The White City: Guardians of Gondor: 13. Exile

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13. Exile

Elrohir let out a contented sigh as he nestled further into Legolas's embrace. Perched on the edge of a roof overlooking the festivities still in full swing below, he enjoyed the feel of Legolas's nimble hands running through his hair.

"More drink, Elmaethor?" Legolas said, unable to keep the grin out of his voice.

"No, I have had quite enough," Elrohir said, struggling against the pleasant sensations dancing around his head. He still found the presence of mind to feel annoyed at how Legolas seemed to be sober even after having imbibed twice the amount of drink Elrohir himself had.

"Blasted Silvan Elves and their ridiculous liquor-holding capacities," he said, gulping down a glassful of cold water.

Stroking Elrohir's ear, Legolas laughed again.

"Be thankful I am here to hold you up!" Legolas said, while a gasp of delight broke through the crowd as the first fireworks were set off.

"Not as good as Mithrandir's," Elrohir said.

"Hie! Legolas! Elrohir!" a small voice called from below.

Holding onto Elrohir so that he would not fall off as they both peered down, Legolas saw that Merry and Pippin were grinning up at them.

"Good evening to you, young masters!" Legolas cried, beaming as he saw the stolen firework in their hands. "It appears that your penchant for fireworks is unchanged after all these years!"

"Aye!" Pippin said, his cheerful face making the Elves chuckle. "Say, I don't suppose you've seen Faramir, have you? He was chatting to Aragorn a while ago, but disappeared after we came back."

"I should not wonder at that!" Elrohir said.

"How are you keeping him upright?" Merry said to Legolas. "We saw him down that jug of feywine a few minutes ago!"

"Grappling hooks," Legolas said, his expression solemn.

Shouts of laughter broke out among the group.

"Well, do not let us keep you," Elrohir said, waving them on.

There was a small commotion, and Sam came running down the path.

"Merry! Pippin!" he cried, eyes widening when he saw the fireworks in their hands. "Aragorn was right when he said you would be the ones responsible for the theft of the firework!"

"He is one to speak!" Merry said. "Having seen what his precious Eldarion is capable of, one cannot help but wonder where Eldarion got his streak of mischief from!"

Smiling, Legolas leaned forward to kiss the back of Elrohir's neck.

"Eldarion would have loved it here, Roh. It is a pity Estel did not think him up to the journey."

"He is still young, and has many years of journeying before him."

"When the two of you have finished, Sam has a message for you!" Merry's voice cut into their private world.

"Beggin' your pardon, but Elladan is asking for you, Elrohir."

Smacking a palm to his forehead, Elrohir cried, "Of course! The ceremony! I had near forgotten!"

"Careful, Roh!" Legolas said as Elrohir finished the contents of his glass and leapt off the roof, landing with an unsteady gait.

Scowling, Elrohir sniffed and started to walk, although his annoyance was a feeble front as he felt Legolas's arm wind around his waist with a firm, protective grip.

"Where is everybody?" Elrohir demanded as they reached the area cleared for the final rites of the night to be performed.

"Elladan was hoping to get the ceremonial aspects out of the way earlier than planned," Aragorn said, coming up to them, Elladan and Linnael behind him, all but glued together at the hip.

"What is an extra hour compared with a year's wait?" Legolas said, grinning madly.

Elladan shot a black look at him.

"At least we waited a year, which is more than can be said for the two of you!"

Discomfort appeared on Elrohir's face, while a good-natured laugh escaped Legolas.

"Blame the allure of your brother's charms, if you may. Besides, I have never been one to keep to tradition."

"Ah, so now I know!" Aragorn said, enjoying Elrohir's growing redness. "What I have heard about Elrohir is true, then?"

"You have no idea," Legolas said, his attempt to kiss Elrohir warded off with consternation.

Elrohir's sometimes extreme reserve when it came to intimate matters had always been a source of great amusement for his family, and the Hobbits too were getting used to -- and enjoying -- the ribbing his received with great frequency from Aragorn and Elladan.

"Still at your old tricks, laddie?"

"Hello Gimli," Legolas said, refusing to let go of Elrohir. "Had a good feast?"

The Dwarf held up a glass.

"Apart from these glasses being a tad too delicate for rough-hewn creatures like me, I would say this feast is perfect."

