Before Thangorodrim: The Last Fall of Himring Hill: 10. Endnotes

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10. Endnotes

1   I have assumed that Findis as the eldest of Finwë and Indis' children could have taken the throne of the Noldor when Fëanor was exiled (and accompanied by Finwë), if she had wished. Had she been Queen instead of Fingolfin, I consider it highly unlikely that she would have listened to Fëanor and left Valinor.

2    The Star of Fëanor mentioned in "The Lord of the Rings" was used by Celebrimbor in the Second Age, and refers to Eärendil's Silmaril. At this point, I have assumed that the sons of Fëanor would still have been using his original badge.

3    Cärc is mentioned in "The Hobbit". I assume that he and all other talking animals, such as Huan the Hound, are Maiar in animal-shaped bodies.

4    The Noldor are speaking Quenya and will therefore use Quenya names in referring to each other. Also, Meneldis has come from Aman and would not necessarily be familiar with all the surviving Exiles' Sindarin names. 'Maitimo' is one of Maedhros' Quenya names. 'Findarato' is one of Finrod's.

5    Basically, each elf's own verbal style. Sindarin changed much more quickly in Middle-Earth than Quenya did in Valinor and I have tried to suggest the effect that this might have had on the Exiles' speech patterns.

6    An early term that Tolkien used for the fallen Maiar who followed Morgoth.

7   This refers to the "Lay of Leithian". Lúthien destroyed the tower of Sauron just in time to rescue Beren from its dungeon, after Finrod and his companions had died in order to keep him alive.

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