Prisoner of Gondor: 3. 03 - Tolo dan nan galad

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3. 03 - Tolo dan nan galad

Thank to my beta - Manon, for her time, and encourage when I needed, thank you sweetie.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
My spirit sleeping somewhere cold
Until you find it there and lead it back home

"Bring me to Life" – Evanescence
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Chapter three: Tolo dan nan galad (Come back to the light)

Eofor, the stable boy came everyday before dawn to the stable to feed the horses.

From a distance, he saw the door of the stable was wide open.

`I thought I closed it,' he thought to himself.

As he entered the stable he was terrified by what he saw; an elf was lying curled up on the floor. As he came closer to the elf he saw that the elf's eyes were closed, his naked body covered by blood and straw.

He ran from the stable, wanting to inform his Lord about the injured elf that he had found.

He entered the palace, hoping to find his king. He stood hopelessly; he did not know where to find either the King or Queen. Approaching the nearest guard, he asked: "Where…is…King…Elessar?"

"Prince Faramir and his wife have arrived," the guard said to him, and continued: "You'll find the King outside in the forecourt with his wife."

Eofor ran out into the forecourt, his eyes searching for King Elessar. Seeing the King, he came closer, trying to catch the King's attention, but Elessar was busy, and didn't see him.

"My Lord…" The King had not heard him.

"My Lord…" Eofor repeated. Still trying to get his Lord's attention, he continued: "There is an injured, naked elf in the stables." The stable boy could feel the tears falling down his face.

Arwen left her husband's side, and turned to the stable boy as she heard his last sentence.

"What did you say?" she asked him worriedly.

"There is an injured, naked elf in the stables." Eofor repeated his words.

Arwen went back to stand next to her husband, and raised her voice.

"Forgive us, but an important issue has just arisen," she said to the guests.

By doing that she caught her husband's attention.

Motioning to one of the guards, she asked: "Could you please escort our guests into the palace."

As the guests were led inside, she saw the confused expression on her husband's face. His expression changed to a frown when he saw that she looked worried.

"What's wrong, my love?" he asked her.

"Tell him," she said to the stable boy.

"There is an elf in the stable, my Lord. He's injured...and naked," he said, trying to stay calm.

"Lead us to him," they ordered, and followed him.

As they arrived at the stable, Aragorn and Arwen went inside, while the stable boy stayed outside.

They were shocked when they saw the elf lying there, with his eyes closed. His body was covered with sweat, blood and straw.

"Does he still breath?" Arwen asked, not wanting to go any closer to elf.

She saw Aragorn approach the elf. He couldn't see who it was – hair was covering the elf's face. Carefully he moved the hair away, and was shocked to see who it was. "Oh no," he whispered.

Seeing Aragorn's face, Arwen asked: "Who is it?"

"It cannot be!" Aragorn said.


"It is…" He stopped, unable to tell her that it was their friend.

He looked down and saw his best friend lying there – bleeding, his body covered with bruises. He felt his heart was torn to pieces.

Arwen came closer to Aragorn, trying to comfort him.

"It is Legolas," he said.

"Can you save him, my love?"

"Lasto beth nîn. Tolo dan nan galad" He remembered his foster- father's words as he said the same words to his friend, trying to heal him.

He searched for a pulse, but could barely feel it.

"Eofor!" Aragorn yelled to the stable boy.

Entering the stable, the stable boy asked: "Yes, my Lord?"

"Eofor – find Damrod and ask him to come to the stables," Aragorn ordered.

After Eofor left, there was one question that left them wondering – why?

Damrod, the chief guardian of Gondor, arrived at the stables, followed by some guards and Eofor.

Entering the stable, Damrod saw his Lord and Lady kneeling next to a naked elf. Coming closer, he saw their faces filled with grief. Hearing footsteps, the King raised his head and saw the chief guardian with a puzzled expression on his face. As Aragorn saw Damrod, he rose to his feet and helped his wife to stand.

Damrod bowed to his Lord, and asked: "Is there something wrong, my Lord?"

"I'm afraid so, Damrod," Aragorn said, his eyes swimming with tears.

"Will you take this elf," pointing to Legolas, "and put him in our chamber, Damrod?" Aragorn knew that now what his friend needed was a lot of love and care to keep him alive, and so that his soul will return.

"I'm at your command, my Lord. I'll do anything that you ask me to do," Damrod stated.

