.

"It is 'Dan, he… it was because of me… now he will never forgive me… I almost killed my brother," Elrohir confessed brokenly, and he left the Balrog Slayer alone as he ran back to the healing room.

Glorfindel hurried to find the advisor and tell him the horrible news.

Soon the both of them came over to the healing room. They took notice of Elladan's pale face and Elrohir who sat next to him, holding his brother's hand and praying for him to stay and not leave for Mandos' Halls.

"Do not give up, Master Elrohir, he will be alright," Erestor tried to comfort the twin.

"I do not know what I will do if he dies," Elrohir said brokenly as the guilt rose inside of him. He leaned over his brother and whispered, "I… I am sorry for what I have done, for my words. I wish that I could take them back, but I cannot… I wish that you could forgive me, gwanur-nin…."

"How is he?" Glorfindel asked Elrond.

"I have taken care of him, I gave him all I can, and I… we have to wait and see if he survives the day…. If I lose him, I lose both of them…" Elrond said, his voice broken by sobs as he stared at his sons.

In Legolas' room at the same time…

Legolas could feel eyes on him. He was being watched. He opened his eyes slowly only to find the human playing with his hair. "Estel?" The human nodded. "What are you doing here?" Legolas asked, trying to sit up.

Estel did not know how he should answer his friend. He barely knew what was happening in the house lately, as it seemed his father did not want him to know. "Elrohir left me here," Estel answered.

Legolas could sense by the boy's voice that something was amiss, but he did not know what it was. "Estel, call Elladan in, I wish to speak with him," Legolas requested.

Estel stood, looked at his friend, and turned toward the door to seek his brother.

Estel heard noises and followed them to the healing room, only to find his father, Glorfindel and Erestor staring at something. He remained standing in the doorway.

"Ada?" Estel called.

Elrond did not notice his son because he was deeply preoccupied with Elladan's condition, making him feel vulnerable. "Naa rashwe?" he asked and leaned closer to his son.

"Legolas asked for Elladan. He wishes to speak with him," Estel answered.

"Oh…" Elrond moved his hand over his mouth, not having expected this from Legolas.

"What should I tell him, ada?" Estel asked.

"Tell him that Elladan… tell him that Elladan…" Elrond's sentence trailed off, not knowing how to answer his son.

"Tell him that Elladan is with me, that we are riding to Lothlórien…" a voice came from inside the room.

"But… but that will be a lie…" Estel said and entered the room, only to find his brothers.

Elrohir turned to the youngest son of Elrond, his eyes locking with the boy's. He stared at him, not saying a word, until Estel broke the connection and moved aside.

"No… stop it 'Ro…" Elrond remarked to his son as he noticed the frown and confused look that was on Estel's face. It seemed Estel did not know what to do with him, nor did he know why Elrohir had done that.

Elrond walked over to his son and put his hand on his shoulder. "He did not mean anything but to be honest," he said gently

Elrohir nodded as he swallowed the tears, turning his head toward his human brother. His voice trembled as he said, "Forgive me… I did not… I did not mean it… you can tell him what you know… about Elladan… let him know the truth…"

Estel nodded and came closer as he scanned the twins' faces, noticing how much paler Elladan was, and that his eyes were closed. This made Estel's heart miss a beat.. Then he looked over at Elrohir and tried to comfort him with words of understanding and forgiveness. "I forgive you brother… please let me and Legolas know about Elladan… please…" That was all that Estel wished from them as he looked at them with pleading eyes, staring at them, his own eyes wet from the tears.

"I will send Erestor once we know something, so do not be afraid," Elrond answered in a hollow, hurt voice. He feared for Elladan.

Estel looked at his father and admitted his fears. "But… I am afraid, adar, and you are not telling me how it had happened. And… and I do not want to lose him…"

Elvish Translations:

Gwanur-nin – My brother

Ada – Father

Naa rashwe? - Is there trouble?

End of Chapter 9A.


Elrond swallowed hard as he looked upon his son. Sweat covered his forehead and he quickly wiped it away. Estel looked at his father with worry and felt as if he was being left behind because they were not telling him what was happening.

Elrond looked at his son gravely. "I need you to do something for me," he said softly.

Estel looked at his father's face and asked curiously, "What is it?"

"I… wait for me in the kitchen, I… I brought some herbs with me, wait for me there…" Elrond answered, a sparkle in his eyes, as though he had some sort of plan that left the boy wanting more answers.

Estel nodded and looked at his father and the twins before he left, tears falling down his face.

Glorfindel and Erestor tried not to say a word when Estel was there, but when the boy had left the room, Erestor looked at his lord and said, "You have to tell him, he is your son."

