Belts of Silver, Leaves of Gold: 5. The Queen

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5. The Queen

Breakfast was as plentiful and delicious as dinner had been, and Pippin began to seriously plot a longer stay at Bag End. Maybe Sam needed a gardener, or....

"Let's see what we have here," said Sam, bringing the leaf-wrapped package to the table. He slowly unwrapped the wafer of lembas and broke it into pieces. He handed Pippin, Merry, and Rose a large piece, put a very small piece in front of Elanor, and kept only a tiny piece for himself.

"Sam," Merry frowned, "This was for you. Don't be giving any to us!"

"Go ahead, Merry," said Sam softly. "Rosie, what do you think?" Elanor had already put hers in her mouth and was chewing at it contentedly. Sam crushed a bit of his piece, rubbed his finger in the crushed bits, and let Frodo suck on it. This might be the last lembas in Middle-earth, and he wanted his children to have tasted it. The taste of the Elves.

Rose picked up the lembas and looked at Sam. She knew exactly what this was, and what memories it must be bringing back to her husband. Elves, Mordor. Frodo. She took a bite and her eyes widened. She took another bite.

"Sam, this is the most wonderful, sweet taste! Maybe I can learn how to make it!"

"Perhaps you can ask the Queen when we write to her, Rosie." Sam grinned. "Imagine the Gamgees trading recipes with the Queen!"

Are you writing to Arwen, Sam?" Pippin asked. "Why?"

In answer, Sam pulled from his vest a folded parchment similar to the one they had received from Aragorn, and brought from a chest something wrapped in shimmering cloth. He handed the letter to Pippin, who unfolded the sheet of parchment.

"Read it, Pip," said Merry with a smile. "Out loud."

S.R. 1423, October 2

Dear Samwise,

I am keeping an entire trading caravan waiting, fairly impatiently I suspect, until I write this letter and seal the package I am sending you. Yesterday when Estel had the Men pack up the letter and gear he is sending Meriadoc and Peregrin, I suddenly realized that I, too, had something I very much wanted to send to the Shire.

Frodo and I had several very long talks while we were all together here, and he shared a great many things with me. He said he was beginning to get what he called "glimpses into a future time" that he trusted as he had trusted the dreams had had for much of his life. One of these glimpses that he shared with me was regarding family and children. He felt you would be blessed with a long, happy life full of love and many children. I do not think Frodo saw a similar future for himself although he did not say so. He will find happiness and honors and peace, Samwise, I vow it to you.

I saw you always as a very humble, good person. I noted your discomfort with praise and unwillingness to accept the many gifts offered you for your service to all of us. Therefore I send this gift not to you, but to your family. I was wearing it, I believe, when you first saw me in my father's house, and again when Estel and I were joined. Perhaps it can be worn by your daughters when they marry. There are treasures enough in Minas Tirith to serve any daughters we may have.

This is a true heirloom, very old and very special. Perhaps someday you can visit us, or Estel and I can visit the Shire, and I can tell you its history. I well remember your love of all things Elvish, and so I send this to you, Ring-bearer. Our lives are forever interwoven, to the benefit of all.

Please accept this gift from your queen, friend, and admirer. My love and deepest respects to you and your family.


Pippin looked up from the letter with an awed look on his face. Rose, standing behind Sam, had tears in her eyes as Sam unwrapped the shimmering cloth to reveal a delicately woven net of silver threads, interlaced with white gems. The gems glowed with a soft radiance.

"Oh Sam," whispered Merry. "I remember that, she wore it in her hair. How wonderful." Pippin just nodded, speechless.

Rose let her fingers brush over the gems, one by one. "A gift from the Queen," she murmured.

Sam stood up and faced her. "You are my queen," he said huskily, pulling her against him.

"Hmmm, I see," said Pippin with a smile. "You're right, maybe there won't be room for me here at Bag End much longer at that. Oh well!"

"There's room for you here *today*, Master Took," said Sam with a smile, still holding Rose in his arms. "But after today....." his voice trailed off as he gazed into his wife's eyes. As their lips met, Merry and Pippin quietly left the room.

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