He turned to the group of guards waiting at the stable doors. "Ulrad!" he called, and the guard in question left the group and approached the King, bowed to him, then to Damrod.

"Ulrad, get four guards to carry this elf carefully and escort them to the chamber of the King, understood?" Damrod ordered.

"Understood, sir." Ulrad bowed again, and motioned four of the other guards to him. The guards carefully lifted Legolas, and Ulrad took his cloak and covered the elf with it before they made their way out of the stables and to the King's chamber.

"Is there something more that you need, my Lord?" he asked the King, worried by the grief that was still clear on Aragorn's face.

"Damrod, find Glorfindel, the other elf – I need him!" Aragorn ordered his chief guardian.

After Damrod left with the rest of the guards, Aragorn whispered to his beloved, "I hope that Glorfindel can help him – I need him to help us to save our friend."

The Lady of Gondor gently placed a kiss on her husband's lips. They both left the stable, praying to the Valar to save the Prince.

All day long the Queen of Gondor sat next to the Prince; his eyes were still closed, and there wasn't any sign of movement. In the meantime, her husband was trying to find Glorfindel.

`Can the healing words of my father not help anymore?' she asked herself, as the tears started to fill her eyes and spill unchecked down her face.

She rose to her feet as she saw her husband enter the room. He closed the door and walked towards her.

"Melamin…" she whispered to him. "Is there still hope?"

Aragorn wanted to tell her that there was still hope, but he could not say it. He was at a loss for words.

He kissed Arwen's forehead to try and comfort her, and she leant her head against his chest.

They heard a knock at the door. "Enter," said Aragorn, and Prince Faramir and his wife entered the room, closing the door behind them.

"My Lord, what happened?" The Steward of Gondor reached Aragorn's side and put his hand on his Lord's shoulder.

Éowyn approached the Queen, and taking the Queen's hands, placed a kiss on her forehead.

"Come, you need to rest too," the Steward said to his Lord.

King Elessar raised his voice: "We are not leaving him alone!"

"Who you are not leaving alone? I only saw you and the Queen," the Steward asked.

The King turned to the bed, a tear falling down his cheek, seeing his friend dying and not being able to do anything about it.

"Legolas…it can not be," Faramir said, stunned.

"What do you mean by that?" the queen asked, finding her voice.

Another knock at the door was heard. Faramir went to the door and opened it, and allowed Damrod to enter the room, followed closely by Glorfindel.

"My Lord, I finally found him," Damrod said to Aragorn, hoping that his King would forgive him for lateness of finding Glorfindel.

"Thank you, Damrod. After you go, find Ulrad and ask him come here."

As Damrod heard his King's words, he breathed a sigh of relief and, after bowing to the King, he left the room.

After Damrod had left to find the young guard, Faramir went to close the door, but Aragorn stopped him. "Faramir," he asked, "what did you mean by your words, `it can not be'?"

Before Faramir had a chance to answer, Glorfindel stepped in, and Faramir silently breathed a sigh of relief. "My Lord, did you call for me?" Glorfindel asked.

"Yes, I did," Aragorn said as he led Glorfindel to the bed, where Legolas lay dying.

"Glorfindel…" Arwen said, and walked over to him, with Éowyn following.

"Can you save him? Can you save his soul?" the Queen asked Glorfindel, weeping.

"I'll see what I can do," Glorfindel said to her and, looking into her eyes, saw the sadness and the despair about the health of her friend reflected in them.

"My Lord?" said a voice in the doorway. Aragorn turned and motioned for the young guard to enter the room. Ulrad did so, and closed the door behind him.

Glorfindel's eyes ran appraisingly over the young, lithe body of the guard. The blue eyes and dark hair only added to the young man's beauty.

"My Lord, you called for me?" the guard asked nervously.

"Yes, Ulrad," Aragorn said to him and continued: "I need you to watch over our friend." He indicated to the elf lying in the bed.

Ulrad remembered that this was the elf he and the other guards carried into the King's chamber

Arwen, supported by Éowyn, walked to the bed, leant down and gave Legolas a warm kiss; she began to cry again, the tears falling on Legolas' face.

"Now that I know that Legolas is in safe hands," said Aragorn, turning to Faramir and taking his arm, "we can go."

Arwen was supported by Aragorn as they left the room, with Faramir and Éowyn behind them.

After they left, Ulrad and Glorfindel stared at each other.

`He is so beautiful,' Ulrad thought, and sighed.