Elrond looked upon his advisor's face and, noticing the serious look that he wore, replied, "I know that he is my son, but I cannot do it, I cannot tell him what has happened! It has to wait!"

Glorfindel could not resist as he heard his lord and friend speak in that manner. He exploded. "With all due respect, my lord, I think that you should let your son and Legolas know about it. Allow them to face their fears with each other, because, my lord, as I see what is going on here at your house, time after time, your sons and Legolas are always being found wounded and hurting. This is has to stop."

Elrond only glared at his old friend. He knew that Glorfindel was right with what he said, but he felt that his sons were still too young to face all of these threats. He did not want to face the worst.

"I need to go; my son is waiting for me." Elrond hurried and left.

Erestor and Glorfindel sighed. The former went back to his room, leaving Glorfindel to handle it by himself.

Glorfindel walked towards Elrohir and squeezed his shoulders as he gently said, "He will be fine. Do not lose hope."

Elrohir smiled as he heard Glorfindel's words, and said, "Thank you…"

"It is my pleasure." Glorfindel smiled and added, "Call me if there is a change or if you need anything." He looked carefully at the twin. "I will always be there for you and your brothers if you want to talk; you know that, do you not?"

Elrohir looked at him. "I know, thank you."

Glorfindel only grinned and left the room.

Elrond took the herbs from his room and walked to the kitchen. Estel was impatient, too impatient. He walked back and forth, and it was seemed to his father that something was amiss.

"Estel?" Elrond called. He voice seemed to wake Estel from his thoughts as the boy ceased pacing and looked at his father. Elrond noticed the look of impatience on his son's face.

"Ada, what is it? Has something happened…" he asked, but he was halted by his father.

"Do not even think that my son, everything will be alright," Elrond answered as he tried to stay calm. "I need you to give these herbs to Legolas. Make him drink it all, and when he asks why, tell him that his body is still weak, and they are to give him more strength."

Estel took the herbs from his father's hands and nodded.

"Every day give him the herbs to drink when the sun is in the middle of the sky and also when the sun is going to set," Elrond explained, smiling as he added softly, "You are a healer now, my son, take care of him and do not let him leave the room."

Estel looked worriedly at his father and grew more curious as to why Legolas could not leave the room. "But why father? Is there something wrong?"

"Heal him my son," was the only thing Elrond said as he clasped his son's shoulders.

"I will do it father. Thank you."

"Now off you go." Elrond watched with a smile as Estel made his way to Legolas' room. Once the boy was out of sight, Elrond turned and hurried back to the healing room, and then he sighed heavily in relief as he did not want that Legolas will be there.

In Legolas' room…

Legolas did not know why Estel was not coming. Time passed slowly when Estel left, and the prince was bored. He was about to leave the bed when he finally saw Estel come.

"What? Where is Elladan?" he asked, noticing that the twin was not with the boy.

"I do not know… I mean I do know…" Estel became a little confused, as he did not have a firm idea as to what had happened to his brother. He lowered his head.

"What?" Legolas asked.

"Oh… my adar wants you to drink these herbs, as your body has not yet healed," Estel mentioned.

"Why? Where is your father, Estel?" Legolas questioned him, feeling the need to know the answers.

"Listen, all I know is that your body is still weak and that you should take the herbs for healing. Drink it, please," Estel demanded.

"Alright, alright, give it to me," Legolas said in defeat, drinking all that was required of him. His eyes blinked quickly and he turned to his friend. "For what exactly were these herbs meant for?"

"For your body, to heal."

"Oh… funny, but I feel tired, good night Este…" Legolas drifted off to sleep before he could finish the sentence.

Estel looked outside and noticed the daylight. He muttered, "But it is not even dark outside… err…"

End of Chapter 9B.


Estel left the room hurriedly, worried that something might have happened to Legolas. "Adar! Adar!" he called as he ran.

Elrond heard his son's voice from inside the healing room. Noticing the panic, he quickly left the room and caught Estel.

"What is it, my son? Tell me what is wrong," Elrond requested, his eyes set on his son's.

"It… it is Legolas, he fell asleep, and it is only daylight outside…" Estel hastily explained, not knowing what he should do at that moment.

"Calm down, my boy, he will be alright, just make sure that he drinks the herbs twice a day, and do not let him leave the room. Do you understand, my son?"

Estel nodded and Elrond suggested, "Go to him, watch over him, and get some sleep yourself."

"But it is only daylight," Estel argued half-heartedly as worry for his friend grabbed him. Then an idea seemed to come to him and he asked, his eyes pleading, "Can I play with Glorfy and Eres? Please… adar?"

Elrond looked at his son then nodded with a deep sigh. He was still trying to keep calm. "As night falls, you need to bring Legolas the herbs, remember what I said."

