Last Age of Elves: For What He is Worth, The: 1. This Abomination

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1. This Abomination

Author's Note: One of a series of stories on Legolas and Elrohir, telling of their relationship through the Third Age.

R rating is for light to moderate angst and sexual situations.

Many thanks to my wonderful beta!

WARNING: Slash, smut. (Legolas/Elrohir)


This Abomination

"Explain yourself!" Elrohir said, the words coming out in a soft, dangerous growl. His argent eyes flashed, and his jaw twitched as he maintained his grip on the unfortunate one.

"My Lord, please, let go of me - I - " Heldir choked as he tried to draw a breath. "I did not mean any disrespect - "

The icy eyes narrowed in suspicion. Elrohir's legendary temper was slow to rouse, but once it was, the effects were fearsome to behold, as the unfortunate sculptor was discovering.

"My Lord, please, I cannot breath - "

"No disrespect?" Elrohir said.

"No, my Lord!"

"Such vileness, and you claim no disrespect!"

"It was an act of appreciation, Lord Elrohir!"

What Heldir had been about to say was lost as Elrohir let go of his throat, and in one swift motion, flipped him over the side into a large fountain. Having done that, he turned on his heels, and marched away, still seething, leaving the poor sculptor to pick his bedraggled self up and climb out of Elrond's most prized fountain.


"What has left you in such a black humour this early in the morning, Roh?" Legolas said as Elrohir flung open the doors and strode into their bedchamber.

Elrohir did not answer, and instead sunk into a large armchair, staring into the flames before him. Legolas smiled to himself and returned to his book, believing it to be a temporary irritation that would soon blow over.

When more minutes passed and Elrohir neither moved nor spoke, Legolas looked up once more and studied him. He took in the rapid rising and falling of his chest, and the grinding of teeth.

Setting aside his book, Legolas kicked off the sheets and swung his legs over the side of the bed.

"Roh, what is wrong?"

Elrohir glowered back at him.

"Have I done something to displease you?" Legolas said, anxiously. He approached Elrohir's armchair, kneeling down before him and laying a hand on his arm.

"Melethron, please, tell me!"

"Of all the vilest things I have seen!"

"I am afraid you need to explain yourself further. After all, I am hardly skilled in the art of mind-reading!" Legolas said, enveloping Elrohir's hand in his own and interweaving their fingers together.

Elrohir flashed a weak smile at him, and Legolas had to hide his own, while starting to massage his knuckles with a thumb.

"Come, Roh, do not get so worked up! I am certain it can be worked out - "

A sharp rapping on the door, and Legolas sighed, before crossing over to open it.

Elladan stood in the doorway, breathless.

"Hullo, Elladan, what brings you here?"

"Roh, there you are!" Elladan said, striding up to his twin.

"Nice to see you too," Legolas muttered under his breath and shut the door.

"Ada would like to know why you tossed Grandmother's sculptor into his fountain!" Elladan said. "And would also like an explanation for why you tried to kill him before that!"

Legolas's eyes widened in disbelief. Elrohir would never hurt anybody, unless -

Seeing Elrohir scowl, Elladan did not give in and continued to tower over him.

"If not for Legolas's flabbergasted expression, I would think it something to do with him!"

"What do you mean?" Legolas protested.

"You should know that you are the only reason Roh would hurt another!" Elladan said, before he turned back to Elrohir. "Ada is waiting!"

"Perhaps you would like to see for yourself?" Elrohir rose and faced his brother.

"I do not know what you are talking about!"

Legolas was between both brothers in an instant, nudging them apart, and winding an arm around Elrohir's waist.

"Calm down, Roh," he murmured into Elrohir's ear.

Elrohir sighed and gave in, forgetting part of his anger, just as he always found himself doing. He reached up and stroked Legolas's face, whispering, "I am sorry, Lass, I did not mean to be so harsh to you!"

Elladan coughed and the pair turned to him.

"What?" Elrohir said, not impressed.