Glorfindel came closer to him; he took one hand of the young guard so that the guard could feel his skin.

"Such smooth skin," Ulrad said aloud.

Glorfindel and Ulrad stood there, staring at each other. Glorfindel could Ulrad's heart beating quickly in the silence of the room.

Ulrad's eyes flickered over the elf lying on the bed. "He is beautiful," he said, then locked eyes with Glorfindel. "But not as beautiful as you." He moved his hand to touch Glorfindel's face.

Glorfindel took his hand and leant in to kiss him, before pulling Ulrad closer to him.

Passion and desire were reflected in each other's eyes as they started to kiss each other. Glorfindel explored the young guard's mouth with his tongue, not leaving a single spot untouched.

In the meantime, Glorfindel's hands found their way under the tunic of the young guard, stroking Ulrad's back before moving to the front to undo the buttoning of Ulrad's pants, easing them down over the guard's hips, kissing him the whole while.

Ulrad broke the kiss, and began stripping the beautiful elf, kissing his smooth chest as he pulled the tunic off Glorfindel.

Soon they were both naked, kissing and exploring the smooth planes of each other's bodies. Glorfindel led Ulrad to the bed where the Prince lay.

Ulrad sat on the bed as Glorfindel straddled him, kissing him passionately.

Glorfindel pushed the unconscious Legolas off the bed, and Ulrad lay down, spreading his legs wide. Glorfindel wasted little time with preparation; he just wanted to be inside the young guard.

Ulrad could feel Glorfindel pushing into him, and his face spasmed briefly with pain. He willed himself to relax as the Elf continued to push into him till he was fully sheathed.

`So tight,' thought Glorfindel, as he began a fast pace – he had no desire to be patient.

Ulrad was lost in a haze of pleasure; the Elf Lord was, despite his pace, hitting Ulrad's prostrate with unerring accuracy, and the guard could feel his orgasm building. "Faster," he pleaded to Glorfindel, "faster!"

Glorfindel kissed his lover's lips, and took the young man's cock in his hand, stroking it, all the while thrusting harder and faster. He too, was close to his climax.

"I…love…you," Glorfindel said to Ulrad, his breath coming in gasps.

"I…love…you…too," Ulrad cried, as his orgasm tore through him, and he spilt his said over the Elf's hand and his own stomach.

Glorfindel was close to releasing himself into the willing body beneath him, when Ulrad stopped him.

"My love…let me taste you," Ulrad said.

Glorfindel paused long enough to pull his cock out, and moved quickly to sit on Ulrad's chest, and the guard eagerly took the Elf's cock in his mouth. Ulrad sucked Glorfindel's cock with pleasure, swallowing the hot seed, his hands on the Elf Lord's smooth buttocks.

"Oh…you are so…good…my love…" cried Glorfindel in pleasure.

He took his cock of his lover's mouth and kissed him wildly, his hands roaming over the smooth body underneath him. He was becoming aroused again, and could feel that Ulrad was too.

Ulrad's hands were busy also, moving over the Elf Lord's body, enjoying the feel of the smooth skin. Soon hands were not enough, and Glorfindel claimed the young guard's body as his own again.

Luckily for both Ulrad and Glorfindel, Aragorn and Arwen were themselves experiencing pleasure…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After they left the prince with Ulrad and Glorfindel, the King and Queen, together with Faramir and Éowyn, made their way to another room a few doors down. Faramir asked a servant to warm some water; he thought a bath might help the King to relax.

After the servant brought the water and filled the bath, the steward led his Lord to the bathing chamber.

Faramir saw that the King stood there in a daze, and went to Aragorn and began to remove the King's clothing. Aragorn did not stop him.

When the steward had removed his Lord's clothing, he placed them neatly on a chair, then turned to look at the King. He had never seen Aragorn naked before.

`Such a strong body…' he thought, as he led his Lord to the bath and helped him into it. Taking off his own tunic so it wouldn't get wet, Faramir took a piece of soap. Kneeling next to the bath, the steward began to wash his King.

The soap slipped from Faramir's hand, but he made no attempt to retrieve it. His hands gently massaged the King's shoulders, before moving their way down Aragorn's chest.

"Get into the bath with me," Aragorn whispered. Faramir looked at the King, not sure if he heard correctly. "Please, Faramir." Faramir saw desire in the King's eyes, and knew that it was reflected in his own. He quickly removed his trousers before stepping into the bath and kneeling between the King's legs.