Estel hid his smile, not quite certain of his father's words, and asked again, "Can I play with them, adar?"

"You can," Elrond said. When he noticed the sparkle in his son's eyes he added, "But do not forget what have I asked you, alright?"

Estel nodded and hurried outside, shouting to Glorfindel and Erestor, "Glorfy, where are you? Eres… I am in the GAAAAAARDEEEEEEEEEEN!" Estel emphasized the last word as he ran, his hands in the air, still shouting.

Glorfindel and Erestor could not ignore Estel as they heard him yell. The blonde-haired elf looked at the advisor and, noticing the worried look that was on his face, grinned at him with a shy smile. "I guess we do not have any choice…"

Erestor looked back at him and added, "We better hurry; he could wake Elrohir. I know that he has not rested since he found his brother. I noticed when I went to the healing room that he was asleep."

"Good point, that means that we must hurry." Glorfindel grinned and left the room, Erestor following him.

Estel was pleased as he saw the lords stepping out into the garden. He ran towards them with mischievous smile and jumped on Glorfindel, almost causing the elder elf to fall.

"What is it, Estel?" Glorfindel asked as he scanned the wary look on the boy's face, knowing that there was something amiss and feeling a need to find out.

"Would you consider canceling the plan?" Erestor questioned him with pleading eyes.

"No!" Estel said quickly. He still thought of the plan, and it made him smile every time he did think of it.

"Then why are we here?" Glorfindel asked softly, wanting to know the real reason.

Estel lowered his head, then raised it slowly, appraising the lords. "What happened to 'Dan, Glorfy, Eres?" he asked.

With deep sigh, Glorfindel tried to answer as best he could. "You need to ask your father, Estel. We are not your family, we are only your father's friends, and lords here…"

Estel looked at them. He did not want to argue with them, but he felt the need to clarify. "But to me, you are my family, no matter what Father or anyone else says."

Erestor leaned towards Estel until his eyes were the same level as the boy's. Not wanting to disappoint Estel, he asked as softly as he could, "Has Elrond given Legolas something? I noticed that he had some herbs before… how is Legolas?"

"Doing fine, I suppose. Father gave me the herbs and told me to give them to him twice a day, when the sun in the middle of the sky and when the sun is going to set," Estel answered, and then his face brightened as he remembered something. "Father said that these herbs are for Legolas' body, so that he may strengthen, for he is weak."

"And what was Legolas' body's reaction to the herbs?" Erestor asked worriedly.

It was not the first time that Elrond had given herbs in that manner. All the elves knew that when someone was ill, the lord himself showed up and healed the unfortunate being.

Erestor was worried when he heard Estel's words, and he hoped that nothing bad had happened to Legolas. He remembered what had happened to Elrohir, when the twins had invited their grandparents to Imladris. It had led to a comedy of errors and left Elrohir ill, making his father distracted in so many ways that he had almost forgotten to heal his own son… but that is another story.

In the healing room…

Elrond entered the room; his eyes were wet from the tears he had shed every time he saw his sons. He was tired, but he could not let himself sleep, not until he saw with his own eyes Elladan and Elrohir smiling and being friends again.

Memories from the past came back to him as he remembered his wife, Celebrían. He remembered all the times they spent together as a family, but the memories now were like cracked glass. His wife had sailed across the Sea to the Undying Lands, awaiting him, and he had had to raise his children almost by himself, with his friends trying to help him as much as they could.

'I wish that you could help me somehow, I am in dire need of it,' Elrond thought. He grew paler and did not feel very well. He was dizzy, having neither eaten nor slept.

He walked slowly to his son, Elrohir, and leaned on him. He whispered, "Elrohir…" and collapsed on the floor.

In the meantime, in the garden…

Erestor noticed the sun was beginning to set. He had to let Estel to know. "Estel, look at the sky," Erestor said and added, "Should you not give something to Legolas? I mean the herbs."

Estel looked up at the sky, noticed the sun was nearly gone, and ran inside.

As Estel vanished, Glorfindel turned to his friend, his face curious as he asked, "Do you think that Elrond did not want Legolas to see what had happened? Do you think that Elrond drugged him?"

Erestor looked at his friend, not knowing why he asked the question. He felt that Elrond hadn't drugged the elf, but he also felt that something was amiss with the elven lord. Yet he said nothing. He was not quite certain about anything.

Glorfindel scanned his friend's face and realized Erestor was loath to answer him. Raising his hand, he just said, "This is not the Elrond we know, my friend. He must be having a hard time now…"

End of Chapter 9C.

Poke Legolas a little, and covered behind the blankets Lol!

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