Prisoner of Gondor: 2. 02 - Legolas, are you well?

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2. 02 - Legolas, are you well?

For Disclaimer & Summary look in Chapter 1.


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I cry silently
I cry inside of me
I cry hopelessly

"I cry" - Westlife
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Chapter two: "Legolas, are you well?"

"My Lord, guests have arrived," a guard said to Aragorn.

"Do you have any idea who are they?" Aragorn asked. Visitors were not often seen in his realm.

"Elves, my Lord. One of them is injured," the guard said.

As Aragorn heard the word `injured' he rushed out after his guard.

He saw Glorfindel holding an elf. Blonde hair was flying in the wind, and Aragorn could see a mark on the injured elf's head. As he came closer he saw that the injured elf was Legolas. Instead of asking Legolas what happened, he turned to Glorfindel.

"What happened?" Aragorn asked.


"Guards! Help him, and move him to the healing house," Aragorn ordered. "Send a message to my wife to meet me there."

He walked after the guards who were carrying Legolas. He saw the dirt on Legolas clothes, and asked a servant as they arrived in the healing house to draw a bath. The injury could be infected, and Aragorn wanted to see if there were any other injuries on Legolas.

Once the bath had been drawn, servants made to remove the dirty clothing from Legolas. When they saw the bruises on Legolas' body, they called to the king and the queen.

When Arwen saw Legolas' pale skin, and the bruises upon it, she almost fainted, but her husband held and supported her.

"Let me wash you, my greenleaf," she said to him softly.

Aragorn watched as Arwen washed Legolas' body, not saying a word.

Once they were finished bathing Legolas, they placed him on the bed and covered him with a blanket. Legolas slept.

A day passed, and one night. Neither Aragorn nor Arwen moved from Legolas' side. Food was brought to them; they worked in shifts guarding Legolas. When Aragorn slept, Arwen guarded Legolas, whispering to him softly.

After three days, the prince opened his eyes. The sun was blinding him and he placed his hand over his eyes to block out the light.

"Legolas. Are you well?" He heard the voices, and recognised them as Aragorn and Arwen's. But he could not answer them, for he was still frightened by Glorfindel's words.

"Legolas?" they asked again. Aragorn and Arwen turned to each other, both wearing worried looks.

But Legolas closed his eyes, feeling the tears filling them, and he began to sob. Arwen tried to comfort him.

After he was healed and allowed to get up from the bed, Legolas left the room and went into the garden. All he wanted was to be left alone.

Arwen watched her friend, standing and staring over at something that she could not see.

"Aragorn, did he eat anything?" she asked, her eyes locked on Legolas.

"No. For two days he's been standing there, staring at something. He has not eaten, nor has he slept," Aragorn said to his wife.

"I'll go to talk to him," Arwen said to her husband, who nodded to her.

Arwen left the palace and walked over to Legolas.

"Legolas?" she asked, but there was no answer.

"Legolas?" Again she asked, and again there was no answer.

She reached out with her hand to touch Legolas on the shoulder, but he pulled away before she could do so. He turned to her, and she saw his eyes were full of tears, and a sad look showed on his face.

"Legolas, we are your friends," she said to him softly and continued: "Why do you ignore us?" Still Legolas could not answer her.

"Come with me. You are my guest, and my friend. Can you not tell me what troubles you so much?" She led him to the palace, all the while supporting him from falling.

Legolas knew that Glorfindel was somewhere; somewhere out of sight - yet he could feel Glorfindel's eyes following him where ever he went.

Fear. He could feel the fear rising. He almost fell, but Arwen prevented him from doing so.

Arwen led him into the palace.

As they entered the palace, Arwen led Legolas to a chair and asked him to sit. He sat in front of the fire, watching the flames. He could feel the flames of the fire burn him, his heart, his soul. He could feel the tears streaming down his face.

Aragorn entered the room and, seeing that Legolas was crying, tried to comfort him. But it was no use.

"Please, leave me alone," Legolas said to them softly. All he wants is to be left alone.

"No. We will not leave you alone. You are our friend," Aragorn said.

"I want to be left alone," Legolas repeated.

"Why?" They asked him together.

"I can't tell you. If I tell, you'll be hurt, and I do not wish for that to happen. Please," he tried to convince them.

He rose from the chair, stumbling a little. Aragorn wanted to help him, but Legolas halted him.

"No Aragorn. I'll manage. I'm going to the stable. Thank you for all you've done, my friends," he said.

After Legolas left, Aragorn saw the worry in his wife's eyes. He, too, was worried about his friend.

He left them, and walked directly to the stable. He was so wrapped up in his misery that he failed to realize that he was being followed.


He recognized the voice, and he could not move; all of a sudden, his legs seemed paralyzed.

"I miss you so much," Glorfindel said to him.

Legolas had wanted to be alone, yet now he couldn't be. Glorfindel had now destroyed any chance of that. All his hope had faded away. He could not take any more of the pain from Glorfindel's cruelty.

Glorfindel came closer to him and, putting his hand on Legolas' shoulder, kissed him. He could sense the fear in Legolas.

Legolas felt Glorfindel's hand on his shoulder. He began to tremble; he was frightened of Glorfindel.

Legolas was so close to being alone, but he knew now that chance was

Glorfindel scanned the area to see if he was being watched. Then he grabbed Legolas' arm and led him into the stable. In his other hand he held a rope - the same rope he had used on Legolas.