His hands touched Aragorn's chest, then slowly made their way down; he could feel his Lord flex as one of his hands brushed Aragorn's cock.

Leaning in, Faramir placed a kiss on Aragorn's neck. Elessar moaned softly at the touch.

King Elessar took the steward's face between his hands and kissed him hungrily. Not breaking the kiss, the King began to move his hands over the steward's body, while Faramir continued to touch the King. Moans of pleasure were heard from them as they enjoyed each other's touch.

"Have me…my Lord…" Faramir cried, as Aragorn's hand took his cock and began to stroke him.

"Not now…pleasure…me…"said Aragorn, gasping as Faramir grasped his cock.

Aragorn cried out in pleasure as Faramir began kissing him, first on his lips, then trailing kisses down his body to his toes by first lifting one leg out of the water, then the other. When he finished, Faramir then ducked his head under the water to take Aragorn's cock in his mouth.

Aragorn released some of the water from the bath so that Faramir could breathe – he didn't want the steward to stop pleasuring him.

Faramir began to bob his head up and down, sucking and licking on the Aragorn's cock. Then he stopped, and Aragorn groaned. Looking up, Faramir said to the King: "I want to be inside you."

Aragorn nodded and wrapped his legs around Faramir's waist. Faramir positioned himself, then pushed into the body beneath him. He waited for Aragorn to adjust, then began to set a fast pace.

"Harder…" cried Aragorn, as the sensations filled his body.

Faramir smiled as he heard his Lord plead, and went harder and faster.

Faramir was the first to come, spilling his seed into Aragorn, but he continued to move inside the King when he saw the King had not found his pleasure.

"More…harder…" Aragorn cried. He didn't want to release himself; he was enjoying the pleasure of having Faramir inside him. Aragorn shivered from the sensations flooding his body.

Faramir saw his Lord shiver. Worried, he asked: "Are you fine, my Lord?" and pulled himself out of Aragorn's body.

"Yes, I'm fine," the King answered. Seeing that Faramir had pulled out, he asked: "Why did you stop?"

Faramir saw the lust and desire in the King's eyes, and felt himself grow hard again. He did as Aragorn asked, pushing his cock back into the King's body, going as hard and as fast as he could to bring the King to completion.

Aragorn shuddered and finally released his seed, and the steward fell on top of the King, exhausted.

They both rested for a moment to catch their breath. "Come, the water is getting cold. Let's get out of the bath and into the bed," Aragorn said, helping his lover out of the bath. The two made their way out of the bath chamber.

As they approached the bed, they could hear moaning. Aragorn looked down and saw his wife lying naked on the floor, her discarded dress underneath her. Éowyn was next to the Queen and she, too, was naked. Éowyn's mouth was on one of Arwen's nipples, gently biting and teasing, before moving to the other. All the while Arwen was moaning in pleasure.

Aragorn and his steward sat on the bed, watching as Éowyn's left hand travelled down the Queen's stomach to her vagina, slipping first one, then another finger inside.

Arwen cried out as the fingers began thrusting into her; she could feel her orgasm approaching.

"So good…" whispered Arwen, her senses reeling from the pleasure. "More, please…"

Éowyn inserted another finger, thrusting deeper, bringing Arwen over the edge. Aroused from watching Arwen, Éowyn's body trembled from the pleasure of her own climax.

Aragorn and Faramir watched their two wives lying there, moaning with pleasure. Aroused by the sight, they had their hands their cocks, slowly stroking themselves to completion. The steward took a corner of the sheet and wiped away the come from Aragorn's stomach, then from his, before the two men lay on the bed, wrapping their legs around each other, and quickly falling asleep.

Éowyn raised herself up from the floor, then helped Arwen to her feet. They looked down on their sleeping husbands, then turned and smiled to each other.

"It seems we all found pleasure," said Arwen.

Arwen then lay herself down next to Aragorn, while Éowyn moved to the other side of the bed to lie down next to Faramir. Soon they, too, were asleep.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The prince lay on the cold floor. The wound on his head had re- opened, and blood was seeping out.

Ulrad was asleep – exhaustion had claimed him. Glorfindel looked down at the young guard, amazed at how Ulrad had pleased him, then covered him with the blanket.

Then Glorfindel knelt on the floor next to Legolas, before leaning in and whispering into the Prince's ear.

End of Chapter 3.


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