"I will make you pay for this later," Elrohir whispered at Legolas, trying, but failing to look stern.

"Ai, Roh. It is with great pleasure that I await it," Legolas murmured back.

By this time, the majority of the guests had re-congregated at the spot, toasts in hand.

Indicating the newlyweds take their places, Elrohir joined their hands together and held them there, reciting an ancient prayer for all to bear witness to their union.

Gasps were heard from the Hobbits and Humans, who had not seen an Elven binding as yet. Gold light poured from the couple, surrounding them and holding them in its embrace.

When Elrohir let go of their hands, there were tears in his eyes, as he witnessed the completion of his brother's life, felt the euphoria burning from the special channel they shared from their begetting. It flared, then dulled, as Elladan's spirit was welded to that of his chosen one.

Feeling Legolas's arms around him from behind, Elrohir held on to them, as Elladan stepped forward and shared a long, lingering kiss with Linnael, to resounding applause from the ground.

"It is so beautiful," Faramir said, coming up to stand beside Elrohir and Legolas. "Your Ada must be so glad to have all three of you lose their hearts to such beautiful spouses."

Legolas smiled, thanking him for his compliment.

"It has been long since Imladris bore witness to a full wedding of this scale," Elrohir said, unable to tear his eyes off his glowing twin. "Not since Ada and Naneth's wedding have we performed all these rites to their completion."

"Even for you?" Éowyn asked in surprise.

"I feared that if we waited any longer, Elrohir would have faded into nothing. The ceremony we partook in was largely symbolic," Legolas said, his tone suddenly serious. He gave an involuntary shudder as he recalled how close it had been to tragedy.

"Why think of what could have been, Lass?" Elrohir said, grabbing his arms tighter still.

"I am glad to see you looking so rested, and would inform you that Gondor has not yet fallen apart in your year-long absence," Faramir said, understanding that the circumstances of Elrohir and Legolas's binding had been highly emotional.

"How fares Halim?" Elrohir said, ignoring the mild disapproval being exuded from Legolas.

"Since you wish to spend the rest of the evening speaking of business, I believe I should seek Adar out, for one cannot put it past him not to challenge Gimli to some ridiculous drinking game with the sole purpose of seeing him fainting from the alcohol," Legolas said, gently worming free of Elrohir.

"Says the one famous in his youth for wrecking havoc at feasts and spending the next day passed out under some table!" Elrohir cried.

Ignoring the playful slap to his behind, Elrohir gestured for Faramir and Éowyn to sit.

"Hopefully you are not planning on quizzing me on all the goings-on in Gondor," Faramir said.

"On the contrary, I will catch up with whatever I need to know after I get back. Our return will be delayed, as Lass and I will return to Ithilien first, before heading for the coast. Thranduil wishes to sail West, and Legolas wants to be there to see his father leave these shores."

Éowyn gave a low cry. "He is leaving?"

"Ai. There are some hurts that will never heal, and Thranduil is weary of Arda. He stayed on for Legolas's sake, but finds that he cannot delay his leaving any longer. It is only a matter of time before we too sail to Valinor. Then, Imladris will fall into myths and shadows."

Casting their eyes out on the intricate decorations, the silver carvings and the crowd of dignitaries and friends before them, silence fell upon the trio.

"Sometimes I almost manage to convince myself that it will be this way forever," Éowyn said. "Merry and Pippin fighting over a plate of mushrooms; Gimli and Legolas arguing over the finer points of Dwarven craftsmanship; Elladan attempting to be a lordly presence. I forget that all these will pass and turn into dust and memories."

"Memories that live on in us. Kingdoms that soldiers feel proud to die for. Why do you fear it ending?" Elrohir said.

"We don't," Faramir said. "It is a fact of our lives. What we wonder at is how immortals such as yourselves handle it."

"Your legacy lies in your children. Lass and I do not have that luxury, so I work to ensure Gondor remains proud and strong for Eldarion and his children in turn."

"It will be a long-lasting gift to us," Faramir said.

"A long-lasting gift indeed," Legolas said, coming up and holding Elrohir again. "I came across Elladan and Linnael heading away from this melee. It seems they had not even thought to bid goodnight to their guests!"