He pushed Legolas onto the straw and closed the door after him, making sure it was locked. He did not want anyone to disturb him.

Legolas started to shake. He was frightened of what Glorfindel was going to do to him.

Flipping Legolas onto his stomach, Glorfindel tore away Legolas' clothes and threw them aside. He pushed Legolas' head into the straw, and straddled Legolas' body; Legolas could barely breath, but Glorfindel was not aware of that. All he saw was Legolas' pale arse, almost as white as milk. Glorfindel's eyes darkened with passion and desire; his mind filled with evil and cruel thoughts.

With his other hand, Glorfindel managed to remove his breeches freeing his cock, dripping with precum, from its tight confines. Legolas could feel what Glorfindel was doing, and was terrified.

Taking Legolas' wrists, Glorfindel tied them behind Legolas' back with one end of the rope that he brought, with the remainder of the rope lying on Legolas' arse. He had tied the rope so tightly that they began to cut into Legolas' wrists, making them bleed.

With his right hand, Glorfindel grabbed the piece of rope and used it like a whip on Legolas' arse, leaving red marks. At the same time, and without any warning, Glorfindel put one finger, then another, and another, until the whole of his other hand was inside
Legolas' arse. He began to move his hand inside Legolas, not caring that Legolas was tense from the intrusion, not caring that Legolas was beginning to bleed.

Taking his hand out, Glorfindel placed his cock at Legolas' entrance and pushed in. He began pushing, thrusting, using his hands to slap Legolas on the arse, not caring about the pain he was causing. He fucked Legolas harder and harder, taking a perverse satisfaction from the screams that came from Legolas. His hunger and desire for Legolas seemed never-ending; he could not get his fill.

Glorfindel's breathing became ragged as his thrusting became more brutal; he could feel his release was close. With one final thrust, he released his seed within Legolas' unwilling body.

And all the while Legolas was screaming. Only Glorfindel heard him; no one else - no one who could help save Legolas from this torment.

At the same time within the palace...

Aragorn watched his wife as she was standing near the window; saw how her dress emphasized her slim body, the thin material clearly showing her nipples.

Looking at her, he could feel the passion and hunger rising for his wife. He moved closer to her, sliding his hands over her curves. He began undoing her dress, sliding one hand underneath the fabric to feel her smooth skin, before sliding the dress off her. He kissed her as his hands roamed over her body. She moaned, and opened her mouth, allowing his tongue inside. Their tongues tangled briefly before he moved away and started trailing kisses and small licks down her neck. Arwen stopped him. "Wait," she said softly.

Aragorn was still wearing clothes, and Arwen was determined to change that. Dropping to her knees, wincing slightly at the coldness of the floor, she opened the Aragorn's breeches, allowing his cock to spring free.

Aragorn moaned softly as she touched his cock, her tongue licking the length of it before swirling over the top of it. Aragorn placed his hand on Arwen's head, encouraging her to take his cock in her mouth, and felt the pleasure coursing through his body.

After a few moments, he stopped her. She looked up at him. "Let us move to the bed," Aragorn said to her softly.

She stood up, and Aragorn held her close as they made their way to the bed. Carefully, he guided Arwen onto the bed, until she was lying there, with Aragorn leaning over her.

Moving closer to her, he began to kiss her, starting at her lips and gradually moving his way down her body. He sucked and bit gently on her nipples, making her moan softly and beg for more. He continued further, making his way down to the most intimate part of her.

His tongue was inside her. He could felt her heat, taste her essence, could hear how she begged for more.

"Estel..." she moaned to him softly. "I want to feel you inside me now...please." Her voice grew louder as the pleasure built within her.

Aragorn continued to tease her, and Arwen could feel the orgasm approaching. Without warning, she grabbed Aragorn's shoulders, forcing him up, so that now she could feel his cock at her entrance.

"My love..." she moaned to him softly. "Now, my love. I can' anymore."

Aragorn entered her, and she wound her legs around his waist, forcing him deeper, while her nails raked his back.

Aragorn's pace was slow, and Arwen groaned from the pleasure. "Faster...Move faster..." she moaned. Aragorn quickened the pace, moving harder and faster, and Arwen's body began to tremble as the orgasm built.

Aragorn could feel her orgasm approaching; till she arched against him, screaming his name. As she climaxed, so did he, spilling his seed within her.

He lies to the side of Arwen, not wanting to crush her. Covered with sweat, arms and legs are still wrapped around each other, they are unable to move. They fall asleep, wrapped up in the love they feel for each other.

Back to the stable...

Still the pain and torment continued. Glorfindel was thrusting hard into Legolas' body, then pulled out and flipped Legolas on his back, and shot his cum over Legolas' chest.

Glorfindel's breathing was harsh. The sight of Legolas underneath him, covered by his cum, excited him, and he could feel his cock harden again. Lifting Legolas into a half-sitting position, he forced his cock inside Legolas' mouth, almost making Legolas gag.

Glorfindel groaned from pleasure as Legolas was made to suck his cock, and with a shout Glorfindel came again, and Legolas forced to swallow Glorfindel's seed.

After Glorfindel had finally finished, he untied Legolas and threw some straw over him. He put on his clothes before he opened the door and left, leaving the door wide-open and allowing the chill air to enter.

Legolas lay there, not moving. He was covered by sweat, blood, straw. His eyes were closed; he was barely breathing.

He was lost. No one was there to give him help.

There was no hope left, and his spirit began to fade away.

End of Chapter 2.


This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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