The White City: Guardians of Gondor: 7. He Is Burning

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7. He Is Burning

Pacing up and down the nursery, Legolas jumped every time he heard footsteps in the hallway, but was disappointed to find that it was not Elrohir. He had sent three servants to hunt him down, but none had been successful.

Aragorn emerged from Eldarion's bedroom, brows knitted.

"He is still sleeping. Arwen is sitting with him."

Legolas clasped Aragorn's shoulder to show his support. "He will pull through."

"What happened?" Aragorn said, sinking into a chair.

"Roh and I were having a discussion in the tower of Hasseldorf, and Eldarion was supposed to be keeping watch for us --"

Aragorn let out a snort. If he knew his two foster brothers, the nature of their conversation would probably have involved more than lips and tongues.

"As I was saying," Legolas said. "We heard a commotion, and found Eldarion in hysterics at the bottom of the stairs, with Haleigh skulking around. I took Eldarion back, but was unable to calm him down. I fed him some herbs, and he fell into an exhausted sleep, before starting to run this fever soon after. Ai, where has Roh gone to? His healing powers are much better than mine --"

"I looked at him, Legolas. There does not seem to be a physical cause to his ailment, yet he burns with such an intensity! Did he speak to you?"

"No, he clung to me so hard that I had difficulty prying him away. It must be Haleigh! What could he have done to upset El so much?"

"You say Roh has disappeared?"

"None of the servants I have sent for him have come back. Shall I try?"

"How long has he been missing?"

"Two hours."

Aragorn gritted his teeth in frustration. Legolas was about to offer to search for Elrohir again when the door was flung open, and Elrohir strode in.

"I was sent for?"

If not for the servant girl behind Elrohir, Legolas would have strode over and holding him. The Elrohir that stood before them was a marked contrast to the one he had left at the bottom of the tower. His eyes were hollow and bloodshot, and the strain in his body suggested that he was barely able to keep upright.

"Roh?" Legolas said, unable to keep the concern off his face.

"What is it?" Elrohir snapped.

"Eldarion has been taken ill. Legolas was unable to calm him down, and he had to be sedated, whereupon he started running a high fever. There is nothing physically wrong with him, but the herbs do not bring down his temperature," Aragorn said, not wanting Elrohir and Legolas to start quarrelling in front of the servants. He need not have worried, for Legolas simply fell silent and turned away to study the tapestry on the wall.

Trying his best not to look at or think about Legolas, Elrohir crossed the room.

"I think I know what is ailing him. Let me try."

He knocked and entered the bedroom without a second glance back at either Aragorn or Legolas.

Once within, Elrohir ignored the questioning glance Arwen threw at him, and instead started to feel Eldarion's pulse.

"Arwen, could you please wait outside?"


"Please, I do not want to be distracted."

Rising, Arwen did as told, but not before she squeezed Elrohir's hand, which she found clammy and cold.

Once left alone, Elrohir applied pressure to the centre of Eldarion's upper lip, watching as the boy slowly came to.

Eldarion was about to let out a cry when he saw Elrohir standing before him, but Elrohir swept him into an embrace.

"Hush, Eldarion. I know why you cry."

"You do?" Eldarion said, eyes widening.

"Do not worry. It has all been taken care of."

"But Haleigh knows!"

"I gave him a special dose of my magic, so that he has forgotten everything."

"I never knew such magic existed!" Eldarion gasped.

Neither do I, thought Elrohir darkly.

"It is a very ancient spell that few know of. Which is why you must never speak of this to anybody, not even Uncle Lass."

Eldarion's wide eyes said it all.

"It is part of the magic," Elrohir said, hating himself for lying to Eldarion, although he knew this was nothing compared with the lies he was about to have to tell Legolas later, lies that Legolas would be able to spot for what they were.

"I shall leave you to rest, Eldarion; I have many things to attend to."

"Was what Haleigh said true?" Eldarion said in a small voice.

Elrohir felt as if a clap of thunder just hit his ears.

"What did he say?"

"He said you and Uncle Lass hated one another and wanted to kill each other! I told him it was not possible, as you both loved each other so much. He did not believe me, and said it could easily change, and I replied that Elves marry for life! I am so sorry, Uncle Roh, but I did not want to believe what he said!"

"Hush," Elrohir said, pressing his hand to Eldarion's lips and started stroking his head. "It is all over."

"So you do not hate each other? You still love each other?"

"Yes, El," Elrohir said, knowing that Legolas would be the next to question it. "Never let any question that again. It does not matter what they say, as long as we know the truth."

Eldarion nodded.

"Now, Eldarion, I need to attend to some matters. Please get some rest."

Try as he might, Eldarion could not fight the magic Elrohir employed by passing his palm over his eyes, and was soon sleeping peacefully.

Arwen leapt up as Elrohir left the bedroom.

"He seems to be sleeping well now. Please excuse me, as I have urgent business to attend to," Elrohir said, leaving before any of them could question him further.

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