"Mmm, sweet," Elrohir said, as he tasted the remnants of pudding on Legolas's lips.

They were joined by Aragorn, who was looking rather worse for the wear, having consumed a fair amount of drink himself.

"It seems Elladan's gone," he said.

"As are you," Legolas said.

"I can imagine he cannot wait to take his leave! How inconsiderate!" Elrohir said.

"That might be the cue for us to take our leave too," Legolas said.


"No thank you, Roh, I have had quite --"

Elrohir grabbed Legolas and let his hand slid lower.

"I think you did not hear what I said," he purred.

Legolas could barely suppress his shudder, stiffening as Elrohir's hand started roving.

"Yes, I am rather tired too. Now where has Arwen gone?" Aragorn said, before wandering away absently.

"Your king?" Elrohir said, grinning at Faramir.

"It is late," Éowyn said, smiling too.

Having bade Faramir and Éowyn goodnight, Elrohir and Legolas made their way inside, hands wound around each other, ignoring the loud flash and bang that indicated Merry and Pippin's lighting up of the stolen firework.

Reaching the long corridor that led to Elladan's and Elrohir's rooms, Elrohir stopped.

"Wait here."

Legolas opened his mouth to protest, but was silenced by a quick kiss.

"Dan will appreciate this," Elrohir said, just as what could pass as a hoarse cry floated down the corridor. "See?"

Suppressing his snigger, Legolas waited for Elrohir to emerge from their room.

"He is one to speak," Elrohir muttered as he returned to Legolas.

Grinning at Elrohir's annoyance at Elladan's frequent teasing of their vigorous bed-play, Legolas said, "It is his wedding night, after all. Remember ours? And we were already bound by then."

"How could I forget?" Elrohir said, arching an eyebrow. "But enough about Dan. Come, let us go somewhere more peaceful!"

And he led Legolas by the hand all the way to the inner gardens of Imladris, flinging open the door of a large winter garden, formerly belonging to Celebrían and then restored by Elrohir for his and Legolas's use. Even though Elrohir had moved to Minas Tirith, Elladan had ensured it was kept private for his brother.

Legolas gasped as he saw the feast spread before them. Fruit, cakes, puddings, chocolate sauces, cream, custard and various other runny syrups in bowls and jars were set out on the grass.

Closing the door and turning the key in the lock, Elrohir remained leaning against it, enjoying seeing Legolas struggle to regain control.

"Roh --" Legolas said, words eluding him. In the year since they had left Gondor, Elrohir had indeed taken it upon himself to make amends for his neglect, often leaving Legolas feeling as if he would expire from his over-indulgence. It had been a much-needed rest for the pair too, the only reminder of what they had left behind was a letter sent by Faramir, informing them of Halim's adoption by his aunt and uncle.

The lead up to Elladan's wedding had been hectic, with Elrohir and Legolas helping him in managing Imladris's daily affairs while he wrung his hands over ceremonial robes and guest-lists. Tonight was the first time in a while that they were not required to rise early the next morning -- or even at all -- and it seemed Elrohir was planning to make more than full use of it.

When Elrohir continued to stare at him with his intense grey eyes, Legolas picked up a chocolate truffle and slowly put it in his mouth, closed it, then started sucking and chewing with deliberate slowness.

Elrohir was over in front of him in a flash, holding him, pressing against him.

"My, we are greedy," Elrohir said as Legolas brought up his long fingers and started sucking on them.

Elrohir caught them and took a lick, gratified to see that Legolas had dipped them into a bowl of cherry syrup.

Together, the pair licked the sticky substance off, eyes never taking leave of each other.

"And they say good things should never be shared," Legolas murmured.

"You, however, are all mine."

Leaning forward to kiss Legolas, he found a large strawberry in his mouth instead.

Chewing through the fruit and watching the amusement on Legolas's face, Elrohir moved in again.

"Are you shy, my love?"

The answer was a handful of vanilla pudding flung on his face.

Howling in triumph, Legolas leapt away as Elrohir retaliated by pelting him with dollops of whipped cream. Not to be outdone, Legolas started throwing nuts at him, and a full-fledged food fight ensured as the pair attempted to evade and attack one another, giggling and shrieking like little boys.

