Belts of Silver, Leaves of Gold: 6. A Letter From Buckland

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6. A Letter From Buckland

S.R. 1423, December 25

Dear King Elessar,

(I mean really, I would hate for this letter to end up in your "Quest display" and not show the proper respect!)

You will be pleased to know that you have in your employ some of the most honest Men in Middle-earth. I say this because the box you sent us arrived intact, containing the silver belts that you will remember were given to Pip and me from the Lady Galadriel. What an amazing thing to have received that box, you cannot imagine. Hidden within Pip's pack was Boromir's beautiful clasp (remember the one on his cloak from his father?). He wanted Pip to have it to remember him. We spent that night having a good cry and drinking rather too much, I'm afraid.

Sam and Rosie's second child has been named 'Frodo'. You've never seen such beautiful children, Strider. Sam is so tickled to have a son to name after our dear cousin he is practically beside himself. (Imagine, another Frodo is now living at Bag End!) Pippin pretended to be upset because he said *he* wanted to use that name, but he has now decided on 'Faramir'. He says it has a properly grand, "Tookish" air to it. I hope Prince Faramir does not mind! I believe Pippin will keep Boromir's clasp to give to his son. This is a long time into the future, however, since any naming of Pippin's child will have to wait until he is wed. And has a child. And do not look for either anytime soon, as our dear Pip is having too grand a time as a hobbit-about-town.

By the way, you were certainly correct about the magnanimity of his coming-of- age celebration! Pip's family outdid themselves; I have to say it almost reached the enormity of Bilbo's famous "farewell" party so many years ago, about which you heard so many tales on our travels. I had been acting as Pip's "guardian" for several years (a somewhat thankless task as you can imagine), although he really had become so mature and responsible you would hardly know him. One can already see the Thain he will become by the love and protectiveness he has for the Shire and its people.

In other news, I'm sure you will be amazed to hear that your knowledge of herbs and healing was not entirely lost on us. I have begun writing what promises to be a rather large volume of herb-lore, and hope to introduce many new things to the Shire. I learned much from the herb-master in Rivendell, whom I was told was one of your teachers as well. (I have not learned of any medicinal use for mallorn root, leaf, or blossom, however, which is all to the good as Sam would have my head if I so much as touched the magnificent tree which now graces Hobbiton.)

You must visit someday, Strider. The peace we all helped bring about is reflected in every corner of the Shire. Frodo stayed long enough to see that his beloved land would recover and prosper, for which I am so glad. How I wish we could see him again.

Give our love and regards to Arwen and Faramir and Éowyn and Beregond and Legolas and Gimli and, oh, everyone! Please write us with any news, and do plan to visit. I would like to see the effect on the Shire of a visit from the King and Queen of Gondor and the West.

Peregrin Took, your Knight and Messenger, sends his love and respect, as do I.

Your friend,


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