"You were going to show us the reason for your madness!"

"Follow me, then!"

Elladan rolled his eyes at a bemused Legolas, and they followed him up a seldom used path.

"It is Naneth's garden!" Elladan said, recognition dawning upon him.

"Ada built it for her so that she could enjoy winter as if it were at the height of summer. She was used to the milder climates of Lorién," Elrohir said when he saw Legolas's puzzled smile. "None of us have been here since she left us. The memories are too painful to bear."

"I am sorry, Roh," Legolas said.

"Why should you be?

"Heldir has taken over the place," Elrohir said, scowling. "He approached Ada and asked to use it, and Ada agreed. I found out about it when I overheard a conversation between Ada and Glorfindel - "

"And decided to check it out for yourself? Valar, Roh, it is Ada's decision to make! Why did you get so worked up over such a trivial issue?"

Elrohir yanked open the door and strode into the realm protected by glass panes to keep it heated through Imladris's cold winters.

Elladan and Legolas followed, entering a different world. Overgrown vines and weeds had taken over, covering the formerly intricate wooden benches, fountains, and even the glass panes. The air was heavy with melancholy and despair. Sculpting tools were strewn around the place, evidence of its more recent use.

"It was Ada's wedding present to Naneth. She did not like winter, finding it cold and barren. Dan and I were begotten in here." Elrohir's voice was hollow, but there was no mistaking the anger beneath the surface.

"Roh." Elladan was overwhelmed by the sight. "I still do not understand."

Elrohir walked up to what was a heavy velvet cloth draped over a tall figure, and ripped off the cloth with a brute force quite uncharacteristic of him.

"This is what is wrong!"

Both Legolas and Elladan gasped out loud, unable to believe their eyes.

"Ah," Legolas said, the one syllable conveying the comprehension and surprise both he and Elladan felt. His cheeks were blushing a healthy shade of pink.

To Elrohir's great consternation, Elladan let out a loud snigger, which was followed by chortles as the look on Elrohir's face grew more furious and scandalised.

"You laugh, Dan! You laugh, at this filthy - "

"Roh." Legolas tried to take his hand, but was rejected.

Elladan was gasping, trying to contain his laughter. "You should see your face! And you too, Legolas!"

"I would like to see your face should such a sculpture of yourself be made!" Legolas said, not quite managing to rid himself of his embarrassment.

"Now you understand why I flipped him in the fountain! Would that it were the Bruinen I threw him into instead!"

"You must admit it is very well-carved!"

Elrohir spun around to face his twin, incredulous. "How could you praise such a monstrosity?"

"And I must say he has made Legolas rather well-endowed indeed - "

"Elladan Elrondion!" Elrohir cried, and would have attacked his brother had Legolas not held him back.

"Hush, Roh," Legolas said, although he shot a scowl at Elladan. "I had no idea he had this in mind."

"What!" Elrohir choked. "Are you saying you were aware of this?"

Legolas let out a sigh of exasperation. "Roh, you are being most unreasonable. Heldir approached me a few weeks ago and asked if I minded him carving a sculpture of me. I agreed, of course, and even gave him a few sittings, where he did some quick sketches - "

"You gave him a few sittings? Why did I not hear of this before?" Elrohir demanded.

"Need I tell you everything I do, Roh?"

"I suppose, given the circumstances, it would have been much better for me to have been kept in the dark."

"What are you implying, Roh?"

"A most curious sculpture this is, do you not think? Hardly something one would come up with for a dining hall!"

Something snapped inside Legolas, and his face froze, all the gentleness leaving it.

"No, Elrohir. I suppose not, given how dignified you are. For your information, I did not pose nude for him, despite what you might think of me."

"Since when did my opinion count?"

"Roh," Elladan said, as Legolas stalked off.


"I think you should wait here," Elladan said, and ran off after Legolas.


Sindarin Translations: Melethron - lover Ada - Papa/daddy Naneth - mother

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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