"Wait till I get you!" Elrohir cried, as half a cake came whizzing by him.

"What would you do?"

"Well, I would pin you down first so you can no longer move," Elrohir said, dodging some caramel but getting hit by a cream puff.

"And I would fling you off me!" Legolas cried. "Stop hiding behind the bench and come out to fight me!"

"I would like to see you defeat me!" Elrohir cried, charging at Legolas, ignoring the grapes and cheese being chucked at him.

Catching Legolas, Elrohir pulled them together.

"What have we got here?" Elrohir said, as Legolas tried to worm free by flinging a blueberry pie at him.

Taking a long lick of the whipped cream on Legolas's nose, Elrohir stopped and looked at Legolas again.

"Now that I have you here, what should I do to you?"

Legolas's eyes turned a darker shade. "Perhaps you could tell me what you have in mind."

Elrohir chuckled, before resuming his licking, only speaking in between.

"First, I will drink every drop of you dry."

Gasping as Elrohir took a sensitive spot behind on his ear, Legolas had to be held up as he felt his knees weaken.

"Then, I would spread your legs and take you again and again."

Trembling, Legolas found himself being thrust upon the large marble slab, and various fruit rolled about as Elrohir swept them out of the way to make room.

Chuckles filled the glasshouse as loud clatters sounded when the silverware were swept off the table by Elrohir ripping off Legolas's tunic.

"Roh!" Legolas cried as he felt a cold wetness spreading on his now-bared chest.

Kneeling on Legolas's prone hips, Elrohir continued to pour the jug's contents from a height, watching as they covered Legolas's chest and spilt over.

"Did I ever tell you I was partial to custard?" Elrohir purred, before leaning forward and proceeding to lick and suck every inch.

Bucking up as Elrohir clamped down on a nipple, Legolas found feral noises escaping his throat, which only seemed to encourage Elrohir further.

"More?" Elrohir said, raising another jar.

"Yes --"

"Yes what?" Elrohir said, grinding their hips together with greater force.

"Please, Roh --"

Letting out a whimper as Elrohir clambered off him, Legolas was silenced by Elrohir pressing their lips together with a searing force. His cries were swallowed as he felt the strings holding his leggings together yanked apart.

Elrohir let go of Legolas to study the display of need before him for a while.

Never breaking eye contact, Elrohir tipped the contents of the jar onto Legolas before taking him deep into his throat.

Fondled, stroked, sucked and manipulated, Legolas found himself thrusting upwards with increasing force, before finally spending himself with a hoarse shout, hands clawing at the velvet cloth beneath him.

His eyes pools of blackened heat, Elrohir fell into a garden chair, ripping apart his own trousers and revealing to Legolas the extent of his want.

Still trembling, Legolas tried to rise.

"Lass, let me spear you," Elrohir said, his voice hoarse and rough, almost begging, as he picked up the closest jar and emptied it upon himself.

Reacting, Legolas reached him and lowered himself over Elrohir, setting a slow rocking motion that was soon supplemented with savage thrusts and low moans.

Collapsing onto Elrohir after having spent himself again into Elrohir's hands, Legolas refused to move for a long time, feeling Elrohir's arms around himself.

"Having you inside me is so beautiful," he croaked.

Equally exhausted, Elrohir could only manage a few light kisses.

"I love you so much, Lass," Elrohir said, after their hearts had calmed down to normal levels.

Legolas smiled to himself as he sank deeper into Elrohir's embrace.

"I saw into the future, Lass, while the final ceremony took place. Dan had children before him, and we were so happy for him."

Easing himself off Elrohir, Legolas dragged them both into the hot spring which Elrohir had diverted to form a bath.

"What did you see?"

"There were three boys, frolicking on the beach, two of them dark-maned like Dan and Linnael, while the third one was golden-haired and smaller. When they turned towards me, I saw that the darklings were Dan and I, while the little one was you!"

"Do you know what that means?" Legolas said, kneading his shoulders.


"It is only a vision, Roh. Turn your mind instead to this stellar waste of good food all around us."

Twisting his torso to fix another smoky glance at Legolas, Elrohir gave a low chuckle.

"Oh, I believe that will not be a problem in the slightest bit."

Sindarin Translations:
Elmaethor -- Elf/Star-warrior


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